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Solution by: PrecisionHawk

Drones for Efficient Crop Management  This lightweight drone gathers high-resolution aerial data that enables farmers, businesses, and public authorities to optimize area usage and increase land use efficiency.

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SOCIAL The system is easy to use, as the drone is thrown into the air by hand and can be monitored from the field using a smart device.


ENVIRONMENTAL PrecisionHawk provides solutions for better resource allocation in the agricultural sector, which can help curb water and fertilizer use without decreasing productivity.

The startup PrecisionHawk already has more than 50 customers and aims to make life easier for farmers and other businesses with its drones and easy-to-use cloud-based software. A combination of drones and software collects, processes, and analyzes aerial data, which is crucial for crop management, usually a very time-consuming process. The system provides information on the status and health of crops and soil, enabling farmers to secure a high yield. With PrecisionHawk, farmers can identify sections threatened by drought, estimate growing stage of crops, detect plant diseases, collect water samples, and even use thermal sensors to take the temperature of cattle to determine whether they are sick. WHY A SUSTAINIA100 SOLUTION? Feeding a world population of 9.1 billion people in 2050 would require raising overall food production by some 70% between 2005 and 2050.1 With its automated data collection and analysis software, PrecisionHawk offers farmers a low-resource solution to identify factors affecting yield and increase food production, without cultivating more arable land.

ECONOMIC Using less water, fertilizer, fungicide, and pesticide for crops leads to cost savings for farmers.

“PrecisionHawk is an information-delivery company focused on driving sustainable solutions and economic growth” ERNEST EARON, PRESIDENT AND CO-FOUNDER, PRECISIONHAWK




PrecisionHawk provides remote sensing applications and data processing, helping farmers to monitor and effectively manage crops.

1 Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations. “Global Agriculture Towards 2050.” 2009.




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