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Solution by: Tesla

Renewable Energy Storage for Homes  Powerwall is a compact battery that charges using electricity generated from solar panels or drawn from the grid when utility rates are low, and powers the home when electricity is needed.

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Lithium-ion battery packs – the same ones used in electric vehicles like the Tesla Model S – can now be mounted on the walls of every home and business. Powerwall is designed for self-consumption of solar power generation and to supply backup power during outages stemming from grid instability or extreme weather events. During periods of peak demand, electricity prices soar and additional electricity is often generated by fossil-fuel powered plants. By smoothing out the peaks and valleys of demand, Powerwall can reduce energy costs for homeowners and businesses.

ENVIRONMENTAL Powerwall can store surplus solar electricity generated at mid-day for use later when the sun is not shining. THE TRIPLE BOTTOM LINE

SOCIAL Powerwall assures a secure power supply in the event of outages, important for areas prone to storms or unreliable utility grids.

ECONOMIC Powerwall can reduce energy bills by storing electricity when rates are low and powering the home when rates are high.

The battery is easy to install and maintenance free and integrated software automatically detects energy loads. A 7-kWh battery, which sells for $3,000 before installation, is sufficient to cover most homes energy use during peak evening hours. For businesses and larger homes, multiple Powerwall battery packs can be connected. WHY A SUSTAINIA100 SOLUTION? Energy storage can make an important contribution to decoupling electricity demand and supply, which also helps to integrate renewable energy sources. Studies show that a 3-kWh battery can reduce the electricity consumed from the grid by 50% to 60% for a household with a 4-kW rooftop PV system.1 Powerwall could therefore make carbon-free electricity generation even more attractive.

The Tesla Powerwall is designed to be easily mounted on an outside wall, without compromising the lifetime of the battery.





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