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Solution by: SIRUM

Peer-to-Peer Redistribution of Surplus Medication  SIRUM’s technology platform enables health facilities, manufacturers, wholesalers, and pharmacies to donate their excess medication instead of destroying it.

SOCIAL SIRUM claims that it has helped thousands of low-income patients access expensive medications.


ENVIRONMENTAL SIRUM reports to have prevented up to 32,794 tonnes of waste by eliminating the need to produce new medications.

ECONOMIC Because medications are considered toxic waste, facilities often find that donating them saves time and money.

SIRUM has devised a win-win solution to the dual problem of medication waste and the fact that millions of Americans cannot afford their prescriptions.1 Donation facilities avoid wasting time and money on complex disposal procedures, while recipients gain access to vital medicines. Pharmaceutical waste is often the result of patients leaving facilities or having allergic reactions to medicines at the start of a course of treatment. Via its online platform, SIRUM connects donors directly with recipient clinics. Surplus medication is listed online or by fax for recipients to request based on, for example, geographic proximity and percent matches. It is subsequently packed and shipped directly to those in need. SIRUM has already redistributed $2 million worth of medicine in California. WHY A SUSTAINIA100 SOLUTION? Research shows that US long-term care facilities throw away $2 billion worth of unexpired medicines every year, while millions cannot afford their prescriptions. 2 Wasted medication also leads to serious environmental hazards by contaminating the water and even the air due to incineration. SIRUM prevents these potentially life-saving resources from being wasted by making donation the easier option.





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SIRUM makes it easy for health facilities to donate surplus medication.

2 Marketplace Health Care. “The Shocking Cost of Wasted Prescription Pills.” Online. December 2014.

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