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Solution by: Mobisol

Micro-Financed OffGrid Solar Power  Combining solar power with micro-financing and a mobile payment system, Mobisol offers clean, affordable, and fossil-free energy for low-income households in off-grid areas.

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Reliable solar electricity paid for via a mobile payment system enables users to power devices such as lights, phones, radio, and TV in off-grid areas without environmental damage. The solar home systems are connected to a battery, and the excess electricity produced can be used to run businesses such as mobile phone charging services and barbershops, which generate extra income and benefit the local economy.

ENVIRONMENTAL Mobisol reports that they have electrified over 14,000 households in Rwanda and Tanzania – resulting in 1.4 MW of solar capacity installed. THE TRIPLE BOTTOM LINE

SOCIAL Solar energy is a non-polluting power source for people living off the grid and a suitable substitute for harmful kerosene used for lighting.

Mobisol systems come with an extended warranty and a full service package for three years, including free maintenance. Through an integrated GSM modem, technical data are tracked and monitored in a Web-based interface, enabling technicians to identify problems and make repairs within 48 hours. WHY A SUSTAINIA100 SOLUTION? The electrification rate in rural Africa is around 15% to 20%.1 The high cost of grid extension is a barrier to electricity access, especially for rural households. These households thus rely on noxious kerosene for lighting and diesel generators for appliances. Mobisol’s system is a solution to the two main bottlenecks for off-grid energy: a lack of micro-payment methods and the inability to offer long-term loans needed to purchase a quality system complete with after-sales services.

ECONOMIC Mobisol’s own field research has shown that households can save up to 50% by using solar electricity instead of kerosene for lightning.

“Mobisol aspires to provide clean, robust, and reliable solar electricity to off-grid households.” THOMAS GOTTSCHALK, CEO MOBISOL





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Sustainia100 2015