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Solution by: Sistine Solar

Solar Panels that Suit Surroundings  With individually designed solar panels that integrate with architectural aesthetics, Sistine Solar is making solar power attractive.

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SOCIAL Sistine Solar removes the trade-off between aesthetics and solar power for residential and commercial use.


ENVIRONMENTAL The rooftop solar market has the potential to account for at least onethird of total US electricity production by 2030. 3

Utilizing the power of the sun is essential but not always pretty. Some homeowners and companies decide against solar power because they think the panels would ruin the look of their property. Sistine Solar has developed SolarSkin, a method for integrating graphics into solar panels. The result is customizable graphics that produce clean and valuable electricity in an attractive way. This makes it possible for homeowners to purchase panels that are custom-matched to the color or pattern of their particular rooftop or facade. Business owners can also maximize return on their solar investment by gaining a highly visible brand asset. Like a billboard, the panels can display logos, branding, and company messaging to passers-by. WHY A SUSTAINIA100 SOLUTION? Solar energy is by far the most abundant energy source on the planet1, but today, solar accounts for less than 1% of electricity production in the USA 2. While the cost of solar power has decreased substantially, the appearance of panels has not changed much. This solution gives solar power a more aesthetic look, making solar an appealing option for building owners.

ECONOMIC By using panels for ads or logo placement, the commercial value of solar power is increased.

“For solar to become ubiquitous, it must tug at the heartstrings. And we believe the way to someone’s heart is through effective design.”

The innovative SolarSkin method enables solar panels to resemble the surroundings on which they are mounted.







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