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THE SOLUTIONS ARE THERE – LET’S GET INTO ACTION MODE I am back with a clear mission to make Sustainia a reality. Sustainia is the world we could make possible if we work together across countries, regions, sectors and cultures. If we boldly implemented and scaled up the solutions to our sustainability challenges that are already available. Sustainia is my kind of world: a desirable place where we live life to the fullest. Without damaging the only planet we have. Some will say our goal is impossible. We have all heard this kind of pessimism. I heard it when I wanted to be a world-leading body-building champion, a Hollywood movie star, and Governor of California. Each time, someone said "It can't be done." And each time, I proved them wrong. Now they say a green future can't be done, and we will prove them wrong again. I’m an optimist, I love challenges and I know we can do this. Building fantastic, sustainable communities is possible today. First, we have to stop listening to the naysayers and the pessimists. Sustainia100 is proof they’re wrong. These solutions are fully developed and ready to be used on a large-scale. They’re from all over the world; companies, states, cities, communities and people have come up with them on their own – because in addition to being better for our environment, they also make our lives better. But we need to make sure the world knows about them!

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We need to start talking about the good things that are happening. And showing the world what’s possible. We have to excite people. You can have the best product in the world, but no one will buy it if your marketing is based on fear and guilt. Make sustainability sexy and attractive! Sustainia100 is a clear demonstration of the benefits sustainable solutions hold. They can improve our lives now, if we get into the mode of action. Action – not talk. Enough with the talk! The novelist Hermann Hesse said, “To achieve the possible, you must try the impossible”. Sustainia leads the way and demonstrates to us all that we can do this. We have what it takes. The building blocks are there – let’s get going. A sustainable future is Mission POSSIBLE. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.


Arnold Schwarzenegger Honorary Chair of Sustainia & Founding Chair of the R20 Regions of Climate Action

2012 Sustainia 100