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Personalized Data for Teaching Resource Savings Solution by: August and the Victorian State Government

By means of data loggers that monitor schools’ water and electricity consumption, this solution introduces students to the importance of resource conservation during their mathematics and science lessons. The Triple Bottom Line

Environmental Since the program’s inception in March 2012, participating schools have saved over 400 million liters of water.

Social The solution teaches children to become more resource conscious and encourages them to be sustainability advocates through the use of data and technology.

Economic Schools have identified over $300,000 worth of water leakage using this technology – leaks that would otherwise have increased in volume and cost.

This technology enables Australian schools to easily access and monitor their water and electricity usage. The platform promotes sustainability in future generations by empowering students with real and personalized data. After a simple data logger installation process, an interactive online portal provides students with visually appealing and easily interpreted graphs depicting their school’s water and electricity consumption. Complementing the national mathematics and science curricula, students can test behaviour and infrastructural changes to map their school’s improvement in water and electricity usage. This access to personal data also helps schools to detect leaks, resulting in large savings of water, electricity, and money. Why a Sustainia100 solution? The need to improve water and energy efficiency is a mounting global concern. This solution introduces students to the discussion, as well as supplementing their mathematics and science curricula. In addition to its positive environmental impact, it also helps schools save money and kindles behavior change among students and their families.

Developed: Australia

Deployed:  Australia 

“A scalable solution promoting  understanding of water conservation .” Zoë Warne, Co-Founder and Director of Creative Services, August


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