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Sustainable Liquid IT Cooling Solution by: Iceotope

Iceotope has developed a liquid cooling system for IT equipment that eliminates the need for inefficient air conditioning units and fans.

The Triple Bottom Line

Environmental Widespread adoption of the Iceotope solution in the industry could ultimately prevent the release of millions of tons of CO2 into the atmosphere.

SOCIAL Icotope’s cooling technology can be applied anywhere in the world, regardless of humidity and temperature.

Instead of cooling electronics with inefficient fans, which are used in almost every data center on the planet, Iceotope submerges IT equipment in an inert coolant liquid, which cuts cooling energy costs up to 97%, according to the company. The solution also provides opportunities for the surplus heat to be recycled in the form of hot water, which can be fed into domestic radiators to reduce heating bills. As testament to the system’s environmental performance, it can enable high-density IT facilities in desert regions to operate as efficiently as those based in the Arctic Circle. Unlike most data centers, Iceotope’s system does not rely on clean water. Why a Sustainia100 solution? The digital economy is estimated to account for a massive 10% of global electricity use, according to a report by the Digital Power Group. Given today’s spiraling data consumption levels and growing reliance on IT, this technology addresses one of the biggest global energy challenges.

Economic As well as lowering energy bills, this technology also cuts IT infrastructure costs by 50%, and is a viable economic solution for even the largest IT providers, according to the company.

Developed: UK

Deployed:  USA, Poland, and UK 

Output water <50°c

Coolant liquid

“Most people don’t realize that today’s ‘ always-on, always connected ’ culture is  damaging  in terms of its environmental impact.”

Input water >45°c

Peter Hopton, CEO, Iceotope


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