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Cloud Solutions Powered by Renewable Energy Solution by: GreenQloud

GreenQloud offers a cost-effective, renewable energy powered cloud and data storage solution for private users and large companies.

The Triple Bottom Line

Environmental CO2 emissions from the IT industry are growing. GreenQloud is battling this rise with renewable energy cloud solutions.

Social GreenQloud’s live energy usage and carbon savings metrics can be incorporated into a company’s sustainability strategy or CSR program.

Economic Powering GreenQloud on renewable energy in cool climates cuts costs because cooling servers can account for 30% to 40% of data center costs.

GreenQloud is actively reducing the CO2 footprint of the IT industry by enabling it to power its services on clean energy. GreenQloud taps into the world’s only 100% renewable electricity grid in Iceland as well as other regions where renewable energy is readily available, such as Seattle. Powering GreenQloud on renewable energy cuts costs for customers and enables businesses to easily manage and monitor data in the cloud without damaging the climate. GreenQloud provides transparency about energy usage and reduction in CO2 emissions, displaying live metrics on an online dashboard. It has built sustainability into the core of its business, while providing a platform from which other companies can do the same. Why a Sustainia100 solution? GreenQloud eliminates barriers to cleaner cloud practices because there is no premium pricing for GreenQloud’s renewable energy powered cloud service. The solution has a significant scalability potential with its service in Iceland fuelled by abundant clean energy.

Developed: Iceland

Deployed:  Global, mostly North America, Europe, and Brazil 

“GreenQloud’s services are designed to  decrease costs ,  increase efficiency , and  reduce the CO2 footprint  of data.” Jón Þorgrímur Stefansson, CEO of European Operations, GreenQloud


Sustainia100 2014