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Wireless Surveillance for Crop Protection Solution by: Webstech

Webstech’s simple, smart, and robust technology monitors temperature and relative humidity in biomass, alerting farmers when food is at risk.

The Triple Bottom Line

Environmental The technology can help farmers save up to 40% of energy costs associated with drying, according to Webstech.

Social With 24% of all food loss occurring during handling and storage,1 this solution has the potential to address future global food shortages.

Webstech’s technology is minimizing food losses through wireless surveillance of crops, measuring temperature and relative humidity. The technology provides infomation that reduces loss of crops, improving food and feed quality while increasing profits for farmers. The system works via intelligent sensors installed in the stored food and a base station. If the temperature gets too high in a stock, the farmer will be alerted via email or SMS, preventing a larger food loss. Webstech helps farmers to look after their assets, whether it is stored corn, grass on a golf course, or stored potatoes. Why a Sustainia100 solution? According to the World Resources Institute, 24% of global food loss and waste occurs during handling and storage. Webstech has developed a well-proven technology for farmers to keep an eye on their assets after they have been put into storage. The solution is a minor investment compared to a single loss in a grain stock while looking after valuable food stocks.

Economic Webstech’s customers report that the solution costs only a fraction of the potential costs of lost food stocks.

Developed: Denmark

Deployed:  10 countries, including Poland, Canada, and South Africa

1 World Resources Institute. “Reducing Food Loss and Waste” Working Paper. 2013.

“Webstech is all about  knowledge ,  data , and  information .”

Webstech provides wireless data from the grain stock. The system monitors the grain and sends alarms and information to the farmer via PC, tablet, or cell phone.

Sten Andersen, CEO, Webstech


Sustainia100 2014