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Ridesharing for People-Powered Transportation Solution by: BlaBlaCar

The world’s largest ridesharing community, BlaBlaCar, connects drivers with people who need to travel so they can share the journey and the cost.

The Triple Bottom Line

Environmental The BlaBlaCar community has avoided solo car use amounting to an estimated 700,000 tons of CO2 savings to date.

Social The BlaBlaCar community’s average car occupancy is 2.8 compared to an average of 1.7 in Europe, significantly reducing congestion and infrastructure strain.

The BlaBlaCar website and mobile app allows drivers to publish a planned journey. Just like other travel sites, people can then search and book their journey. With over 7 million members in 12 countries across Europe, and a community doubling in size yearly, BlaBlaCar is scaling fast. It is financially viable with a proven commission model and is having a positive social and environmental impact by reducing dependency on single-occupancy vehicles and ownership. BlaBlaCar provides a range of features to create a trust-based community, for example, a 24/7 member relations team, verified contact details, and community ratings. Why a Sustainia100 solution? By enabling over one million people a month to share long journeys, and with over three billion kilometers shared by members to date, BlaBlaCar is increasing the efficiency of road transport and creating an affordable and social transport network. This helps utilizing a valuable but often wasted asset: the empty seats in our cars.

Economic An estimated $364 million has been saved by BlaBlaCar drivers in total.

Developed: France

Deployed:  12 countries in Europe 

“Ridesharing  reduces the need for car ownership  in the population and makes it less burdensome and greener for those who can’t live without a car.  That’s the power of sharing .”

BlaBlaCar is the world’s largest ridesharing community. In part this is thanks to its strong emphasis on trust, resulting in 96% positive ratings.

Frédéric Mazzella, CEO, BlaBlaCar


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