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Bike-Sharing App Connects Users Worldwide Solution by: 8D Technologies

Spotcycle is a free bike-share app that locates nearby bike stations for availability, maps out bike paths, and helps users navigate in cities.

The Triple Bottom Line

Environmental Spotcycle supports bike-share systems worldwide, enabling users to reduce greenhouse gas emissions globally.

Social In facilitating the use of bike-share systems, Spotcycle fights obesity and other negative effects of sedentary lifestyles.

Economic 8D states that Paris’ bike-share system resulted in 5% less vehicle traffic, translating into infrastructural savings for the city.

Spotcycle has developed a smartphone application that assists bikeshare users in getting the most out of their experience by locating bike stations, mapping out routes and displaying biking directions. Spotcycle’s scalability, adaptability, and comprehensive support of worldwide bike-share schemes helps cyclists take advantage of a sustainable and ecologically sound solution for urban transportation. With Spotcycle, every city does not have to invent its own bike-sharing technology. Spotcycle is already available in cities in North America, Australia, and Europe. Why a Sustainia100 solution? Bike-share systems help take cars off the road while extending and complementing existing modes of public transportation. The success of bike-share schemes largely rests on making them easy to use. Spotcycle provides data to help facilitate commutes, which in turn encourages repeated use of bike-share systems. This makes Spotcycle a practical solution for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, gridlock, and smog in cities around the world.

Developed: Canada

Deployed:  16 countries in North America, Australia, and Europe 

“Spotcycle maximize  bike-share experiences  all over the world, while supporting  a healthy and lowcarbon transport system .”

Spotcycle is a multicity bike-share app that enables users to see the status of nearby bike stations and get to their destinations quickly and efficiently.

Isabelle Bettez, President and CEO, 8D Technologies


Sustainia100 2014