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Recycled Plastic Bottles Reinvent Sustainable Fashion Solution by: Bionic Yarn

Using recycled plastic bottles, this solution creates adaptable and highperformance fabrics that are being integrated seamlessly with fashionable designs.

The Triple Bottom Line

Environmental According to the company, it managed to recycle 2 million plastic bottles in 2012 alone.

Social The solution brings sustainable fashion to a far greater audience, while working to reduce plastic pollution that threatens biodiversity and food chains.

Efforts to scale sustainable textiles in fashion are often foiled by their common association with the niche or alternative. Bionic Yarn, through its partnerships with global brands like Timberland, Moncler, and Burton, has been making significant strides in altering this perception. With a 40% to 45% recycled plastic content, Bionic Yarn also offers up to 400% more strength along with greater abrasion resistance than conventional alternatives, widening its applications considerably. In a more recent development, plastic debris collected from the oceans by marine organizations and recycling companies will be specifically utilized in the creation of Bionic Yarn, as part of The Vortex Project initiative. Why a Sustainia100 solution?

Economic Bionic Yarn generates economic value from waste products that would have otherwise polluted our oceans for years to come.

According to The Vortex Project, around 18 million kilos of plastic has accumulated in the North Pacific Ocean alone. 1 The benefits of targeting this problem through the fashion industry, uniting economic success with debris collection, are wide-ranging. The appeal of the designs, along with the reach of brands involved, simultaneously serves to expand scalability.

Developed: USA

Deployed:  USA 

1 The Vortex Project. “Facing Ocean Plastic Pollution.” Online: www.

“When someone tells you something is sustainable, you think it’s gonna feel like cardboard, and the only way to dispel that is to  express the cool .” Pharrell Williams, Creative Director, Bionic Yarn


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