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Bio-Based Products for Pest Management and Plant Health Solution by: Marrone Bio Innovations

Non-toxic bio-based products can control pests and improve plant health without using chemicals that are harmful to both people and beneficial insects.

The Triple Bottom Line

Environmental While not disturbing bio-diversity, the biobased products provide selective control of harmful pests and diseases.

Social Marrone Bio Innovations empowers farmers to maximize food quality and increase yields. In addition, the products are safer for workers and carry no harmful residues.

Economic Farmers can increase their incomes by achieving greater production together with higher quality products, for which they can receive premium prices. Bio-based products can also be used in organic production.

Marrone Bio Innovations provides bio-based pest management and plant health products for the agricultural, turf, and water treatment markets. The biopesticides used are naturally-occurring substances, such as microbes, bacteria, and plant extracts. While controlling pests, improving plant health, and increasing crop yields, the pesticides are non-toxic and reduce the use of agrochemicals that are harmful to the environment, people, and beneficial insects such as honey bees. Biopesticides only affect the targeted pest and closely related species, while posing little or no risk to most non-target organisms. They can be used up to the day of harvest, as biopesticides do not leave behind any harmful residue. Why a Sustainia100 solution? The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has argued that models of agriculture that use chemical fertilisers and pesticides together with requiring large amounts of water weaken soil health and reduce its ability to store water in the face of droughts or floods. Using bio-based products promotes plant health and manages weeds, pests, and plant diseases in a broad range of fruit, vegetable, grain, and nut crops as well as for turfs and ornamentals.

Developed: USA

Deployed:  10 countries, including Guatemala, Mexico, South Africa, and Turkey 

Non-toxic, bio-based solutions from Marrone Bio help protect food supply with minimal negative impact on the environment.


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