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Solar Hospital Safeguarding Against Power Outage Solution by: Hôpital Universitaire de Mirebalais and Partners in Health

This hospital in Haiti is designed with an uncomplicated array of solar panels, generating significant savings and eliminating the risk of local power outages.

The Triple Bottom Line

Environmental With most electricity in Haiti produced by diesel generators,1 shifting to solar energy significantly reduces CO2 emissions.

Social Decentralized solutions offer people in offgrid regions reliable access to electricity, benefitting social development.

Economic The savings attained are proportionally greater than in other types of commercial buildings. The hospital estimates that the rooftop solar panels cut about $379,000 in annual operating costs.

The world’s largest solar hospital, the Hôpital Universitaire de Mirebalais offers care to 185,000 people. A rooftop array of 1,800 solar photovoltaic panels enables the hospital to avoid the high price and unreliability of grid power in the region. In the first seven months of operation, the hospital attended to 60,029 patients and safely delivered more than 800 babies. The solar panels provide more than enough energy for the hospital’s daily electricity needs, with diesel generators for backup. The hospital sells surplus electricity back to the grid, which reduces operating expenses by $379,000 annually. Why a Sustainia100 solution? Electricity costs six-and-a-half times as much in Haiti as it does in the state of Maine, and random power outages average at three hours daily. With sporadic electricity impairing the uninterrupted operation of surgical wards, delivery wards, and essential hospital equipment, solar energy provides an off-grid guarantee of power for life-saving hospital equipment.

Developed: Haiti

Deployed:  Haiti

1 The World Bank. “Caribbean - Regional Electricity Supply Options.” 2011.

“This hospital underlines our  commitment to the country and people  of Haiti, which is stronger than ever after the earthquake.” Paul Farmer, Co-founder, Partners In Health


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