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Biodegradable Plastic from Waste Materials Solution by: Bio-on

Bio-on addresses the problem of plastic pollution in our oceans and landfills by producing 100% natural biodegradable plastic made from waste materials.

The Triple Bottom Line

Environmental The Bio-on technology uses no fossil fuels and no solvents in production. The biodegradation occurs in natural water sources.

Social Bio-plastic could eliminate many of the health concerns associated with traditional plastic production, use, and disposal.

Biodegradable plastics (or bio-plastics) from Bio-on are made from waste agricultural materials. The plastic is produced through a bacterial fermentation of byproducts of sugar beet and cane production that comes from local agriculture. The material is completely natural, and requires no chemical organic solvents. The bio-plastic dissolves naturally when it comes in contact with bacteria but does not dissolve when used for packaging, such as water bottles, because no bacteria are present to biodegrade the plastic. The material is known as PHA (short for Polyhydroxyalkanoate) and can be used to produce materials whose properties vary greatly. The first product to be commercially made from PHA is a Flos lamp designed by Philippe Starck. Why a Sustainia100 solution?

Economic Bio-plastic has a wide range of potential applications and is a replacement for oilbased plastics. It is gaining popularity in various fields involving packaging, medical equipment, and coating materials.

Developed: Italy

Deployed:  Italy 

Oil-based plastic can be found in oceans, soil, and even in most human bodies. It is a severe risk for human health, wildlife, and natural ecosystems. By substituting oilbased plastic with natural and biodegradable plastic, such as PHA, these risks can be mitigated.

“Bio-plastics are made from waste materials – not from products intended for food production. This, combined with  complete biodegradability  in water, is the big environmental advantage.” Marco Astorri, CEO, Bio-on

Bio-plastic can make various products from medical equipment to packaging and interior design – such as this lamp.


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