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Carbon-Negative Plastic Solution by: Newlight Technologies

AirCarbon converts greenhouse gases into a plastic material, thereby replacing oil-based plastics at a competitive price and performance. The Triple Bottom Line

Environmental A study by Newlight Technology found that if 63% of global fossil fuel-based plastics were replaced with carbon-negative plastic, it would capture enough carbon on annual basis to stabilize climate change by 2050.

Social Capturing carbon emissions can reduce the effects of climate change and prevent mass migration from climate crisis areas.

AirCarbon is a carbon-negative plastic, meaning that it captures carbon from methane and other greenhouse gases from the air to make plastic materials. It can match oil-based plastics in price and performance, representing a more sustainable alternative to traditional plastics. AirCarbon is being produced on a commercial scale at two production sites in California, and is used to make chairs, bags, and cell phone cases. Costumers include some of the largest manufactures in the furniture, packaging, and electronics industries. Why a Sustainia100 solution? Millions of tons of carbon are emitted into the air every day. AirCarbon captures that carbon and uses it as a resource to make products that would otherwise be made from oil. The products made from AirCarbon are carbon-negative, even after calculating the emissions from the energy used in production. 1

Economic According to Newlight Technologies, AirCarbon is less expensive than oil-based plastic, making it an easy choice for companies concerned about CO2 emissions.

Developed: USA

Deployed:  USA, South Korea, and France 

1 NSF Sustainability and Trucost have independently verified AirCarbon as a carbon-negative material.

“Climate change can be solved With marketdriven solutions like AirCarbon to  reverse the flow of carbon .”

Carbon-negative chair and products made by turning air and greenhouse gases into plastic.

Mark Herrema, Co-Founder and CEO, Newlight Technologies


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