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Water Treatment Plant Producing Renewable Energy Solution by: Cambrian Innovation

EcoVolt is an easily implementable commercial wastewater treatment system that generates electricity and heat while cleaning water.

The Triple Bottom Line

Environmental The solution converts industrial wastewater streams into heat and renewable electricity.

Social Cleaning water for agriculture suports healthy food production.

Economic The solution is economically viable, with a return of investment of up to 25%, and the modular system is pre-fabricated for lowcost installation.

EcoVolt is the world’s first industrial-scale wastewater treatment and reuse system that is based on a bioelectrical process. It can be implemented easily at breweries, wineries, and food processing plants to clean water at the source while simultaneously providing electricity for production. This means decreasing a company’s carbon footprint and turning environmental liabilities into a source of revenue. The first deployment of EcoVolt is at the California-based Bear Republic Brewing Company. It uses electrically active organisms to rapidly eliminate 80% to 90% of biological oxygen demand and converts CO2 into biogas (methane) that is used onsite to generate heat and electricity. The system provides more than 50% of the company’s electricity usage and recycles the water. Why a Sustainia100 solution? Drought is an increasing problem in the global food industry, with clean water becoming a scarce commodity in many places. The EcoVolt treatment system handles these issues effectively. It benefits the environment with clean water and the production of renewable energy which lowers the carbon footprint in production.

Developed: USA

Deployed:  USA 


Sustainia100 2014