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Prepaid Shipping for Donations Solution by: Give Back Box, in collaboration with Newegg, Overstock, UPS, Goodwill, Salvation Army, and St. Vincent DePaul

Give Back Box makes it convenient and cost-free for people to donate unwanted products cluttering their homes by providing a prepaid shipping label for boxes from online stores. The Triple Bottom Line

Environmental Give Back Box recycles clothes and other household items – along with the cardboard box itself.

Social By donating unwanted goods, Give Back Box helps some of the 50 million people in the USA living below the poverty line.

Give Back Box works with online stores and shipping companies to make it convenient for their customers to donate household items to charities. It is a cost and hassle-free way to ship boxes to charity, containing high-quality items that would otherwise have been thrown out. Items are placed in a shipping box, the box is sealed, the prepaid shipping label is attached, and the package sent as usual. It is even possible to print Give Back Box labels at home. The average household in the United States has $7,000 worth of unused and unwanted goods according to Give Back Box. The donation of these goods could benefit charities. Why a Sustainia100 solution?

Economic Donating through Give Back Box does not cost anyone a penny – not the online shopper, not the retailer, not the shipper, and not the charities.

Every day 10 million boxes are shipped via Internet shopping in the United States. It is estimated that this will increase by 15 to 20% every year; the boxes often end up in landfills instead of being recycled. The Give Back Box system creates an incentive to recycle both boxes and items, and save resources used in manufacturing.

Developed: USA

Deployed:  USA 

“ Changing the way  people shop online forever!”

Give Back Box allows online shoppers to donate their unwanted and unused household goods with ease and without cost.

Monika Wiela, CEO, Give Back Box


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