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Floating Ecosystems for River Restoration and Water Quality Solution by: Biomatrix Water Solutions

Forres, Scotland: This solution creates small floating islands that mimic nature to tackle pollution, algae, and sewage contamination, resulting in revitalized waterways. The Triple Bottom Line

Environmental Biomatrix has reported up to 86% reduction in coliforms, as well as a 45% and 62% reduction in ammonia and phosphates, respectively.

Social Biomatrix endeavors to design systems that can be enjoyed by locals who frequent the waterfront, while meeting environmental policy requirements.

Economic Biomatrix claims to offer a more economical, less invasive alternative to many waterfront civil works options.

Biomatrix Water Active Ecosystems have been developed to provide a concentrated natural solution to improve water quality. The designs harness the power of nature to provide a long-term sustainable water quality management solution, which uses no chemicals and gets better with time as the system grows. This technology combines the latest developments in ecological engineering with new biofilm research and traditional wastewater treatment processes. Whole-system engineered ecologies provide an energy efficient, low life cycle cost treatment solution. Ultimately, the solution naturally improves water quality, increases animal habitat, and provides protection to riverbank infrastructure. Why a Sustainia100 solution? The degradation and pollution of waterways is a serious global issue. Biomatrix Water Solutions’ restoration systems are an easy-to-install, modular, scalable technology, which can be site-specifically designed to suit many climates or embankments. The systems increase waterfront amenities and biodiversity, bringing thriving natural ecosystems to some of the world’s most challenged urban waterways.

Developed: Scotland

Deployed:  Philippines, UK, USA, China, India, and Brazil 

Before: The Biomatrix system is placed in the river and lets nature do its work.

“We are passionate about providing solutions that  bring waterways to life .”

After: Once fully grown the system extends the natural riverbank.

Galen Fulford, Managing Director, Biomatrix Water Solutions


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