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Energy Savings Finance the Switch to LED Lighting Solution by: Philips

Washington D.C., USA: By means of a 10-year performance lighting contract, Philips will install LED lights in the city at no upfront cost.

The Triple Bottom Line

Environmental The LED installations will lead to a 68% reduction in energy consumption and prevent 11,000 tons of CO2 emissions.

Social Improved lighting conditions will increase safety levels for 66,000 garage users.

Having secured a 10-year performance lighting contract with the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA), Philips will upgrade more than 13,000 garage lighting fixtures in the city. While Philips will be responsible for installation and continual maintenance, the city will benefit from the opportunity to circumvent the upfront costs of LED installation. The company will receive payment from the $2 million in savings that WMATA expects to achieve annually. The modular and adaptable lighting technology will also provide live data on energy consumption, while further energy savings will be secured as bulbs automatically vary in brightness according to motion and the availability of natural light. Why a Sustainia100 solution?

Economic According to WMATA, this arrangement will create $600,000 in maintenance savings alone.

Although streetlights consume around one percent of all electricity in the United States,1 many cities are prevented from switching to more efficient LEDs. A survey of 288 cities reveals that LEDs are a high priority for 82% of mayors, while 71% reported upfront costs to be a significant barrier. 2 By eliminating this obstacle, performance contracts can help many more cities cut costs and reduce their energy consumption.

Developed: USA

Deployed:  USA

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