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Phototherapy for Neonatal Jaundice in Low-Income Hospitals Solution by: D-Rev and Phoenix Medical Systems

Brilliance uses energy-efficient LEDs to provide world-class blue light phototherapy to babies without access to effective jaundice treatment.

The Triple Bottom Line

Environmental Brilliance uses 40% of the electricity of traditional fluorescent phototherapy devices and eliminates the need for costly replacement bulbs.

Social Since November 2012, Brilliance has averted over 250 deaths and disabilities.

Economic Brilliance retails for only $500 – a fraction the cost of comparable phototherapy devices, which sell for $3,000.

D-Rev’s Brilliance system works with simple blue light phototherapy to shine through a baby’s skin and cure neonatal jaundice in days. Brilliance uses energy-efficient LED lights, which consume just 40% of the electricity used by traditional fluorescent phototherapy. Furthermore, by using LEDs that last 50,000 hours, Brilliance eliminates significant bulb waste and cost: a standard tube bulb device requires a minimum of 12 bulbs per year. Brilliance is sold through Phoenix Medical Systems for just $500, compared to $3,000 for a comparable device using conventional technology. Since launching in November 2012, Brilliance has treated over 12,000 babies in nine African and Asian countries. Why a Sustainia100 solution? Neonatal jaundice is not a serious health problem where there is access to quality health care, but in much of the world it can be a significant danger. If left untreated, neonatal jaundice can cause severe brain damage or even death. In fact, it is the world’s fifth-leading cause of infant mortality. Brilliance addresses this issue by providing a low-cost treatment system that lasts a long time.

Developed: USA and India

Deployed:  10 countries, including Myanmar, Tanzania, and Colombia 

“Every child, no matter where they are born, deserves  access to effective medical treatment . With good design, you do not have to trade quality for cost.”

Brilliance treating a severely jaundiced baby at a hospital in Tamil Nadu, India.

Krista Donaldson, CEO, D-Rev


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