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Solar Lamps to Replace Kerosene Lighting Solution by: SunLife

SunLife’s MiniSun12H improves health and living conditions in off-grid areas by offering a solar lighting source at the same price as a kerosene lamp.

The Triple Bottom Line

Environmental People obtaining light from directly burning fuels emits 190 million tons of carbon dioxide each year.

Social According to the World Health Organization, indoor air pollution from fuels such as kerosene is as damaging as smoking two packs of cigarettes daily. 2

Eliminating the primary financial barrier of replacing kerosene lamps with a healthier alternative, this solar-powered lantern is capable of providing 12 hours of light after 8 hours of charging. The MiniSun12H has the added advantage of never needing to be refueled with expensive and environmentally harmful kerosene. Solar lighting not only makes studying at night less unhealthy, it also removes the potential safety hazard of burning kerosene indoors. Finally, the simple design makes the solar lamp durable in rough environments and is reported to last at least three years. Why a Sustainia100 solution? Of the common lighting sources, kerosene is the most polluting. 1 The solar lamp serves as a cost-competitive alternative to this fuel. In a simple way, the solar lamp saves money for the poorest families, helps mitigate environmental pollution, and offers a safe and healthy lighting solution. SunLife is determined to spread it beyond Ghanaian homes to neighbouring countries using new and existing networks of authorized distributors.

Economic According to the company, the poorest people living off-grid will save about 15% of their income usually spent on fuel for lighting and cooking.

Developed: Ghana and UK

Deployed:  Ghana 


Mills, Evan. “The Specter of Fuel-Based Lighting.” Science 308. 2005. 2 World Health Organization. “Fuel for Life: Household Energy and Health.” 2009.

“Quality of life will  improve for thousands  with the deployment of the MiniSun12H.” Stephen Pearson, Founder and Chairman, SunLife


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