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Customized Teaching Accelerates Private Sector Growth Solution by: Educat

By participating in Educat’s six-month Accelerator program, entrepreneurs can improve and expand their businesses while developing sustainable practices.

The Triple Bottom Line

Environmental Environmentally-responsible business solutions are addressed with all businesses that participate in Educat programs.

Social By helping young people improve their businesses, Educat’s Accelerator creates jobs, which can ultimately result in poverty reduction.

Based in Rwanda, Educat is a social enterprise that enables young change makers to mature their sustainable businesses through diagnostics, mentorship and consultation. The highly customizable Rwanda Business Accelerator program is the product of a cross-sectoral collaboration with Educat’s public, private, and government partners. Participating businesses benefit from targeted coaching related to, for example, accounts, legal matters, graphic design, IT and sales. Additionally, by connecting with environmental organizations or experts, businesses are able to develop strategies for sustainability and environmentally-friendly manufacturing techniques. The program is followed up with monitoring and evaluation to ensure behaviour change and performance. Why a Sustainia100 solution?

Economic By facilitating job creation, Educat catalyzes economic growth from a grassroots level.

Developed: Denmark and Rwanda

This solution promotes entrepreneurship and leadership among young people in Rwanda, challenging them to think creatively while supporting them to establish innovative businesses. The Accelerator was developed on the basis of Educat’s work with thousands of Rwandan entrepreneurs since 2008, with participating businesses reporting significant profit increases since embarking on the program. As it scales, it aims to promote poverty reduction through job creation.

Deployed:  Rwanda 

“Educat has worked hard to develop the  best possible support framework  to accelerate existing small businesses and pave the way for new ones.”

Educat works with public, private, and government partners to promote private sector development through individualized and high quality programs.

Andreas Nørlem, CEO, Educat


Sustainia100 2014