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The Timely Tredlies departmental bicycle programme Established in 2006, the Timely Tredly campus bike fleet is one of the largest corporate bike fleets in Australia. More than 100 bikes are situated in buildings around campus, available for staff and research students to get around campus and surrounds during the day. The popularity of the fleet has steadily increased over the years and monitoring of bike usage indicates that  some of the bikes travel more than 2,000 km per year  and are preferred alternatives to fleet vehicles for many users. Feedback from users also indicates that, for users who are unaccustomed to cycling, the bikes increase their familiarity, comfort, and confidence in riding.

Offsetting air travel The establishment of the ANU Carbon Reduction Fund in 2011 created a transparent means for ANU business units to offset business-related air travel. Contributing business units pay a tariff on flight costs, which  contributes to funding carbon reduction  initiatives  on ANU properties and bulk purchases of Gold Standard or VCS-accredited offsets.

University vehicle fleet Emissions for the vehicle fleet have been steadily and consistently decreasing each year since 2006. While there has been some marginal improvement in the overall fuel efficiency of the fleet and fuel substitution in favour of LPG over this period,  the primary contributing factor has been an  overall reduction  in mileage . This suggests that the strategy of providing non-polluting alternatives, such as the campus bike fleet, have been very successful but also that there is significant room to further reduce emissions through greater efforts to improve vehicle efficiency and introduce low/ zero emission vehicles.



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