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A Closer Look The University of Tokyo – Energy Management The University of Tokyo is the largest energy user in the Tokyo metropolitan area, and it has taken the lead in innovative energy systems and sustainability related research. The Todai Sustainable Campus Project (TSCP) was established to facilitate university-wide engagement towards the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and to apply organisational capacity and funding for efforts that will reduce carbon intensity on campus. The management established the TSCP fund by collecting an ‘internal tax’ from all graduate schools and institutes, which was equivalent to 4% of expenditures for energy use in each school and institute. The TSCP fund provides a subsidy to give each graduate school and institute incentive to invest in energy-conserving opportunities.

FURTHER READING LITERATURE ’Designing a sustainable campus precinct: ANU Green Precinct Project Final Report‘ ’Regenerative Sustainable Development of Universities and Cities: Role of Living Laboratories‘. Ariane Konig (editor). The book collects a wide range of case studies, including several on sustainable campus design and operations. lasso?id=14845


LINKS ’International Sustainable Campus Network: Members reports on campus environmental performance‘. php?option=com_docman&Itemid=34


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