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Connecting Kenya’s Unconnected Leveraging solar power and a new approach to delivering high-reliability broadband connectivity, this solution opens up the world of the Internet to rural Africans.

ENVIRONMENTAL Solar energy is powering the broadband Internet.

Using a new approach to wireless broadband called dynamic spectrum access, Microsoft and its partners have built a mobile broadband network that taps into previously unused TV spectrum, also known as TV White Spaces, to establish broadband Internet connections. Using the television frequency allows signals to travel much greater distances, and is claimed to outperform traditional wireless networking experiences.

SOCIAL Access to the knowledge and connectivity potential of the Internet can unlock unprecedented social change and community creation.

The wireless broadband connections are powered by solar panels, making the solution available off grid. This innovative approach to delivering broadband Internet is providing the benefits of the knowledge society to some of the most rural and difficult-to-reach areas in Kenya.

ECONOMIC Promoting education and enabling micro business, Internet access can drive significant positive economic impact.

Why a Sustainia100 solution? With billions of people still not connected to the Internet, new approaches must be developed, and they must be anchored in innovative and sustainable models. This solution is sustainable and scalable because of its healthy underlying business model and the nature of the multi-pronged approach.

Microsoft and partners installing one of dozens of solar panels used to power wireless broadband connections to the Internet in rural Africa.

Developed in USA,UK

Deployed in Kenya

Solution by Microsoft, Indigo, and Adaptrum 77

2013 Sustainia100