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Empowering AutoRickshaw Drivers Three Wheels United tackles the challenges faced by the working poor in the auto-rickshaw sector in India while reducing CO2 emissions and air pollution.

ENVIRONMENTAL By replacing two-stroke engines with cleaner-burning four-stroke models, TWU reduces harmful particulate and CO2 emissions.

SOCIAL Banks now consider TWU’s drivers to be worthy customers, with drivers able to receive health, life, and accident insurance.

ECONOMIC According to TWU, the solution increases the net earnings of drivers by over 70% from existing levels.

Three Wheels United (TWU) is based on a three-pillar solution: fair loans to drivers enabling them to purchase their own auto-rickshaws, the possibility of additional streams of income to the drivers through advertisements, and clean technology that lowers fuel costs and lessens environmental harm. TWU has been operational in Bangalore for the past two years, and has achieved a total of 120 vehicles on the road and over 700 drivers registered in their savings scheme. They expect to reach a total of 750 vehicles in Bangalore by the end of 2013. Why a Sustainia100 solution? With over 5 million auto-rickshaws in India, the sector serves between 10% and 20% of the daily engine-driven city commutes. TWU’s model makes drivers owners of their vehicles and encourages savings, while ensuring that the drivers are under a social security system. According to TWU, air pollution is reduced by 40%.

Developed in India, the Netherlands

Deployed in India

Solution by Three Wheels United 71

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