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Vintage Clothing Library United Archive is a sustainable style library allowing women to borrow, wear, and return from a curated selection of quality vintage clothing.

ENVIRONMENTAL United Archive’s clothing library extends the lifecycle of underutilized garments.

SOCIAL The access over ownership model is an affordable alternative to fast fashion that allows more people to wear quality garments.

The United Archive vintage clothing library offers users access to a curated wardrobe extension of quality garments, without accumulating an expensive closet graveyard you never wear. The solution enables sustainable and affordable style experimentation without the guilt factor. Rather than buying a succession of expensive pieces worn only once, customers simply borrow from United Archive and return the garment after use. Why a Sustainia100 solution? United Archive offers access over ownership and is striving towards a more circular economy by giving an extended life to underutilized garments, which are in high demand, and offering an alternative to fast fashion and high cost-per-wear items.

ECONOMIC Australians spend approximately $1.7 billion annually on clothing they do not wear, according to United Archive.

Developed in Australia

Deployed in Australia

Solution by United Archive 51

2013 Sustainia100