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Repair Broken Items at the Local Café Instead of throwing items away, Repair Cafés strive to bring them back by making repair a social activity in communities.

ENVIRONMENTAL Because of the Repair Café concept, more items can continue to be used, which saves raw materials and energy and reduces CO2 emissions.

SOCIAL At the Repair Café, people with practical repair skills, who tend to be sidelined in Western societies, are highly appreciated.

ECONOMIC The Repair Café saves money because items that can be repaired by a volunteer repair expert do not have to be replaced by new ones.

Repair Cafés are free meeting places where volunteer repair experts help neighbors fix broken items that they have brought from home. This way, new social interactions between neighbors are established and people with practical skills use and pass on their skills to others. The products that are repaired and saved from the trash bin keep items and raw materials in use. As a result, energy consumption from the production of new items is avoided and money is saved. The Repair Café Foundation helps local groups in Europe and beyond start their own repair meetings and Repair Cafés in their community. Why a Sustainia100 solution? People in the Western world create waste by consuming and throwing away vast amounts of stuff. This would not be necessary if people would use and appreciate the practical repair skills still present in the communities. The Repair Café Foundation helps communities to identify the people who possess these skills and involve them in the local Repair Café.

Developed in the Netherlands

Deployed in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, UK, Italy, Brazil, Australia, USA, Canada

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2013 Sustainia100  
2013 Sustainia100  

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