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Low-Carbon Growth in an Emerging City The Colombian city of Montería is showcasing how cities in emerging economies can grow their economies while adapting to and mitigating climate change.

ENVIRONMENTAL Non-OECD countries are responsible for over 50% of current GHG emissions and are projected to account for the bulk of increases until 2035.1

SOCIAL One million trees will be planted in Montería over the next 10 years, with increased access to public parks and recreation.

ECONOMIC Montería has gained regional and national recognition, increasing competiveness and attracting investors, according to Proactiva Medio Ambiente.

Monteria’s population of 400,000 is increasingly being exposed to climatic changes such as heavy rainfall and risk of flooding. Montería Green City 2019 is a pioneering Latin American city initiative that targets current and future greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, adapting the city to climate change, and improving urban growth. The plan comprises 26 actions to address 15 challenges in order to reduce GHG emissions by 20% by 2019. The actions cover areas ranging from urban mobility, with increased use of bikes, to waste management, and protecting the city’s natural heritage with biodiversity and reforestation. Through a public-private partnership with Proactiva Medio Ambiente in 2011, Montería was the first Colombian city to calculate its carbon footprint. Montería has since developed a detailed plan together with key stakeholders in the city, notably the university, companies, farmers, and architects, as well as the public. Why a Sustainia100 solution? Montería Green City 2019 will guide the next 10 years of the city’s history towards balanced and innovative growth that respects the environment, reduces carbon emissions, and ensures the quality of life for Monteríans.

Improving mobility, Monteria is increasing use of bicycles as a means of urban transportation. Developed in Colombia, Spain

Deployed in Colombia

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Solution by the City of Montería and Proactiva Medio Ambiente 139

2013 Sustainia100