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Real-Time Ridesharing App SideCar is a ride-matching app that connects willing drivers on the roads with people needing a ride.

ENVIRONMENTAL By preventing single-occupancy car trips, SideCar helps reduce vehicle tailpipe emissions, often the largest source of air pollution in cities.

SOCIAL By connecting willing drivers with people in need of a ride, SideCar can help build a feeling of community.

Pre-screened drivers willing to make their private cars available to people in need of a ride are alerted via the SideCar mobile phone app when a ride is requested from someone nearby. If drivers accept the request, passengers are taken to their destination. At the time passengers submit a SideCar pick-up request, they receive a suggested average “donation” for their trip. Payments are voluntary and are handled via a cashless system between smartphones. Why a Sustainia100 solution? Filling empty seats in cars already on the road makes better use of roads and highways, which saves energy, relieves congestion, and reduces air pollution. The service also makes car transport available to those without a car.

ECONOMIC Users in the San Francisco Bay Area often pay about half as much for long-distance trips booked with SideCar as the same trip made by taxi.

While on the road, Sidecar’s app matches drivers with extra seats with people in need of a ride.

Developed in USA

Deployed in USA

Solution by SideCar 137

2013 Sustainia100