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Solar Generation of Heat, Steam, and Electricity Solar collectors follow the sun, producing electricity, heat, and steam in the same system, which improves the economics of rooftop renewable energy generation. Absolicon’s concentrating solar collectors follow the sun and concentrate light, which makes them capable of producing electricity, heat, and steam in the same system.

ENVIRONMENTAL According to Absolicon Solar, solar concentrators have the potential to replace 100 gigawatts of fossil heat in European industry, reducing CO2 emissions by 40 million tons annually.

The solar collectors help reduce production costs, while simultaneously providing a high degree of energy efficiency in the form of thermal energy, solar electricity, solar cooling, solar heat, and solar steam. This solution improves the economics for utilizing the oftentimes unused renewable energy potential of building rooftops. Why a Sustainia100 solution? Concentrating solar collectors are flexible and can greatly improve the economics of renewable energy generation, helping to overcome important barriers to a more sustainable energy supply.

SOCIAL The solar concentrators are produced locally, creating jobs, and reducing dependence on imported fuel.

ECONOMIC Replacing natural gas with solar concentrators has only five years payback time in sunny regions, the company claims.

Developed in Sweden

Deployed in Sweden, Germany, Italy, Greece, Chile, India, Spain

Solution by Absolicon Solar Collector 105

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