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2013 Year in Review Sustain Dane

Imagine if the Greater Madison Region were a national model of sustainability and sustainability innovation. We believe it can be.


Inside this report Letter from Our Executive Director


2013 Highlights & Key Metrics 04 A Vision of Sustainability Leadership 06 A Four-Pillar Approach 07 Raising Awareness & Knowledge 08 Building Skills & Capacity 10 Aligning Stakeholders & Change Makers


Replicating Our Success 14 Financial Statement 16 Friends & Supporters 17 About Sustain Dane 18

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A Letter from the executive director Dear Friends,

Jessie Lerner Executive Director, Sustain Dane In July 2013, Jessie stepped into the role of Interim Executive Director following the departure of Kristen Joiner. She was named Executive Director in December 2013.

Since joining Sustain Dane in 2007, I have experienced firsthand the incredible evolution of this dynamic organization, from gathering small discussion groups around kitchen tables to now leading a nationally recognized sustainability program that saves our region nearly one million dollars in costs and 22,000 tons of CO2 emissions each year. I am so proud of everything that we have accomplished to date. Our momentum continues to build. 2013 was a landmark year for Sustain Dane. We reached record numbers in impact and reach in the community. We launched new initiatives like Eat. Play. Bike and Bioneers screenings, and we advanced our ongoing programs to new heights. In late summer, shortly after I took on the role of Executive Director, we unveiled a bold new vision of sustainability leadership for the Greater Madison Region as well as a strategic plan to get us there. As you can see in the following pages of this report, we have spared no time in putting this vision into action. At the center of our vision is you - not only as someone who will experience the lifetime benefits of a healthier, more vibrant, and just community, but as someone who is actively participating in the creation of it. We believe that every single person has the potential and the responsibility to positively contribute to the sustainability and resilience of our community. You, the “sustainability champion,� are our best bet for realizing widespread and lasting change. Live Forward,

Jessie Lerner P.S. Please call or email me directly at any time if you would like to further discuss how we can drive forward this shared vision of a sustainable future.


2013 highlights & Key Metrics A Time Line of a Few of Our Favorite Moments & Numbers from 2013 Eat. Play. Bike. Repeat. Each Thursday in June, hundreds of neighbors gathered together at the Villager Mall parking lot for this community-driven place-making extravaganza with music, food, cultural activities, games, and of course, bicycles. Photo: Isthmus Publishing Co., Inc.

Hello, World. In February, we published the first edition of our “new and improved” monthly e-newsletter to over 4,500 subscribers. More readers open Sustain Dane emails than on average for nonprofits! We continue to grow our online community. May



“C” IS FOR COMPOST On Earth Day, Lapham Elementary kicked off a cafeteria compost and recycling pilot as an MPower Champions project. In one school week, they composted 45lbs of waste and recycled 15lbs of milk and juice boxes. Annually, that would be 88 tons of waste!

CELEBRATE GOOD TIMES, C’mON! 16 area businesses graduated as the 2012 MPower Business Champions as we ushered in 17 new program participants for the fifth year of MPower. From 2009 to 2012, MPower Champions have saved 21,500 tons of CO2 emissions and $916,000 in costs annually - now that’s worth celebrating! Copyright © 2014 Sustain Dane 131 W. Wilson St., Madison, WI 608.819.0689 |


A NEW CHAPTER FOR SUSTAIN DANE In August, following a transition in leadership, we set course for the next exciting chapter of Sustain Dane by unveiling a new vision of sustainability leadership for the Greater Madison Region. Our mission is to foster a rich and diverse community of sustainability champions.

GET SMART A VISIT From Washington D.C. U.S. EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy gave praise to Sustain Dane and the MPower Champions program during a special visit in September. Read more on page 15.


Sustain Dane took part in 3 Day Startup, where we hatched the idea of SMArt, a community-based art project. Right away, Sustain Dane’s network of community members and organizers said “Yes!” to the idea, which will roll out in 2014. December



What is a Sustainability Champion, anyway? At Sustain Dane, we use this term to describe people across all sectors of society who are passionate, curious, and / or actively engaged in sustainability and social change.

230 sustainability champions from across all sectors collaborated on pressing, real-world sustainability challenges at the 5th Annual Badger Bioneers Conference. This unprecedented event was headlined by design thinking, collaborative innovation, and communicating for change.

Sustain Dane believes that sustainability champions are our best leverage point to achieve widespread and lasting change, and so we work to empower, connect, and to support sustainability champions in their diverse and inspiring efforts.

Over 90% of participants said they plan to return for the 2014 Badger Bioneers event!


Our vision Sustain Dane envisions the Greater Madison Region as a national model for sustainability and sustainability innovation.

A Vision of Sustainability Leadership for the greater Madison Region

Our Mission To foster a rich and diverse community of sustainability champions.

Imagine if the Greater Madison Region were a national model for sustainability and sustainability innovation. Imagine if individuals and organizations across all sectors of our society played a part in making our communities more vibrant and healthier places to work, play, and live. Imagine if people flocked to our region to learn about the sustainability success, innovation, and best practices in our schools and universities, local companies, neighborhoods, and municipalities. This is what we imagine to be possible. In 2013, we unveiled a bold new vision of sustainability leadership for the Greater Madison Region as well as a strategic approach to get us there. This new vision sets course for the next exciting chapter of Sustain Dane, a truly grassroots organization that has metamorphosed through many rich and varied programs and initiatives over the past 16 years.

Copyright Š 2014 Sustain Dane 131 W. Wilson St. Madison, WI

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Our four-pillar approach In order to move us closer to our vision and mission, we have defined four strategic areas for action. While they span multiple societal sectors and geographic areas, all of Sustain Dane’s programs and initiatives fall within one or more of these pillars. The following pages detail our progress and success in each pillar throughout 2013.

Raise Awareness & Knowledge

Build Skills & Capacity Align Stakeholders & Change Makers

Sustain Dane works directly with sustainability champions, enabling them to make a greater impact within their own networks. We believe that widespread and lasting change will be realized through a ripple effect in which individuals inspire and influence those Our work in this pillar is designed to invite a broader and around them to make sustainmore diverse population to join able changes. the sustainability conversation, Our work in this pillar centers on building that ripple effect by and also to connect local ideas giving sustainability champions and action with national and the tools, skills, and empowerinternational movements. ment to make a bigger splash in their ponds. Sustain Dane serves the Greater Madison Region as a central hub of sustainability thought leadership, local resources, and connections. We aim to be the go-to source for all things sustainability in our community.

Sustain Dane promotes a system-wide and holistic approach to sustainability by cultivating local and national partnerships, coalitions, and networks. We recognize that there are many hearts and hands in our region that are helping to create a healthier and more just planet. Sustain Dane actively promotes collaboration and cross-pollination of disparate efforts and energies, and in our many circles and networks, we make sure that sustainability has a voice at the table.


REPLICATE OUR SUCCESS Sustain Dane seeks opportunities to share and replicate our proven models of success in other communities and regions. We believe that our region is acting as a living laboratory for sustainability and resilience and that, by sharing our lessons and our innovations with others, we can create a nation full of sustainable communities. In our work within this pillar, we speak of our work within the Greater Madison Region on regional and national stages. We look for ways to replicate our success in other communities.

Our Work within this pillar: • Sustainable Business Network • Eco-Salon Series • Bioneers Screenings • Content & Resources

Raising Awareness & Knowledge Sustain Dane ser ves the Greater Madison Region as a central hub of sustainability thought leadership, local resources, and connections.

• Community Outreach

Sustainable Business Network Now in its second year, the Sustainable Business Network has proved to be a unique and valuable platform to address sustainability topics relevant to our local business community’s needs and interests. Membership grew in 2013 to 56 businesses, and the quarterly networking breakfasts drew between 40 - 80 attendees, of which 25% were non-members.

Chief Noble Wray, Madison Police Department, presented on community-based policing strategies at the July 2013 Sustainable Business Network Quarterly Breakfast Meeting.

A highly engaged group of local professionals, Sustainable Business Network members open our monthly e-newsletter at an rate of 46% compared to an industry average* of 21.3%. 2013 Sustainable Business Network Speakers: Chief Noble Wray, Madison Police Department Jeff Rich, Gundersen Health System Rebecca Ryan, Next Generation Consulting Dave Cieslewicz, Wisconsin Bike Federation 2013 Sustainable Business Network Sponsors: Union Cab Cooperative, UW Credit Union Breakfast In-kind by Whole Foods Market of Madison *Source: Mailchimp Email Marketing Service

Copyright © 2014 Sustain Dane 131 W. Wilson St. Madison, WI

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ECO-SALON series


Online Content & Resources

Our popular think & drink event series EcoSalon returned in 2013. Craft cocktails, a casual atmosphere, and thought-provoking conversation make it simple and social way to spark new ideas around sustainability.

In December, following a successful Badger Bioneers Conference, Sustain Dane began to host a series of free, public encore screenings of the 2013 National Bioneers Conference at the newly remodeled Madison Public Library in Downtown Madison.

Sustain Dane continues to produces original articles, white papers, and resources available for free online. You can find the latest content on our website, Live Forward Blog, and our InBusiness Magazine column, “Smart, Sustainable Business.”

Special thanks to our host Coni Marotz, ICONI Interiors, and our bartender, Grant Hurless, Heritage Tavern. 2013 Eco-Salon Guest Speakers: Charles Warner, MGE Larry Johnson, Dane Co. Farmers’ Market Aaron Crandall, Madison Bike Winter Drew Garza, Art & Sons Scott Pauli, Art & Sons Lesley Sager, UW-Madison, Design Studies Stephen Kantrowitz, UW-Madison, History Matt Manske, Polymathic Chris Meyer, Sector67 Ryan Erisman, Farmer Veteran Coalition Finn Ryan, Wisconsin Media Lab Erik Ranheim, UW Health Cate Ranheim, Meriter Hospital

These events move the conversation around various sustainability topics from the national level to local application, featuring local guest experts to comment on the national keynote video. National speakers include Billy Parish, Energy Action Coalition, and Jay Harman, Pax Scientific. This series will continue in 2014.

Sponsors: Death’s Door Spirits, Underground Food Collective, and Don Q. Rums


Community outreach We exhibited at many community events this year, including the Willy Street Coop’s annual meeting, the First Unitarian Society Earth Day Fair, the Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce Biz Expo, and more.

Our Work Within this pillar: • Badger Bioneers 2013 • MPower Schools Champions • MPower Business Champions • The Natural Step for Business Workshop

Building Skills & Capacity Sustain Dane works directly with sustainability champions to develop their skills and capacity to make a greater impact within their own networks. Badger Bioneers 2013 A Bioneers Network Event The 5th Annual Badger Bioneers Conference took on a new life this year, featuring emerging local and national trends in sustainability, hands-on collaboration, online networking tools, greater crosspollination of sectors, and trained student facilitators. Our 230 participants were challenged to prototype and communicate an innovative sustainability solution to real-world issues. Over 90% of attendees already plan to attend next year’s conference. Bioneers built marshmallow and spaghetti towers, flexing their collaboration and design muscles.

Program Partners: UW-Madison Office of Sustainability, Bioneers / Collective Heritage Institute 2013 Badger Bioneers: Jim Lorman & Kathryne Auerback, Edgewood College Sustainability Leadership Program; Chris Kucharik, UW-Madison Dept. of Agronomy & Nelson Institute SAGE; Alan Turnquist, Greenhouse Residential Learning Community, UW-Madison Major Sponsors: American Family Insurance, Organic Valley, Kailo Fund (See the full list of sponsors on page 17.)

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MPower School Champions

MPower Business Champions

MPower School Champions Lapham, Leopold, and Thoreau Elementary and East High School graduated in June after completing 14 sustainability projects, including waste audits, recycling and composting projects, sustainability education, and idling reduction campaigns.

Sustain Dane ushered in 17 new organizations as the 2013 MPower Business Champions, the fifth cohort to participate in the year-long carbon reduction and sustainability program. Results from 2009 to 2012 show that MPower Business Champions have collectively reduced their CO2 emissions by 21,000 tons and $916,000 in related costs annually.

In the fall, Sustain Dane coupled MPower Schools with the GROW Coalition’s Growing Outdoors Classroom Program to bolster support and collaboration for the two complementary programs. Five schools completed the 2012 - 2013 pilot program to build or expand a school garden or outdoor classroom, and five more schools began the program in the fall: Lapham Elementary, Marshall Early Learning Center, Prairie Elementary, Orchard Ridge Elementary, and Sherman Middle School. The program also includes a Professional Learning Community to explore the use of outdoor classrooms in curriculum. Major Sponsor: Madison Community Foundation, U.S. EPA Climate Showcase Communities Grant

2013 MPower Champions: Community Pharmacy, Cafe Costa Rica, CUNA Mutual Group, Filament Games, Madison Environmental Group, Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District, McKay Nursery, Tutto Pasta State Street, The Plaza Tavern, RedamtĂŠ, Second Harvest Foodbank of Southern Wisconsin, Summit Credit Union, Sustain Dane, UW-Extension Continuing Ed., Outreach & E-Learning, UW Health East Clinic, UW Health West Clinic, UW School of Nursing Major Sponsors & Program Support: U.S. EPA Climate Showcase Communities, MGE, and City of Madison.


THE NATURAL STEP FOR BUSINESS WORKSHOP In September, Sustain Dane facilitated a sold-out workshop for local business professionals to learn about the Natural Step Framework and how to apply it to their own business decision making and strategic planning. CUNA Mutual Group sponsored and hosted the event. Dave Boyer, MCD, and Heather Gates, the Natural Step Monona, provided significant planning support.

Our Work Within this pillar: • Eat Play Bike • The GreenLink Centre • Community Partnerships • Dane County Bike Challenge

Aligning stakeholders & Change Makers Sustain Dane promotes a system-wide and holistic approach to sustainability through local and national partnerships, coalitions, and networks.

• Schools Partnerships

EAT PLAY BIKE Sustain Dane co-presented a series of summertime community place-making events on Madison’s South Side. Each week in June, hundreds of community members joined together at the Villager Mall parking lot to ride bicycles, sample local fare, buy and sell crafts, hear live music, play games, and otherwise share their talents and passions with friends and neighbors. Partners: Urban League of Greater Madison, South Madison Promise Zone, City of Madison, Planet Bike, and more. Sustain Dane captured portraits of Madison’s bright future at Eat Play Bike in June 2013.

Copyright © 2014 Sustain Dane 131 W. Wilson St. Madison, WI

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GreenLink Centre The GreenLink Centre is part of the planned development on the 800 block of East Washington Avenue in Downtown Madison. The GreenLink Centre will serve as a central hub for international green knowledge exchange and programming. As a planning partner, Sustain Dane is assisting with many of the sustainabilityrelated concepts being planned for the site. Planning Partners: Sustain Dane, GreenLink Projects LLC, Bark Design, Gebhardt Development, Morgridge Center for Public Service, UW-Madison Office of Sustainability


COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIPS Capital Area Regional Planning Commission (CARPC) and Capital Area Sustainable Communities (CRSC), Sustain Dane is an active member of this coalition that promotes regional collaboration and sustainable communities. City of Madison, the City of Madison is a longtime strategic partner. Sustain Dane maintains an active seat on the city’s Quality and Sustainability Committee. Madison Gas and Electric, MGE is a major sponsor, program partner, and essential resource of the MPower Champions Program. Additional Partners & Resources

City of Madison Streets and Recycling Cool Choices EnAct FairShare CSA Coalition Focus On Energy H20 Score Madison Metro Madison Planning Organization Rapid Improvement Associates UW- Extension Solid and Hazardous Waste Education Center Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council and Green Masters Program

SCHOOLS & Colleges Partnerships DANE COUNTY BIKE GROW Coalition (Grass Roots | Outdoor CHALLENGE Wonder), Sustain Dane is a founding member & co-facilitates the Growing Outdoor Classrooms Program.

GROW Coalition Members: Community GroundWorks, Community Action Coalition, UW Extension, Health Forward Consulting, MMSD, and Sustain Dane Madison Metropolitan School District (MMSD), Sustain Dane assisted with MMSD’s launch of its Sustainable Schools Initiative (SSI) Committee and co-drafted the District’s draft sustainability plan. McKinstry, Julie Jarvis leads McKinstry’s People.Power.Planet Campaign in all MMSD schools, a district-wide energysaving, behavior-changing program. Edgewood College Sustainability Leadership Graduate Certificate, Jessie Lerner serves on the advisory board. UW-Madison Office of Sustainability, UW OS has co-presented the Badger Bioneers Conference in 2012 & 2013 and is a programmatic partner for MPower Champions.


Bicycling is a great way to reduce carbon footprints and improve public health. This summer, Sustain Dane teamed up with the Wisconsin Bike Fed and Trek to promote bicycle commuting via the first annual Dane County Bike Challenge. Teams of area businesses and organizations competed to log the most miles by bike from June to September. Top teams and riders won excellent prizes from Old Sugar Distillery, Trek, & Saris Cycling Group. The Impressive Results:

• 58,537 miles logged

• 1,000,000+ calories burned

• 56,781 pounds of CO2 avoided • 95 riders; 12 very active teams • Infinite bragging rights

Our Work Within this pillar: • MPower Champions Affiliation • Putting Madison in the National Spotlight

Replicating our success Sustain Dane seeks opportunities to share and replicate our proven models of success in other communities and regions.

• Public Engagements

MPower champions affiliation Sustain Dane’s programs and initiatives are not limited to the Greater Madison Region, rather they are applicable and replicable in other communities and regions. And, Sustain Dane recognizes the call for greater sustainability initiatives by individuals and organizations across the state, in LaCrosse, Green Bay, Waukesha, and more. One of our primary goals in the coming years is to focus on creating a network of MPower communities throughout the Midwest and, potentially, the United States. Our MPower Champions Program is a proven model for realizing sustainable change within organizations, schools, and businesses.

Copyright © 2014 Sustain Dane 131 W. Wilson St. Madison, WI

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In 2013, we began exploring this with one potential pilot community, and we have begun to lay the groundwork to bring this effort into fruition. If you are interested in being part of the MPower Champions network, please contact us directly at

Madison in the national spotlight

Public Speaking engagements

EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy visited Madison in September 2013. Mayor Paul Soglin and Sustain Dane cohosted a press event where Administrator McCarthy spoke to the media, MPower program partners, and current and past MPower Champion participants about the success of our MPower Champions Program.

In 2013, we “spread the good word” of our region’s sustainability successes whenever and wherever possible. These are a few of our presentations from this past year:

“We know that the climate is changing, we frankly have to work together to address that exactly the same thoughtful, sustainable ways that this community, MPower, and Sustain Dane have brought to the table,” McCarthy said. She added, “I can’t tell you how important it is right now that people understand what you already get, and that is, if you’re going to look at a sustainable world, you look at integrating environmental considerations into your business practices.” “When you do that in a whole-hearted, innovative, creative, open way, you will find tremendous opportunities to save money, to grow your business, and to become a much more vital part of the community.”

“Success & Lessons Learned in Madison, WI” Keynote, National Summit on Green Business Engagement Programs, Boston, MA “Creating a Culture of Sustainability in your Community and Developing your Green Team” Breakout Session, Growing Sustainable Communities, Dubuque, IA “Health Benefits of Bicycling to Communities” Breakout Session, Wisconsin Bike Fed Summit, Madison, WI “Make Your Green Team Your Dream Team” Webinar, International Society of Sustainability Professionals “Creating a Culture of Sustainability” Workshop, Capital Area Planning Conference, Madison, WI




Corporate Grants


Program Service Revenue Memberships Foundation Grants Contributed Income Government Grants

17,503.00 11,850.00 6,839.00 6,660.00 215,230.00



Expenses SUMMARY

Copyright Š 2014 Sustain Dane 131 W. Wilson St. Madison, WI

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Programs & Services


General & Administration


Marketing & Fundraising




Program Sponsors



Sustainable Business Network Union Cab Cooperative of Madison UW Credit Union

Event Partners Madison Children’s Museum Underground Food Collective

Mendota | $5,000+ American Family Insurance Kailo Fund Organic Valley

Silent Auction Sponsors Aldo Leopold Nature Center Ale Asylum Angela Johnson B-Cycle Blue Lotus Tattoo & Piercing Bradbury’s Coffee Capital Fitness Cheryl Dewelt Cluck Dobra Tea Drift Studio Forequarter Gigi’s Cupcakes I’m Organic Jung’s Garden Center L’Etoile Macha Tea House

Monona | $2,500+ UW-Madison Office of Sustainability (Partner) Madison Gas & Electric

Additional In-Kind Support: Whole Foods Market in Madison Nature’s Pathways Magazine MPower Champions Program U.S. EPA Climate Showcase Communities Grant MGE & the City of Madison Additional Sponsorship & Support: Madison Concourse Hotel Ian’s Pizza on State The Great Dane CUNA Mutual Group Growing Outdoor Classrooms Madison Community Foundation U.S. EPA Climate Showcase Communities Grant People.Power.Planet McKinstry

Mad Rollin’ Dolls Madison Children’s Museum Madison Handymen Mermaid Cafe Miss Pole Monroe Street Arts Nutzy Mutz and Crazy Catz Olbrich Gardens Orange Tree Imports Pinnacle Health & Fitness REI Sundance Cinemas The Cooper’s Tavern The Great Dane Trek Velvet Waxing Studio WI Historical Museum

Eco-Salon Series Death’s Door Spirits, Don Q. Rum Underground Food Collective ICONI Interiors Grant Hurless, Heritage Tavern

Kegonsa | $1,000+ Center for Resilient Cities CUNA Mutual EZ Office Products Findorff Flad Architects Great Dane Insty-Prints L’Etoile & Graze Madison Environmental Group McKay Nursery Michael Best & Friedrich St. Mary’s Hospital UW Health UW-Madison Office of Quality Improvement Willy Street Co-op Waubesa | $500+ Community Shares of Wisconsin Complete Phytochemical Solutions Edgewood College Gebhardt Development Godfrey & Kahn Group Health Cooperative


Home Savings Bank HotelRED MCD Meriter Hospital Numbers 4 Nonprofits Planet Bike ReCon Associates Resource Engineering Associates Summit Credit Union Union Cab Cooperative Urban Land Interests UW Credit Union WI Sustainable Business Council Wingra | $250+ Alvarado Group Conscious Capital Mgmt. designCraft Advertising Environment Control of Wisconsin Great Big Pictures Ian’s Pizza on State Journey Mental Health McKinstry MSA Professional Services Palmer Johnson Power Systems Project Home Rapid Improvement Assoc. Revolve Promotions / I’m Organic Scott Savage Consulting Sergenian’s Floor Coverings Shannon & Wilson, Inc. Tutto Pasta on State Uniek, Inc. UW Extension Center for Inclusive & Engaged Leadership

ABOUT SUSTAIN DANE A Mature, Grassroots Organization Sustain Dane began in 1997 as a group of community members that understood the urgent need to change our daily behaviors and to put sustainability at the forefront of our local efforts. Since 2003, Sustain Dane has been an established 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Through ongoing action, programs, and initiatives, Sustain Dane has become the go-to source for sustainability in our region. Today, Sustain Dane’s network extends to thousands of individuals and organizations that are dedicated to creating a healthier, more vibrant and just community. We continue to grow and support this network of sustainability champions in order to move closer towards our vision of sustainability.

608.819.0689 |

Interns & Volunteers

Sara Alvarado Owner, Alvarado Real Estate (Secretary)

Allie Cardiel Sustainable Business Initiative

Jim Bradley President, Home Savings Bank

Stacie Reece Sustainable Business Initiative

Jordan Hemaidan Partner, Michael Best & Friedrich

Katherine Minski Communications & Graphic Design

Joann Kelley Mengfan Sun Director, Residential & Community Services, MGE Marketing Strategy

Full-Time Staff Jessie Lerner Executive Director Amy Kesling Administration & Membership Julie Jarvis Sustainable Schools Initiative

Michael Mucha Chief Engineer & Director, MMSD

Briana Rosenberg Sustainable Living Blogger

Jonathan Patz, MD, MPH Director, UW Madison Global Health Institute

Lauren Beriont Program & Impact Evaluation

Lisa Peyton-Caire Co-founder & President, K.L. Caire Companies

Chelsea Hurst Special Research Project

Cate Ranheim, MD Hospitalist, Meriter Hospital

Sonja Pettersson REACT U.S., Swedish American Green Alliance (SAGA)

Erik Ranheim, MD, PhD Associate Professor, UW Madison School of Medicine & Public Health (Vice Chair) Rebecca Ryan Founder, Next Generation Consulting (Chair)

Danielle Russell Communications & Development Annemarie Kalson Sustainable Business Initiative

Copyright Š 2014 Sustain Dane 131 W. Wilson St. Madison, WI

Board of Directors

Willa Schlecht Controller, Agrace HospiceCare (Treasurer)


Grace Lieb Badger Bioneers Volunteer Zoe Christo Rebecca Hodgson Zoe Cassandra University of York Social Enterprise Fellows

INDIVIDUAL Donors Diane Aldrich Sara Alvarado Julie Anderson Mary & O.L. Bell Oscar Bloch Charles Boardman Jim & Libby Bradley Radhika & Dan Bradley Sam Breidenbach Sue & William Bridson Vanessa Brown

William & Judith Busse Jane Carlson Tracey Conner David Creswell Karen & Alan Crossley Nicholas Curran Heather Daniels Madelaine Dewinkel Sabine Droste Richard & Doris Dubielzig Don Ferber

Dale Beske & Dorothy Gertsch Joe Guastella Bob Gurda Nancy Hagen Jeanne Hoffman Barb Hummel Lee & Rosemary Jones Amy Kesling Steve King Steve King

Glen Reinl & Sara Krebsbach Sharon Lezberg Rex & Juli Loker John Martens Niki McGlathery Mark Miller Marianne Morton Lisa Munro Jonathan Patz Sharon Raimondo Erik Ranheim

Danielle Russell Deb Saeger Nora Manheim & Sam Savage Willa Schlecht Thomas Shepherd R. Martin Smith Brook Soltbedt Anne Staton Millard Susman Steve Tucholka

Chris & Karen Upper Nattika Wattanasuttiwong Sparky Watts Gary Werner Treva Wetherell Bill White Katherine Wiggins

Jacob J. Immel Tehmina Islam David Johnsen Gretchen Kaseman Kevin Korth Richard Lavigne Garrick Maine Kristin M. McConnell Jennifer Mook

Susan M. Nossal Jessica L. Nytes Kathy Oppegard Michelle Perz Phil Premo Erik A. Ranheim John Rasmussen Mark Redsten Kate Schachter

Joan T. Schmit Eileen Schroeder Sonya K. Sedivy Emilie S. Shields David Solheim Douglas Steege April J. Turner Cindy A. Van Pelt Beth May Wroblewski

MG&E Monona Terrace Convention Center Natura Clean North Central Group Planet Bike Project Home Renew Wisconsin Revolve Promotions I’m Organic Scott Savage Consulting

Sergenian’s Summit Credit Union TDS Custom Construction Tile Art, LLC Uniek, Inc. Union Cab Coop of Madison UW Credit Union UW-Extension SHWEC UW Hospital & Clinics UW-Madison - Small Business Development Center

WDNR Green Tier Webcrafters WECC Steve Whayland Whole Foods Market Madison Willy Street Co-op Wisconsin Bike Fed WMEP ZDA, Inc.

WORKPLACE GIVING CAMPAIGN DONORS Erin Aagesen Brian Andersen Melanie Arch Tom Bach Shannon P. Ballhorn Megan Bjella Jim Bradley Karl W. Broman Katherine Brophy

Robert F. Bulleit Kathryn Coleman Ann Conroy Alan Crossley Jeremiah & Cindy Degollon Mary L. Detra Sheryl Dwinell Thomas L. Eggert Corinne D. Engelman

Hildy B. Feen Alexandra Fulton Cheryl Gain Genevieve Gibbs-Benesh Greg Gottschalk Teri Grams Peggy Haack Emily Halapatz Cathy A. Hurst

Sustainable Business Network Members A-A Exteriors, Inc. Paul Abramson American Family Insurance BioFerm Energy Systems Boardman & Clark Casa City Of Madison Conscious Capital Mgmt Cool Choices CUNA Mutual Group Dane Buy Local

designCraft Advertising Downtown Madison, Inc. Earthshare Wisconsin Edgewood College Energy Consulting Network Environment Control of WI EZ Office Products Flad Architects Full Spectrum Solar GE Healthcare Madison Green Chemistry Solutions

Group Health Cooperative of South Central Wisconsin Grzeca Law Group, S.C. Madison College Madison Concourse Hotel Madison Environmental Group Madison Metro Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District MCD, Inc.


Sustain Dane 2013 Annual Report  

A Vision of Sustainability and Sustainability Innovation for the Greater Madison Region

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