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Sustainability Mini Grant Program Are you seeking funding to host a program related to sustainability? Look no further! The Office of Sustainability is seeking students, staff and faculty to host programming during the 2012-2013 school year. We are encouraging the campus community to get involved in a leadership role with this annual educational initiative. The Office of Sustainability is offering grants up to $350 for a proposed program happening during the school year, and up to $500 for programs during Earth Month (April).

Eligibility—All applicants must be one of the following: A registered student organization Individual students/groups affiliated with the Office of Sustainability (as volunteers/interns) A faculty member or student representative from a course Residential housing staff putting on a program for his/her floor or hall

Program Requirements—All proposals must consider the following: For funding, applicants must be able to receive inter-campus transfers (or make purchasing arrangements with the Office of Sustainability prior to application). Funded programs must name one individual who agrees to serve as the program leader. This individual must attend a one-hour meeting with the Office of Sustainability upon receiving funding. All marketing materials must meet Office of Sustainability criteria. All programming must be free to the targeted audience. A student group or class may choose have a supplemental fundraiser (ex. group may host a free movie, but choose to sell food if food costs are not paid for by Office of Sustainability). All programs must be in-house, meaning funds cannot be used toward payment of speakers. Competitive applicants will demonstrate a familiarity with Ohio University’s Sustainability Plan. Award recipients must provide a detailed program summary and all original receipts to the Office of Sustainability no later than 10 days following the event.

Proposal Process—All proposals must include: Contact information for project leader Thorough description of proposed program or initiative Proposed dates and location of program Description of the targeted audience Details of any planned collaboration with other organizations Proposed budget

Key Information—Details necessary for applying: Applications will be accepted August 29 – October 8 and January 7 – March 4 Applications must be received a minimum of 5 weeks prior to the proposed date of the event Awardees must meet with a representative from the Office of Sustainability in order to receive funding. All proposed events must be free and open to the public. Following program: Submit program summary form (provided to awardees upon meeting with Office of Sustainability) with original receipts no later than 10 days after program. All applicants must be associated with the institution and have affiliation with an academic or administrative unit so as to facilitate funding. Applicants from any of OU’s campuses are encouraged to apply.

Example Programs—Examples of previously funded projects: Educational presentation or discussion. Movie showing. Healthy lifestyle activity. Waste reduction programs. Alternative transportation event.

How to Apply: Applications may be submitted online via SurveyMonkey. Or, to request an electronic copy of the application, please email

Questions? We are happy to support campus community members interested in hosting a program. If you have questions, we encourage you to contact and meet with a graduate assistant in the Office of Sustainability before submitting an application. To do so, please contact the Leadership Programs Coordinator GA at the Office of Sustainability by emailing

Please Note: These grants are distinct from SAC funding.

Sustainability Mini Grant Program  

Program reuirements for applying for an Ohio University Sustainability Mini Grant.