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Sustainable Flow’s primary objective is to provide a platform of ecofriendly systems that allow you to live more sustainably; helping save the planet while saving you money. Our original aim to restructure water and restore its vital properties has expanded to include the Sustainable Flow System range of monopolar magnets.This superior quality system has a wide range of water and fuel savingapplications. Sustainable Flow Units can be used in homes, gardens, air condition -ing systems, pools, spas, ponds, agriculture, turfs, cars, trucks and boats. Industrial applications require special considerations that are evaluated for each situation.

Benefits include: • Prevention and elimination of limescale and corrosion • Reduction of algae and biocide additives • Neutralization and stabilization of water pH • Creates a positive charge in the water that dissolves hard water minerals • Easy to install “clamp on” device • No parts to replace • Saves water by up to 25% • Life time guarantee • Requires no power to operate

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Magneto-Hydro-Dynamics Sequential Magnetization Principle Outside Diameter Engine Performance Maximizer Hydrocarbon Biological Oxygen Demand Coefficient of Performance Electromotive Forces



SUSTAINABLE FLOW SYSTEMS There is no secret behind the science, quality or effectiveness of the Sustainable Flow System monopolar magnet systems, as seen below.

Sustainable Flow System monopolar treatment of fluids produces order from chaos with a predominate single charge ion. Fluids are not imbued with magnetic properties. What occurs with “magnetized� fluids is that hydrogen nuclei lose their random alignment and align as charge separated molecules. This reduces their viscosity and size. Changing the shape in water and the isomeric form in fuel treatment, producing all of the benefits described for each application.


Sustainable Flow System (SFS) monopolar magnets are ISO 9002 standard, space-age quality, high density ceramic-ferrite magnets, dipped in a high grade plastisol for a superior surface durability in all weather conditions. They are housed within a patented steel “flux driver plate,” creating a monopolar magnetic focus (SS/NN) or single magnetic field. This has a net charge of 4,000 – 11,200 Gauss-Oersted energy units when measured at the surface of the passing fluid. Unlike traditional bipolar systems which disperse two magnetic fields (S + N) within a liquid, the Sustainable Flow System treats fluids in the highest effective manner, based on the scientific principles of MHD (Magneto-Hydro-Dynamics). There is no second pole (exit pole imprint) to contradict the other pole’s action.

The patented steel flux driver plate directs more than 90% of the magnetic field to only one pole.

The Sequential Magnetization Principle (SMP) of Sustainable Flow System technology optimizes the processing of fluids. The first SFS ring on larger Outer Dimension (OD) feed pipes is used to stimulate molecules.The second SFS ring on smaller OD pipes gives us the acceptance of the magnetic flux. SMP is the most efficient method to effectively condition fluids. The specific and unique accumulation of the magnetic flux in a sequential magnetization chain guarantees the most efficient fluid conditioning treatment in the world today. The SFS application of sequential magnetization is scientifically sound, as indicated by the US patent 6,056,872. Mundimex, the original equipment manufacturer of the SFS, together with MITI (Magnetizer Industrial Technologies, Inc.), its patent license holder, is an authorized seller to the US Government.

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• S W I M M I N G P O O L S / S PA’S / P O N D S • C A R S / T R U C K S & LO R R I E S • B OAT S • S E WAG E T R E AT M E N T S Y S T E M S • AG R I C U LT U R E / G A R D E N S / T U R F S



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Keep your pool in optimum condition with minimal fuss, zero maintenance and reduced expenses.




General Benefits

SFS for pools and spas softens water non-chemically, stabilizing its pH, lowering its surface tension, fully oxygenating it, lowering its viscosity, suppressing sulphur and more. It improves water behaviour and solves hard water problems such as limescale and corrosion as well as reducing bacteria/algae content. It eliminates sulphur odours and dissolves minerals due to two factors:

• Reduces pool operating costs • Improves chlorine effectiveness, reducing dosage required • Reduces maintenance costs • Decreases draining frequency • Protects from staining • Reduces corrosion in all pipes, heaters, and filters • Reduces heating costs by removing existing limescale build up • Eliminates the need for algaecides Improves Water Quality • Clarifies water • Stabilizes pH • Kills algae and bacteria and controls their growth • Dissolves body oils, sun lotions etc. Improves Swimmer Comfort

• The molecules are polarized (organized) • The water takes on a net positive (+) charge and physically changes the water’s molecular structure. Strictly speaking, there is no such a thing as “magnetized water”. What occurs is that hydrogen nuclei lose their random alignment causing all the benefits listed above to take place.

• Diminishes eye irritants • Reduces chemical odours like chlorine • Alleviates skin drying due to lower levels of chlorine • Enhances sanitation Smart Design Benefits • No power required to operate • Easy to install - eliminating installation expenses • No parts to replace - nothing to maintain • Life time guarantee • Enhances other systems, such as aquariums and Koi ponds


Residential Pool Optimizer


CARS, TRUCKS & LORRIES This range of Sustainable Flow Systems saves money on fuel, improves the efficiency of your engine and reduces emissions.




• Saves both fuel and money with an average of 10-15% fuel savings

• The SFS Motor System clamped on the radiator hose induces a micro-positive charge in the engine. This micro-charge allows the fuel to enter into the combustion chamber fully energized and ready to provide maximum combustion efficiency.

• Increases horsepower by more than 5% • More than a 50% reduction of carbon monoxide & hydrocarbons • Sanctioned internationally as emission reduction equipment that contributes toward passing control tests

• The SFS Motor System improves fuel combustion by lowering fuel viscosity and breaking it into smaller particles • Produces high octane performance (smaller HC molecule chains). This with lower octane fuel increases the net surface area of the fuel so the molecules burn from the • Improves performance with quicker starts surface, optimizing the combustion of the fuel and substantially lowering • Maintains the cooling system efficiency exhaust emission pollution. • Stops limescale build-up and corrosion, as well as diesel fuel algae in engines • The SFS for motor air intake is the latest advance in combustion dynamics. • Engines runs cleaner and oil lasts longer Used with the SFS Motor System for fuel, it creates [-] charge air ions, • Reduces wear on both the O₂ sensor increasing the oxygenation of fuel, and catalytic converter resulting in higher combustion efficiency (fuel savings) and lower emission • Maximizes combustion efficiency (advanced pollution control).


Engine Performance Optimization



One system with two clear benefits - saving money on fuel for your boat and eliminating limescale in cooling systems.




Fuel Benefits

From an analysis of the combustion of natural methane gas it has been determined that magnetic fields have the ability to increase the luminal intensity of the 360 nanometer ultraviolet spectra, producing an increase in combustion efficiency. Combustion efficiency is directly related to the reduction of emissions, as well as a reduction of fuel consumption.

• • • •

Increases fuel efficiency Increases engine performance Eliminates algae in fuel tanks Keeps two stroke fuel fully mixed and atomized • Promotes full fuel viscosity - which prevents fuel jelling Water Benefits • Eliminates limescale and corrosion in boilers, exchangers, cooling systems, bilge and water tanks • Decreases or eliminates the need for chemical additives • Prolongs the lifespan of equipment • Environmentally friendly

Normal Fuel:

Uncharged Long Chains

The selection of SFS models for internal combustion motors depends on the number of cylinders you have in an engine, the OD of the air inlet and the coolant hose.

Ionized Fuel:

[+] Charge Separated Molecules

Marine Optimization Systems for Fuel and Water

[+] charge separated fuel molecules bond better with [-] charge air molecules for increased efficiency




Sustainable Flow Systems sewage treatment technology make drastic improvements to both the functionality and odour of your sewage system.




• SFS increases oxygen, which is beneficial for oxygen loving aerobic bacteria.This considerably reduces the strength of wastewater in the septic tank

Both the anaerobic and aerobic respiration processes need molecules willing to accept electrons to start the respiration process. Aerobic respiration uses oxygen to do this. SFS lowers the viscosity of water, softens it, stabilizes its pH, lowers its surface tension, suppresses sulphur and fully oxygenates it.

• There is a reduction/elimination of oxygen-hating anaerobic bacteria, which dramatically improves the quality of the Anaerobic respiration use sulphates. The wastewater discharged from a septic tank chemical reactions of sulphates produce odourous and corrosive hydrogen sulfide gas • The reduction of work load on the drain due to anaerobic bacteria proliferation. This field allows for more efficient soil recovery process is drastically reduced or eliminated by the utilization of SFS to improve • There is a reduction/elimination of classic wastewater treatment. septic tank decomposition odours • A reduction/elimination of corrosive hydrogen sulfide gas reduces the deterioration of metals, concrete tanks and distribution boxes • The process controls aerobic conversion of your septic tank • Decreases or eliminates chemical additives



The magnetized water with its decreased surface tension permits suspended matter to settle quicker. The magnetic treatment does not actually add or remove anything from the water. It produces a phase-change and particle size reduction of components in the water. This action reduces or eliminates the need for chemical additives or treatments which remedy the negative aspects of non-magnetically processed water (i.e., bacteria, chemicals, algae, toxins, etc.). This magnetic treatment substantially benefits the quality of the wastewater discharged into the soil. SUMMARY: Magnetically induced positive charge into a wastewater treatment system causes the waste to clump together. This stabilizes pH without acid or alkaline additives, and increases oxygen for aerobic bacteria, severely decreasing BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand). 15


Optimizes plant growth, saves water and improves soil conditions


THE BENEFITS • Increases root growth due to increased absorption of the dissolved minerals and nutrients, resulting in higher yields and higher profit • Can increase crop yields by up to 150% • Soil holds moisture longer encouraging overall growth and saving water costs • Water conservation equals less maintenance and less energy required to pump and irrigate • Increased fertilizer efficiency means less chemical costs as the fertilizer is more readily absorbed by the plant and is not wasted in run-off water • The de-scaling of piping and clogged water jets improves efficiency, saves maintenance time, extends the life of the irrigation system and saves money • Low cost equipment and lifetime warranty of the Sustainable Flow Grow System means time and money saved with bigger and better crops




HOW DOES IT WORK? Sustainable Flow researchers worldwide confirm that the principle of magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) lowers surface tension of water, creating greater solubility and penetration, thereby stimulating root systems. Over time,soil compacts, restricting the root growth. Grow System treated water de-clogs and breaks up the compressed soil, giving the roots freedom to grow and absorb nutrients much quicker. In drip irrigation, the mineral ’limescale barrier�, known as the bowl effect, is dissolved enabling and encouraging the root cilia to grow and expand further into the soil. The rigorous and maximized efficiency of the root system that is excited by the electro-motive forces of the Grow System promotes healthier, bigger and quicker plant growth.


• The effect of a magnetic field upon water results in the disruption of the intermolecular water bonds and accordingly reduces the surface tension of the water. • It is this reduced surface tension that permits the limescale to reach a higher degree of hydration. The increased hydration causes it to be weakened, allowing the simple mechanical agitation of the water to physically remove the limescale from the pipe, boiler, or whatever device the water is flowing through. • In terms of affecting acid or alkaline water, non-neutral water passing through a controlled magnetic field has the net effect of combining hydronium ions or hydroxyl ions. This has a buffering effect on the water. When the pH is less than 7.0 the pH will rise towards neutral and pH of greater than 7.0 will lower towards neutral. • The magnetic buffering of water tends to reduce the corrosiveness of water. Additionally, water soluble red iron rust is converted to passive black iron rust. With SFS a significant reduction of the Sodium levels in a water irrigation system (in harsh environmental conditions) has been achieved by as much as 90% Sodium Adsorption Ratio (SAR) is a measure of the suitability of water for use in agricultural irrigation, as determined by the concentrations of solids dissolved in water. It is also a measure of the sodicity of soil, as determined by the analysis of water extracted from the soil. Although SAR is only one factor in determining the suitability of water for irrigation, in general the higher the sodium adsorption ratio, the less suitable the water is. Irrigation using water with a high sodium adsorption ratio may require soil amendments to prevent long-term damage to the soil. If irrigation water with a high SAR is applied to the soil for years, the sodium in the water can displace the calcium and magnesium in the soil. Causing a decrease in the ability of the soil to form stable aggregates and a loss of soil structure and tilth. This will also lead to a decrease in infiltration and permeability of the soil, leading to problems with crop production. 19

HOMES Used in and around the home, the Sustainable Flow Systems allow you to live more sustainably, more efficiently and with a variety of improvements to your lifestyle and well-being, saving you money.They can be applied to both the mains water and the inlet for drinking water.


THE BENEFITS • Personal hygiene: Many people comment that hair feels silkier and has become more manageable. Skin becomes hydrated and feels softer. • Laundry: Magnetized water requires less detergent and softeners. Your laundry will be brighter, cleaner and softer. Soap residue will be eliminated. • Improves taste: Users indicate that SFS water tastes and smells better. Unpleasant chlorine or sulphur (hydrogen sulphide) odours are dramatically reduced. • Kitchens and bathrooms: Hard water limescale and acid stains cause dishes, fixtures, sinks, tubs and toilets to look unsightly. The SFS dissolves and eliminates the limescale and reduces acid stains. Your kitchen and bathroom will look and feel brand new. When used with water filters, tests show that the SFS maximizes filter efficiency dramatically. Filters remove greater amounts of toxins and last longer as carbonate clogging will not occur. • High iron levels: A high iron level in water is a toxic health hazard. Drinking it or bathing in it is dangerous to your well-being. If after 30 days the SFS appears not to be working, it is the result of excessive iron content. In such a case it is strongly recommended that an iron filter be installed. The SFS unit should then be re-installed on the water line directly after the filter. The magnetized water converts red iron rust, which is water-soluble, to passive black iron rust particles that are easily filtered.

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HOW DOES IT WORK? All the previous scientific explanations apply to the various applications throughout a house and its surroundings. The AQUA-N produces [-] charge ions, which have an alkalizing and oxidizing effect on potable water. The AQUA-N is also recommended for watering seeds until they begin to sprout. After sprouting has begun, the Grow System is advised for optimal growth. Only water that has been exposed to the North pole energy should be used for human or animal consumption. Albert Roy Davis and Walter C. Rawls discovered that the surface tension of North pole magnetized water produces an increase in hydrogen ion activity, plus a reduction of oxygen and dissolved nitrogen levels. Most toxins in the body are acidic; this acid can be reduced by the alkalizing effect of magnetized water. The alkalizing effect not only normalizes the pH of the blood and body tissues, but it may also reduce cholesterol and triglycerides that adhere to the arterial walls. Excerpt from Magnetized Water AQUA-N VITALIZED WATER

HOME WATER SYSTEM Hard Water Conditioner

Negative [-] charge water for optimized health benefits








For more information or help choosing the right device for your specific needs please email: g r o w @ s u s t a i n a b l e f l o w. o r g ( + 3 4 ) 6 7 2 11 3 8 1 5

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