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Your Partner in Sustainable Energy

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Your Partner in Sustainable Energy

Energy Efficiency

The Chairman’s Welcome


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Asia is growing at a rate never seen before; governments across the region are striving to grow their economies and as such are trying to meet the high-energy demands of their population and industries. But as energy demand increases, there is a greater need for awareness of clean, efficient and cost effective energy solutions to achieve sustainable economic growth. ASEAN is a large market with many growing economies who can afford renewable energy solutions. Singapore’s close relationship and geographical proximity enable us to be central to this growth. Countries in ASEAN can tap into Singapore as an R&D, test bedding and financial hub, contributing to the development of clean tech projects in their respective countries. An established cleantech sector in Singapore is forecast to contribute


S$3.4 billion (US$2.6 billion) to gross domestic product by 2015, while providing 18,000 high quality “green-collar” jobs in Singapore.

solutions, project development, project financing, and providing total operations and maintenance of services for systems supplied.

Through SEAS, our members already engage in local and regional project developments, supporting the growth of the Singapore renewable energy and energy efficiency sectors. To support the regional foray and growth of our members into these markets, we have a range of business services and a suite of training courses that increase the capabilities of our members, and their market and business development needs. We are continually contributing to the growth of the sustainable energy sector by providing value-added services and market access. As SEAS we are doing more jointly with the Singapore government to establish Singapore as a regional centre for Cleantech

Please read on to find out more about SEAS, and I hope that you will take advantage of all the exciting possibilities by becoming a part of the SEAS network as a member, regional/ institutional partner or a thought leadership partner. We look forward to collaborating with you to help forge the path for a more sustainable planet.


Sustainable Mobility

Smart Grids



Mr. Edwin T.F. Khew SEAS Council, Chairman


Your Partner in Sustainable Energy

Why Join - Membership Services The value that SEAS provides to members is founded on three pillars that are the foundation of all our activities:

Enterprise Development Business Advisory Facilitate funding from the private sector and government grants Be informed on industry updates and national policies through SEAS member communications

Knowledge Development Member discounts for both technical and managerial courses with recognised certifications Member discounts and updates on Seminars and Conferences


Market Development

Member networking events to promote information sharing and collaboration

Networking opportunities with key market leaders and access to projects in the region through business missions

Full access to profiles of over 300 sustainable energy companies via Sustainable Energy Directory

Regular access to Business Intelligence

Complimentary listing in the Sustainable Energy Directory

Participation in trade fairs with discounted rates for booths

Business and Technology Incubation

Your Partner in Sustainable Energy

Enterprise Development Stakeholder engagement

Project access Technical service/ commer cialisation


Market intelligence

Investor r elations

Test bedding

International pr omotion

SEAS offers its members business development support from early to late stage development of a company. The incubator / business accelerator at the Cleantech Park offers affordable space and business advisory to local and international Cleantech companies helping them with growth prospects in Asia.

Comment about the Incubator SEAS is home to an Incubatorcum-Accelerator, providing Cleantech companies affordable space and advisory services to grow their business in Asia.

Noting the dynamic aspects of the Cleantech dynamic industry, SEAS has been providing targeted advice and assistance including stakeholder engagement, connectivity test bedding to R&D opportunities, project access, investor relations and other supportive offerings to new and emerging companies.

Business development Plan



Your Partner in Sustainable Energy

Finance Facilitation We facilitate financing needs through targeted introductions to our extensive private and public sector investor networks:

Banks Hedge Funds


Private Equity

SEAS Angel Investors

Development Financing

“It is my pleasure to recommend potential members to join SEAS - it has proved very worthwhile for us. I am grateful for the business opportunities and networks (locally and regionally) that SEAS has provided with the weekly updates, seminars and luncheons.� --- Frederick Lim, Business Development Manager, Cofely South East Asia Pte Ltd.



Family Offices

Venture Capitalists

Networking Members are encouraged to participate actively in the discussion forums and networking functions that we regularly arrange. These provide a common platform for sharing ideas and information, forming collaborations and project match-making. All members have access to a selection of valuable online tools such as our membership database, which showcases capabilities and expertise for collaborative and research purposes, SEAS commissioned analytics and other industry intelligence reports. These are regularly updated for maximum relevance.

Your Partner in Sustainable Energy

Knowledge Development Training has been a pillar of the Association since its inception. In any new industry sector there is always a need to provide high quality, practical education to build knowledge capacity, foster understanding and promote adoption. Courses on offer cover the spectrum from technical through to managerial topics, and we also offer industry recognised certifications. The number of courses and attendees grows year on year with 1,103 participants being trained in 2012. The course trainers are highly qualified academic professionals and acknowledged industry experts.


Our ongoing policy is to grow and adapt our range of training courses, which is vital in such a fast moving industry environment. SEAS gathers 360 degree feedback from course participants, their sponsor companies and the trainers. This feedback helps to ensure that courses are always relevant and delivered for maximum educational impact. Courses currently in the curriculum cover training in areas such as energy efficiency, solar, wind and biorenewable energy.

looking to expand their operations in local or overseas markets, especially as our sectors continue to attract the interest of investors. In addition to courses and workshops that focus on general training or recognised certifications, SEAS is able to design bespoke programmes for companies looking for more specialised training. To complement our formal courses, we also run a regular programme of lectures and seminars that provide a more informal knowledge development environment, which have proved very popular.

Increasingly we also provide specialised training in financing techniques for companies who are

Your Partner in Sustainable Energy The trainer is very knowledgeable and professional. His experience makes me see energy conservation in a different positive note. Ivy (the course coordinator) is very professional, friendly, and helpful. I hope to work with her to attend SEAS courses again. --- Chan Kai Ler, ARINC Inc, attended the Assess Air Conditioning & Mechanical Ventilation Systems course, conducted by Mr Tay Cher Seng.

I took the SCEM modules at SEAS, and I found them very helpful as they served as a good refresher of what I know currently. From the course, I was also kept up to date with industry developments and practices in energy management and provided with networking opportunities. I was impressed with the trainers, who were not only highly skilled as trainers, but also had a lot of experience in the industry. I felt that they were extremely knowledgeable on the topics they taught, and that the experience and exposure gained from interacting with them could not easily be found elsewhere.


I found the knowledge gained from this SCEM course very applicable to my position at Republic Polytechnic, and hope to take more SEAS courses in the future. --- Yong Wei Ming, Facilities Manager, Keppel FMO Pte Ltd, attended the Singapore Certified Energy Manager Courses

The course gives concise practical knowledge on photovoltaics. It is highly recommended for all electrical practitioners who deal with PV. The trainer is highly experience and knowledgeable. --- Alfredo Jacub, Project Manager, Phoenix Solar, attended the Design, Installation & Maintenance of PV Systems course

The speaker provided very useful insights into the basics of photovoltaics on buildings and application. The course was interesting and the speaker is very knowledgeable on the subject. --- Kelvin Han - Executive Manager - Centre for Sustainable Buildings & Construction - Research - Building & Construction Authority

The trainer from SGS was extremely good, he had extensive knowledge of the topics and we had a great sharing and networking experience. --- Linus Wang, Director, Quax Pte Ltd, attended the Lead Auditor Course ISO 50001, conducted by Mr Narayana Srinivasan.


Your Partner in Sustainable Energy

Market Development Over the years, SEAS has enabled a host of companies to expand into the Asian market through close working relations with industry regional organizations, governments and multilateral banks such as the Asian Development Bank (ADB). SEAS participates in trade shows and leads business mission to connect its members with projects, key decision makers and investors. Investments in market intelligence frameworks and reports have also given companies essential information to penetrate various markets and capture projects. By facilitating such B2B partnerships under our Advisory Services, SEAS has assisted companies in securing joint ventures, projects and various other commercial activities with numerous successes both in Singapore and the region markets.


In Singapore, SEAS works closely with various government agencies such as International Enterprise Singapore, SPRING Singapore, National Environment Agency, Economic Development Board and JTC Corporation, etc., serving as a bridge between the sustainable energy industry and the Singapore Government. SEAS has been instrumental in securing various Government grants to assist industry in adopting sustainable energy solutions. For instance, SEAS leads the national SME Energy Efficiency Initiative, targeted at helping small and medium enterprises (SMEs) adopt the energy efficient solutions provided by its members with support on grants, advisory, and training.

Your Partner in Sustainable Energy

Market Development Statistics SEAS coordinates Trade Missions where members attend exhibitions and tradeshows to showcase their products and capabilities.These activities involved


61 companies and generated estimated sales of $22 million.

SEAS organised Business Missions to connect member companies with projects, key decision makers and financiers.

Total expected sales from Trade and Business Missions is in excess of $50 million annually.

Phoenix Solar “SEAS was instrumental in supporting Phoenix Solar through this journey by using its market development and business development programs.� Case Studies page 10


Your Partner in Sustainable Energy

Case Studies

Phoenix Solar

Green Koncepts

Green Koncepts works in the sector of energy efficiency by providing residential, corporate and industrial energy users with centralised, real time cloud energy management through their Koncepts Energy Management (KEM) platform. By understanding the fluctuations, measures can be taken to reduce energy consumption.

Suruhanjaya Tenaga HQ (Diamond Building owned by the Energy Commission of Malaysia), Putra Jaya, Malaysia

Phoenix Solar have been in the Singapore and regional solar market, as a pioneer right from the early stages of the industry and a SEAS member since 2007. Phoenix is now very much a leader in the Singapore market, where their technical strength and thought leadership have allowed regional growth. Christophe Inglin, Managing Director of Phoenix Solar, an acknowledged expert in the solar sector recognised that “markets here in this region are very fragmented. Each country has its own rules of the game and, obviously, local companies have a head start in each case. The key


was to identify good local partners who would benefit from Phoenix’s experience and reputation.”

missions at discounted rates. Some of these efforts led to projects in local and even regional markets.

SEAS was instrumental in supporting Phoenix Solar through this journey by using its market development and business development programmes like trade missions to arrange meetings with key policy makers and potential business partners in Thailand and India. These connections included big industry influencers like state ministers and bankers from multilaterals like ADB & IFC. With the support of the government grants secured by SEAS, Phoenix Solar was also able to attend trade fairs and

Moving forward, Phoenix Solar, as one of the leading influencers of the solar industry, is playing an active role in drafting opinion pieces and white papers for the industry along with other SEAS member companies. The company, along with its peers, hopes to see a stronger recognition and credibility for SEAS as the voice of Singapore’s clean energy industry, so it can play a greater role in policies that affect the industry.

Green Koncepts’ products were unique to a market back in 2008 that was concerned more with return on investment (ROI) than environmental sustainability. With that in mind, Green Koncepts’ membership of SEAS in 2009 and the Energy Efficiency committee meant that Green Koncepts could network with other members within the ecosystem of the sustainable industry to overcome the challenges of bringing the product to market. The SEAS business development team connected Green Koncepts with potential customers as well as government grants and potential financiers. With greater insights and stronger networks, Green Koncepts have developed an entire product range that is fully functional to all. Green Koncepts’ Mr. Kenneth Lee believes that “for Singapore businesses to be successful, it needs to embrace new technology, and we need to be prepared to try to be pioneers. Then we can carry our technology to the region”. The future will look to the use of cloud technology, which will connect everyone in the common space to push the sustainable energy agenda and promote the benefits of energy efficiency on a global scale.

Your Partner in Sustainable Energy

Marina Power Biomass Co-Generation Plant @ Gardens by the Bay, Marina South

Grenzone Founded in 2002, and SEAS members since 2011, Grenzone and its subsidiary business Hooray Energy specialise in grid and off-grid solar energy solutions. Struggling at its inception with a slow adoption rate due to a lack of awareness and a high cost of materials, only the environmentally conscious would consider solar energy. As the cost of modules has dropped, it is a competitive source of energy and is more in demand as a viable energy solution. SEAS connected Grenzone and a group of other members with important industry leaders on a business mission to India to understand the solar market there. The experience provided a valuable insight into the expanding market outside SE


Zero-Energy Building @ BCA Academy, Singapore

Asia. Mr. Tan Ian Chueen, one of the founders of Grenzone and MD of Hooray Energy, felt that “SEAS and Grenzone have a good synergy, because SEAS represents all the players in its industry and can complement each other.”

Grenzone Projects Grenzone have implemented a range of projects from rural to residential and urban, large or small. • Solar panels in an Islamic carpet design, installed on the roof of the Suria KLCC in KL, Malaysia, are capable of generating 648 kWh. • A micro-hydro power station was built at Don Xom Island, Champasak, Laos PDR. The microgrid supplies energy for 80 families. The implementation of an innovative pre-paid metering system means that residents could pay for the maintenance of the station and other community projects through the use of cash cards. • EcoFloat, a floating jetty being used in marine national parks in Malaysia and Thailand. The Eco Float is made out of a durable high density polyethylene with integrated solar lamps accommodating activities that make use of the jetty such as fishing. Under the water, pH neutral retractable harnessing connected to the ocean floor encourages growth of marine life and corals. EcoFloat represents a system that can facilitate vibrant life both above and below the water.

ecoWise has been a member of SEAS since 2007, and has embarked on many projects that highlight Singapore’s efforts to reduce its carbon footprint. One such project is the Biomass Power Plant. ecoWise completed the construction of its Biomass Power Plant situated at Marina South in November 2011. The plant has been supplying renewable energy to the Gardens by the Bay (the “Gardens”) for the climate control of the two unique dome shaped conservatories ever since. Using horticultural and wood waste as biomass feedstock, the co-generation power plant is designed with the capacity to generate 0.9 MW of electricity and 5.4 MW of heat exclusively for the Gardens. The plant enables this iconic green tourist attraction to reduce 13,280 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually. The Biomass Co-Generation Plant was constructed under a “Design, Build and Operates” type agreement entered into with Nparks, and it will be operated by ecoWise for a minimum period of 15 years. This Public Private Partnership is a fine testimonial to Singapore’s commitment to pursuing Low Carbon Economy and Sustainable Development policies

Gardens by the Bay

Your Partner in Sustainable Energy

Adoption of Sustainable Energy Solutions: A Tipping Point? SEAS provides access to technologies and solutions that enable industry at large to adopt a sustainable energy agenda. In this way we want organisations not only to become better corporate citizens, but also to capture the real bottom line benefits. SEAS is reaching out to promote, and provide education around initiatives that offer sustainable energy solutions for a variety of


industry sectors. These solutions are rapidly becoming mainstream - we have started with the most accessible opportunities and will broaden the scope as our efforts gain momentum.

showcased examples of industries, sectors and projects that are leading the way in adopting innovative sustainable energy solutions as a central part of their operating models.

We are placing sustainable energy solutions on the radar of all organisations, by being the voice of the sustainable energy industry and promoting Singapore’s goal of being a global Clean Energy Hub. The case studies on pages 10 and 11

Your Partner in Sustainable Energy

SEAS History

Headquarters: CleanTech Park

Park Mall


SEAS was launched on 12 July 2006. Our steady growth in membership numbers and programs has mirrored the growth of the sustainable energy sector in Singapore and the ASEAN region. The Association benefitted from a Local Enterprise and Association Development (LEAD) grant from IE Singapore and SPRING Singapore, underlining their belief in the future of our industry and in Singapore’s role as a global Clean Energy Hub. SEAS is a not-for-profit industry association, operating

on a membership subscription model. Through the years we have continued to expand our core services of Knowledge Development, Business Development and Market Development in response to the needs of our membership, as part of a sustainable and measured strategic growth plan. In September 2012, we moved into our new headquarters in the ground breaking CleanTech Park, Singapore’s first ecobusiness park. We also expanded our footprint by

launching our own training facility, SEAS@Park Mall, in the heart of the city and within the business district. SEAS’s focus is to extend the scope of our activities whilst building a robust infrastructure that is supported by a healthy balance sheet. As an organisation we are committed to expanding our membership and our suite of services to cater to the changing needs of this exciting and rapidly growing industry.

Your Partner in Sustainable Energy

Our Council Mr. Edwin T.F. Khew

Mr. Christophe Inglin Vice-Chairman, SEAS

Honorary Treasurer, SEAS

Managing Director, Anaergia Pte Ltd

Managing Director, Phoenix Solar Pte Ltd

Vice President, G-Energy Global Pte Ltd

Mr. Yanis Boudjouher

Mr. Michael Heng

Chairman, SEAS

CEO, ReEx Capital Asia Pte Ltd

Mr. John Taylor Managing Director & VP-Asia Pacific, AEG Power Solutions


President & CEO, Energycorp Global Pte Ltd

Mr. Martin Cooper CEO, REC Solar ASA

Mr. Vincent Low

Dr. Sanjay C Kuttan

Director & Country Manager, Clean Technology Centre, DNV GL

Mr. Nilesh Y. Jadhav

Mr. Low Kian Beng

Honorary Secretary, SEAS Executive Director & Deputy CEO, ecoWise Holdings Ltd

Mr. Dallon Kay President & CEO, Diamond Energy Group

Mr. Philip Doyle

Program Director, Senior Scientist, Regional Manager, Asia Pacific, KPMG Asia Pacific Tax Centre Energy Research Institute @ NTU

Ms. Sandra Seah Partner, ATMD Bird & Bird LLP

Your Partner in Sustainable Energy

Who are our Members?


Your Partner in Sustainable Energy

Headquarters 1 Cleantech Loop #02-16 Cleantech One, Singapore 637141 Tel : +65 63388578 Fax: +65 66942178

Training Centre 9 Penang Road, #08-02 Park Mall, Singapore 238459 Tel : +65 63379886 Fax: +65 63376658

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