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August 2010

Sustainable Developers

Nature & Eco Adventure Park  A Sustainable Development Concept Sustainable Deveplopers is the unit of DCL® Property Developers especialized in Sustainable Development Projects & Strategies. For more intormation contact us at tel 22289696 fax 22284892


Sustainable Developers

As of this writing, this project is only known inside the immediate circle of the investors, relevant authorities, and community leaders. We have advised our clients to refrain from announcing the project until the national and local authorities have finished the evaluation and final approval the concept. This is a ground breaking concept that has taken the investors, our firm, and our support team sixteen months to create. The concept, the business model, and architectural designs are all truly sustainable. Every aspect of the concept contributes to the conservation of the environment and the development of the communities while remaining a lucrative financial investment. Thus, the needs of the environment, the needs of the community, the needs of the country, the requirements of the political authorities, and the needs of the investors are all being met within a single concept that is unique and that brings sustainable benefits for all those involved in its implementation and operation.

A nature & Eco Adventure Park: Costa Rica is a natural destination for those who appreciate eco-tourism; it is considered to be one of the best destinations for touristic activities in Latin America. The lushness of the local ecosystem along with the Costa Rican commitment and devotion to environmental protection make the country an ideal location for eco-touristic projects that create a balance between the protection needs of the environment and the financial needs of the investors. This Nature & Eco Adventure Park is a unique tourist attraction whose goals are to: 1.) Satisfy the needs of tourists, ecologists and nature lovers from all over the world 2.) Promote knowledge and education for 2

environmental conservation, and 3.) Create tangible efforts in the reproduction of endangered species. The design of the Project is the result of months of investigation of the local and international market. The concept has been prepared by Costa Rican firms that have great knowledge of the national tourism industry as well as the country’s environmental needs and also understands the culture on the governmental level as well as the community level. This effort has allowed the Project owners’ goals to be achieved. The Development Team in charge of the Park includes professional developers, legal consultants, architects, civil engineers, specialists in adventurous tourism, forestry engineers, environmental engineers, hydraulic engineers, community development specialist, carbon mitigation consultants, and specialists in waste, sewer and residual water management, topographers, environmental conservation and reforestation specialists, among many others. This is an eco-adventure theme park that offers tourist attractions for all ages for the enjoyment of eco-adventure activities, environmental conservation and education as well as cultural and other natureoriented activities. Costa Rica is considered to be a primary destination for nature and adventure lovers and is a world leader in environmental protection. Thanks to these efforts and to the government’s commitment that the country be the first country in the world to obtain carbon neutral emissions by the year 2021, Costa Rica is the first country to be qualified as the Biological Jewel by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC). Costa Rica’s international position in the tourism market as well as its reputation of being environmentally responsible makes it a land of opportunity for investors who are interested in developing concepts with sustainable themes. Taking that into consideration, the Development Team accepted the challenge of designing a concept that would balance environmental interests (and those of the country), and the interests of the local community, with the business interests of the owners and investors. After investigating the national and International market as well as the country’s conditions and that of the property to be developed, the conclusion was made that an eco-adventure park based on the enjoyment and protection of nature is the “highest and best” use of the property and also accomplishes the goals for communal and environmental responsibility petitioned by the owners of the Project.


Activities: The concept combines three elements of great significance for the tourists that visit Costa Rica: respect and preservation of the ecosystem; enjoyment of cultural and educational activities; and the possibility of practicing diverse adventure activities. The park will offer: A) A wide variety of activities for adventure lovers (with unique and specific designs), including more than 22 other adventure rides, and activities (with different levels of adrenaline) for visitors all ages and a variety of taste regarding adventure. B) NatureAppreciation Activities: There are more than a dozen amenities directed to nature lovers that require a low level of physical challenge to be fully enjoyed. C) Cultural and Educational Activities: The tourists who visit the Park will enjoy not only the nature and adventure activities, but they can also learn about and experience the country’s culture. D) Conservation and Investigation Activities: The Park will be created to meet the tourists’ needs, which require a wide variety of activities during their stay in Costa Rica. Nevertheless, it will also promote environmental protection and conservation. Additionally, the project will offer passive activities, as well as a lodging infrastructure. This business model is unique in the country and the Latin American region. In general, Park visitors will be able to choose among more than 70 activities during their stay or visit to the Nature & Adventure Park. All the infrastructure required for the existence of the park will be designed and build using eco friendly architecture, technologies and materials.

Sustainable Development Strategy: According to the WTO (World Tourism Organization, ), the principles that define sustainable tourism are: 1) The natural and cultural resources are conserved for continual use in the future; 2) The touristic development is planned and done so that no serious environmental, social or cultural problems are caused; 3) The environmental quality is maintained and improved; 4) A high level of satisfaction from the visitors should be obtained while the destination maintains its prestige and commercial potential; and 5) The benefits of the tourism are shared by the entire community. Therefore, the sustainable tourism adequately implemented, is a philosophy that also supports economic and social development for the communities. By following this philosophy the investors of this Project are committed to create a positive impact on the country, the environment, and in the communities that surround the Park. Therefore, in order to achieve the project sustainability goals, a comprehensive strategy has been designed that is unique to this venture and its characteristics, and addresses not only environmental needs, but also the development 4

needs of the community. This strategy has been included in what is known as the Technological Package of the Park, and it represents the essence and philosophy that will make of the Nature and Adventure Park a unique international destination in Costa Rica. The specific social and environmental measures that compose the strategy have been included as part of the environmental commitments of the Park with SETENA. The following are just a few of the social and economical benefits that the Park will produce thanks to this strategy: A) 250 direct employees, of which at least 150 will be young people from the community. B) 700 indirect jobs for the local community thanks to a Community Development Program specifically designed for this project. C) New opportunities for local entrepreneurs. The arrival of thousand visitors per year will initiate the creation of small and medium-sized operations of coffee houses, restaurants, services, etc. in the areas surrounding the Park. D) Reduction of unemployment in the area and the creation of a wide variety of professional and artisan employment sources. E) The acquisitive power, and disposable income, of the area’s residents will increase which will benefit other service providers who offer goods and services that aren’t directly related to tourism. F) The opening of the Park will provide an opportunity for the Municipality to create a tourist destination different than neighboring communities. G) The Project has been planned in order to boost sustainable benefits to the surrounding communities; incentivizing people to visit the park to create economical benefits and promote the culture and natural attractions of the area. H) The internal and external tourist operation will be implemented with the philosophy of protecting and respecting the culture, laws and ecosystem of the country, which is in keeping with the philosophy of the project. I) The Park’s tourist destination will be actively promoted in USA, Europe and Asia, which will further expose and create better business and development opportunities for the area. J) The Park will increase the value of the properties in a large area surrounding the Project, which in turn will also increase the municipal tax intake and therefore allow a better economical capacity for the Municipality to implement community programs. K) The Park will invest in mitigating its carbon footprint as well as that of all of its visitors, and will create and finance (with its own resources) a series of environmental conservation programs aimed at protecting the flora and fauna of the region. L) Since the Park is a sustainable and responsible operation, it is obligated to promote its philosophy of environmental protection among all of the members of the community who will depend on the Park’s success to obtain direct and indirect income. M) The Park will comply with all of its social and legal obligations, including the payment of just and legal wages, non-discriminating hiring practices and its legal obligations such as the social guarantees, municipal taxes and income taxes, etc. N) As part of the commitment to the community, the telecommunications and electric infrastructure 5

will be improved. This will allow the residents to have access to better communication and development conditions. O) The Park will work with the local public water provider to create and secure a constant and sufďŹ cient water supply for the entire community.

Objectives: There are three main objectives that The Nature & Adventure Park will accomplish through its design and operation: A) To create an ecoadventure park that is unique; that is based on the protection and conservation of nature; and that is implemented using only principles for sustainable tourism. This will qualify the Park as an operation that is a neutral carbon project compensating for the gases issued by the greenhouse effect within the ďŹ rst two years of operation. B) Create a unique menu of experiences for the guests and park visitors that ensures ďŹ nancial success and will provide the resources for the highest level of maintenance and safety of the amenities; promotion of the Park; ground-breaking research and conservation of the environmental efforts; and generate above-average earnings for the investors. C) To establish the Park as an icon for sustainable tourism in Costa Rica and as a renowned eco-tourism and adventure destination for local and international visitors.

Sustainable Developers


Nature & Eco Adventure Park A Sustainable Development Concept  

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