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95 percent of Columbia’s Morningside campus affiliates choose a sustainable commute mode, such as walking, transit, biking, or carpooling to campus.


The University is proud that only 10 percent of Columbia’s affiliates have a drive-alone commute, and about 40 percent have an entirely walking commute.

On campus, the University has made significant strides toward reducing its GHG emissions from its transportation sector. Columbia Shuttle Network Columbia’s shuttle network helps reduce the number of single-passenger cars on the road. Columbia’s Fort Lee Shuttle transports commuters across the George Washington Bridge, moving approximately 300 commuters each day. The Columbia Intercampus Shuttle enables the University community to travel between the Morningside and Medical Center campuses. The Lamont Shuttle transports people between Morningside and the Lamont campus in Palisades, New York. Piloting new shuttle routes to reduce car dependency is underway. Alternative Fuel Fleets For on-campus operations, Columbia must take into consideration the fuel type for its owned and contracted vehicle fleet. The University boasts an entirely hybrid-electric public safety car fleet. Out of Columbia’s Morningside campus’s total fleet of 54 vehicles, 40 percent are 100 percent electric or use a hybrid fuel type. Sustainable Commutes The University is proud that only 10 percent of Columbia’s affiliates have a drive-alone

Columbia received the highest score out of all participating institutions in the transportation section of the 2015 AASHE STARS Report, earning almost 90 percent, and was recognized as a Top Performer for Transportation in AASHE’s 2016 Sustainable Campus Index.

Every day over 1,100 passengers ride Columbia’s shuttle system between campus locations in Manhattan, New Jersey, and Rockland County, helping reduce traffic congestion and Columbia’s environmental footprint.

Columbia University Sustainability Plan  

The Columbia University Sustainability Plan is the University’s first formalized document bringing together sustainability efforts from myri...

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