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MELBOURNE FELLOWS 2012 Aislinn Martin

Emily Dunstan

I have worked with Melbourne’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community for the past twelve years, since completing my honours degree in anthropology at Monash, specialising in Australian Indigenous Studies. My vision is to continue to work with and learn from Aboriginal people about sustainability, to improve the lives of all Australians, now and into the future.

The natural world inspires me: 3.8 billion years of research and development at its best. To save ourselves, we need to save nature.

Senior Consultant, Indigenous Social Research. Enabling sustainability for all

I am particularly interested in sustainability in community development settings, animal welfare and personal sustainability through the use of alternative therapies. As well as working as a Senior Consultant at an Indigenous social research firm, I work part time as an aged and palliative care massage therapist. CSL inspired me to focus on my personal sustainability, to ‘green’ my home and also to pursue opportunities, which I would not have otherwise thought possible. Support from CSL peers has enabled me to continue working in a challenging sector. I have been inspired, re-invigorated and challenged by the 2012 fellowship.

Candyce Presland

Sustainability Victoria, Values Leadership. Embracing the unknown CSL has helped transform me into the ‘leader’ I always wanted to be, and helped steer me away from becoming the ‘manager’ others wanted me to be. The most critical lesson I’ve learned from CSL is the importance of being myself – standing by my values and beliefs, and seeking out leaders with similar values and beliefs. I know that when I am authentic, honest, empathetic and ‘real’ (in other words when I speak from the heart) others listen and want to follow. CSL has helped me to become a leader within my own organisation, to seek inspiration from others, embrace diversity and differences of opinion and learn from my mistakes. I am no longer afraid of the ‘unknown’, in fact I look forward to seeing what exciting things the future holds for me. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Che Biggs Strategic Catalyst & Creative Provocateur. Facilitating catalytic societal disruptions My vision for change is a world where we are conscious of the values that underpin our actions, where we celebrate the humble acts of courage that make our world a better place, encourage others to expand their horizons, and where communities take back responsibility and control over what is important to them. I want to leave this world a better place as a result of the actions I have taken and choices I have made. I will continue to find ways to cultivate my capacity to envisage and communicate positive futures, and become better at enabling and facilitating needed change. I will seek ways to nurture the good in others and be a passionate heartfelt follower of humble leaders. As a result of CSL I am now confident of my own ability to nurture leadership in myself and to celebrate and enable it in others.

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Community Conservation General Manager at Zoos Victoria, Swing Dancing Zoologist. Fighting extinction-including our own

I want to see a world in which humans pare back their control on nature, recognise their impact on it and its importance to them. A world where society halts the current rate of species extinction and realises that who and what we are now, does not have to be the way we are later. I’m hoping to inspire people to action through emotive experiences, creating some momentum and make sustainability the norm. CSL has allowed me to see beyond my daily life. It has connected me to a huge network of others heading in the same direction, on different paths. It has challenged me and given me the confidence to voice issues I had been quietly passionate about. It has allowed me to see myself as capable of great changes in this world.

Eliza Muirhead Director of Fair Projects – Media & Communications for Change. Think, Feel, Act My vision for change is simple: get clear on what you believe, question it, reform it, live it and lift those around you to do the same. I believe that we live in a world where the loudest voices come from businesses and corporations that are trying to sell us something for their own benefit. I think we live in a time of huge opportunity and change, which means that those voices that have traditionally been muffled can now be heard. My organisation, Fair Projects, offers media and communications to those individuals and groups speaking for other people, the environment and the animals that we share this planet with. The 2012 CSL Fellowship Program has allowed me to question and develop my own personal goals and visions for what I believe a sustainable future looks like. The program has pushed me to take more risks and engage and collaborate with others to work towards a shared vision.

Esther Kennedy

Small Business Owner, Arts Agency. Optimistic, Realistic, Inclusive I look forward to a day when there are no ‘greenies’ because the behaviours associated with that tag have become the norm. Sustainability does not equate with expense, conscious and ethical consumption is not an opt-in trend and concern for the environment is nonpartisan. We have a unique opportunity and responsibility to be good humans. The world is changing rapidly - and not all for the better. The future is always an unknown but it’s becoming apparent that worst-case scenarios are more likely to be driven by human impact than self-aware robots or an extra-terrestrial army. Luckily the future is not in Will Smith’s hands, but our own. The Fellowship Program is one of the best things I have done for my personal growth. I’ve been able to shed bad habits and pick up a few good ones. I’ve had my mind opened and my vision honed. The future looks good. 2012 annual review

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CSL Annual Report 2012  

2012 at the Centre for Sustainability - the year that was, and what's happening next !

CSL Annual Report 2012  

2012 at the Centre for Sustainability - the year that was, and what's happening next !