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March 2014

Have you found the new Point charity shop yet? It's at 17, The Parade in Pagham ( p.81). Run by Scope, which is a marvellous charity. Scope offer a huge range of local and national services for disabled adults and children, as well as their families. And they need stock for the new shop. So if you have any unwanted items in good condition, they will be very gratefully received and will help keep the much needed services that they provide going. This month we also have an article about the Bognor Regis Regeneration, I know this is close to your hearts, and it certainly is to Phil Hitchins who has written it. Phil is, in case you don't know, the Arun District Councillor for Aldwick West, and he is also the Vice Chairman of Bognor Regeneration. Read his views on (p.46). Plenty to keep you reading this month, and don't forget to support local business if you can…..they are counting on you! Until next month,


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View from an Armchair Colin Crouch


hat’s with The Ship? That’s Aldwick’s pub (seen in the old days on the left) or, if you count The Martlets, Aldwick’s other pub. It seems to be having a bit of a tough time. Its owners, the pub company Enterprise Inns, are trying to find a publican to take it on. Enterprise once owned nearly 9,000 pubs. Not so many now, after the House of Commons enquiry into pub companies was less than enthusiastic: “Lessees,” it observed, “ may share the risks with their Pubco but they do not appear to share the benefits.” Astonishingly it found that most publicans renting from a pubco earned less than £15,000 p.a. from their efforts. So who might come forward with the £35,000 a year rent to turn The Ship into our flagship local? The other night in Pagham at The Lamb (it could have been The Lion, The Bear, The Inglenook or The King’s Beach, but it was The Lamb), a bloke fighting his way to the crowded bar of the family-owned pub told me that the health of a pub depends on who actually owns its bricks and mortar. Was he right? If he is, could The Ship be fighting a losing battle? There’s a group of Aldwick locals who sense that a healthy village community requires a pub in addition to its parish church, its parish council, its shop, its green, and its pond. They are trying to secure a life-line for The Ship. They’ve delved into the Localism Act of 2011, which has a section entitled Community Empowerment. This allows lists to be compiled of Assets of Community Value “such as shops, pubs and playing fields, which are privately owned, but which are of value to the community”. A parish council, or any local group comprising at least 21 individuals, may request the local authority to list such a site as a Community Asset. If you look at Arun DC’s list of nominated assets, you’ll find Felpham Parish Council has nominated, and had approved, all its five pubs, as well as its village shop, its community hall and its sailing club. Aldwick Council hasn’t nominated anything. Those locals are trying to put this right. If you want to add your names to the list of those who want to see a thriving Ship Inn as a community asset, phone Philip Slader on 01243 264043, or e-mail (PS Is there anyone, anywhere, who would do as much for the town’s pier?) 6

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DOWN 1. Greatly 2. Gave medicine to 3. Lodge firmly 4. Roofing grass 5. Utter bliss 6. Concocted 10. In addition 11. All square 12. Oily fish 13. Greenish blue 14. Rein in 10

ACROSS 1. Most useful 5. Parsley or sage 7. Wildebeests 8. Tolerable 9. Laden 12. Happened (upon) 15. Suffocated in water 19. Aimless stroll 21. Courted 22. Fairy's rod 23. Wearing footwear Defrauded Adverts start at ÂŁ10p/m inc a FREE 11.500 houses holds Solution next website month listing. Delivered to 24. 15. Wreckage 16. Harry Potter is one 17. Ejects 18. Married 19. Diameter halves 20. Cut (lawn) - for rates, reviews & Ts & Cs - 01798 831476 -

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The Laurel (Prunus laurocerasus)

The Tree Space

With buds about to break out on the skeletons of bare trees all over Bognor, we can look back warmly at the evergreen t rees and shrubs that have brightened this winter’s landscape. The laurel hedge has long been a feature of most suburbs. In that Victorian comedy classic, “The Diary of a Nobody”, the well-mean ing, earnest and gently pompous city clerk, Mr Pooter, proudly names his mortgaged residence “The Laurels”. Yet the “Cherry Laurel”, as we should perhaps call it, is really a member of the cherry, or prunus, family.

Its large, leathery, g lossy green leaves grow vigorously fro m a tough underlying network of b ranches, that, left unpruned, can grow into a 40’ tree. If you cut or crush the leaves you will release a strong smell of bitter almonds, evidence of the prussic acid they contain, the deadly hydrogen cyanide that we think of mo re simply as the poison Cyanide. So me entomologists still crush the leaves to use in their insect killing bottles, but you are unlikely to be poisoned by a lau rel hedge, even though so me authorit ies warn against cutt ing or burning the leaves in g reat quantities. St ill, it’s better to use secateurs for trimming. Your mechanical hedge trimmer may not poison you, but it will cruelly slit to pieces thousands of those beautiful g lossy leaves, and it won’t spare the pretty white spires of flowers in su mmer. C.C. - for rates, reviews & Ts & Cs - 01798 831476 -


16 16

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Pagham Tide Table - GMT - March 2014

This tidal information is reproduced with the permission of the Controller of Her Majesty’s Stationary Office & the UK Hydrographic Office. Crown Copyright. All rights reserved


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The West Kent & Sussex Sea Angling Club..... We originally formed in the Kent area, but have fished on and along the West Sussex coast for over ten years now. A large percentage of our members are from the Bognor area..... We are a non profit club and operate with the aim of attracting anglers of all abilities and angling levels. We cover small boat fishing, regular beach fishing meet ups, including lure fishing for Bass, and finally we organise monthly charter trips out of Littlehampton, throughout the whole year weather permitting. Joining the WKSSFC is a great way to learn about boating safety/ handling, the chance to gain more angling knowledge... It's also a terrific way of making new angling friends. And we don't charge a membership fee, so why not give us a call ? Our club website is or for more details please contact club co-ordinator Mark Gillen on 07775438184

Bass caught at Bognor Rocks



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Aldwick Parish Council Monthly Newsletter March 2014 We’re taking a break from introducing you to our Councillors to tell you over the next few months, something about how the parish council is run. The Electors’ Meeting Each year we hold an Electors’ Meeting which is a meeting at which we tell residents what we have done over the past year and what we intend to do. You can also put your views to us about anything that concerns you and let us know of your ideas for Aldwick. This year, the Electors meeting will be held on Thursday 24th April at 7.00 p.m. Do come along and get involved! All parish councils must also hold an AGM and this is where we elect our Chairman and Vice-Chairman and where committees and sub-committees are formed, amongst other things. We’ll tell you more about that and our other meetings in future months. De-silting the Pond You may have noticed that work has now begun on this major project. The pond de-silting should ensure that the pond operates as a surface water overflow area

so we don’t see the kind of flooding we experienced in 2012. When going to press, the de-silting was in progress and it may even be finished by the time you read this!

(Above) Hard at work on the de-silting

Aldwick Parish Council would like to apologise to anyone who has been inconvenienced during the work, but we’re sure you’ll appreciate the difference it will make to the pond and to future generations of Aldwick residents. House Building Aldwick Parish Council will shortly be writing to neighbouring parish councils inviting them to discuss future housing development within our area. Aldwick Parish Council is committed to considering the sustainability of housing projects and we will keep you updated on what happens at the meeting should the other parish councils agree to attend. For your info: The calendar of Parish Council and Committee meetings has been displayed on the notice boards and added to the website. No increase in Parish Precept Once again, we are happy to announce that there will be no increase in the Aldwick Parish Precept for the coming year. Details of the payment can be seen on your council tax bill.

To contact A.P.C - phone: 01243 263330 or - for rates, reviews & Ts & Cs - 01798 831476 -


PRINCE HARRY TAKES PART IN GOODWOOD TRACK DAY His Royal Highness Prince Harry made his Goodwood Motor Circuit debut on Saturday, February 15, as part of a track day run by the Royal Foundation Endeavour Fund. After being greeted by Lord March, owner of Goodwood Motor Circuit, Prince Harry completed a handful of adrenaline-fuelled laps of the historic circuit in a classic Aston Martin DB4, before another highspeed run, this time in a Lamborghini Gallardo. Following laps in a Jaguar F-Type and an Aston Martin V8 Vantage, he met injured servicemen that have been helped by the Endeavour Fund and visited an exhibition of the Royal Foundation’s projects, before paying a visit to the Boultbee Flying Academy, based at Goodwood Aerodrome. Lord March said: “We’re delighted to have Prince Harry attend a track day here at the Goodwood Motor Circuit and to support the work of the Royal Foundation Endeavour Fund, which has established some wonderful projects to help injured service personnel. As a former Royal Air Force base, Goodwood has a connection with military service that stretches back 75 years, so it’s something that we feel quite a part of.” GROUP B MONSTERS TO THRILL AT 72nd MEMBERS' MEETING 29th - 30th March at Goodwood Motor Circuit The sights, sounds and smells of rallying's most exciting era will sweep through Goodwood Motor Circuit during the 72nd Members Meeting as the magic of Group B comes to the fore, Group B was a set of regulations that were introduced in 1982, creating the most exciting period in rallying, until their ban in 1986 on safety grounds. But between 82 and 86 world champions were made of Hannu Mikkola, Stig Blomqvist & Juha Kankkunen driving their flame-spitting Audis, Peugeots and Lancias on the world stage. Goodwood has assembled an extensive collection of the howling behemoths for the first members meeting since 1966.


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Among the 17 confirmed entries for a high-speed demonstration run at the motor circuit is an example of every four wheel drive car that competed at world championship level during rallying's most thrilling and dangerous era. The most successful cars of the period: the Audi Quattro, Peugeot 205 T16 and the Lancia Delta S4 will all be represented in the high speed on-track demonstration. Also in action will be the Renault 5 Maxi Turbo, MG Metro 6R4, Ford RS200 and the unwieldy Citroen BX 4TC. Each car will take part in demonstrations on both the 29th and the 30th March Former World Touring Car champion Rob Huff will be one of the many drivers attending the 72nd Members Meeting.

All photographs courtesy of Goodwood

Rob Huff: “I can’t wait for the 72nd Members’ Meeting. I’ve been involved in the Goodwood Festival of Speed and Revival before and I’ve always had a really good time on the track and off it. To race a Rover SD1 will take me back a few years because my grandad used to take me to school in one every day, and to get behind the wheel of the Renault turbo is going to be something pretty special because I’ve never driven a grand prix car before and I’m told that this machine, in particular, is a bit of an animal.” - for rates, reviews & Ts & Cs - 01798 831476 -



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Computer Talk

by Paul Price of Druid Services Ltd

The Time has Finally Come. After many years of fun, loyal service and countless hours of entertainment, the time has finally coming for users of computers running Windows XP. From 8 April, Microsoft will not be making security fixes available for the operating system. All support will end. What does this mean? Well if you do not use XP to go online and either browse the internet or send emails, if you pull the Ethernet cable from the back of the machine and disable the wireless card, well not a lot. But if you do need to surf the net then time for a serious rethink. There is likely to be a wave of Malware and Viruses attacking anything that looks like XP. Too steal, corrupt and otherwise cause nightmares as they try to trawl your personal information, be that email or banking information or in other words “That means machines running Windows XP will be vulnerable to malware written to infect PCs or that propagates via email and can be used to steal users’ personal information or turn the PC into an unwilling member of botnet”. If you are running an older version of say Photoshop or some obscure version of Ordnance Survey Maps then carry on, but not a good idea to carry on surfing on the same machine. Microsoft have for years now been trying to wean the public off XP. They wanted us all to migrate to Vista. The only problem being that Vista has rather a Flaky Registry. “The registry is a database in Windows that contains important information about system hardware, installed programs and settings, and profiles of each of the user accounts on your computer. Windows continually refers to the information in the registry”. In early Vista machines if you coughed at the wrong moment while installing a printer, especially a Lexmark printer, you could well have to reformat the computer to force it to work properly. These days it can still take a good 24 hours to download all the updates to let it run relatively smoothly. Business refused to buy into Vista and Microsoft had no option other than to carry on supporting XP. Recently Hewlett Packard have announced that they are producing computers with Windows 7 installed, back by popular demand. So history repeats itself. At the moment Windows 7 will be supported until 2020. All Microsoft software has a life cycle, just some last longer than others. If you use XP to surf the net it is time to change, the average age of a PC is 3 to 5 years, a lot live much longer than that, laptops a lot less. While it is possible to update computers you have to consider is it worth updating something that is already past it’s sell by date. Shouting at the system is as much use as shouting at the man, but new computers do run so very much faster. But one rather concerning thought is that the Cash Machines all run on embedded XP. I did mention the bit about Malware……… Just when are they going to change them ALL……. 32

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Roger Burgess

Things to look for in March 2014 The Beehive cluster also known as also known as Praesepe, M44, NGC 2632 high in the Southern sky is a good target for Binoculars or small telescope during March. It’s an open cluster in the constellation of Cancer Cancer the Crab may be found between the two brightest stars of Gemini (Castor and Pollux) and Leo’s brightest star (Regulus). The Beehive cluster almost on the Ecliptic meaning the sun will be in front of the cluster between July and August. Galileo was the first to observe the Beehive in a telescope, in 1609, and was able to resolve it into 40 stars. Altogether, the cluster contains at least 1000 gravitationally bound stars, for a total mass of about 500-600 Solar masses.

A recent survey counts 1010 high-probability members, of which 68% are M dwarfs, 30% are Sun-like stars of spectral classes F, G, and K, and about 2% are bright stars of spectral class A. Also present are five giant stars, four of which have spectral class K0 III and the fifth G0 III. So far, eleven white dwarfs have been identified, representing the final evolutionary phase of the cluster's most massive stars, which originally belonged to spectral type B. Brown dwarfs, however, are extremely rare in this cluster, probably because they have been lost by tidal stripping from the halo. The cluster has a visual brightness of magnitude 3.7. Its brightest stars are blue-white and of magnitude 6 to 6.5. 42 Cancri is a confirmed member. In September, 2012 two planets which orbit separate stars were discovered in the Beehive Cluster. The finding was significant for being the first planets detected orbiting stars like Earth's Sun that were situated in stellar clusters. Planets had previously been detected in such clusters, but not orbiting stars like the Sun. The planets have been designated Pr0201b and Pr0211b. The 'b' at the end of their names indicates that the bodies are planets. The discoveries are what have been termed Hot Jupiters, massive gas giants that, unlike the planet Jupiter, orbit very close to their parent stars. The announcement describing the planetary finds, written by Sam Quinn as the lead author, was published in the Astrophysical Journal Letters. Quinn's team worked with David Latham of the Harvard-Smithsonian Centre for Astrophysics, utilizing the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory's Fred Lawrence Whipple Observatory. 40

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A Look into the Past - Sylvia Endacott The Royal Navy School of Photography - Felpham As you stroll through Felpham village, do you wonder what secrets lay hidden? In recent years we have found references to many things, but one story was quite intriguing. Do you know where the Royal Navy School of Photography was situated? During the 2nd World War it would appear that the Admiralty acquired a number of empty properties on the Summerley estate. Around the area of Second, Third, Fourth Ave.,Limmer Lane and the Strand appeared to be the centre of the activity. From the information we have received over recent years meals were taken at a home in Limmer Lane and homes on Second Ave., were then used for accommodation. One home was occupied by 40 students, their furniture consisted of bunk beds and the chairs and tables were of basic Admiralty issue. The students attended a four month course during 1944 in which time they qualified and carried out air photography for Royal Navy use. Primarily the full courses were held at Cowdrey Park or RAF Ford. The students used an Avro Anson aircraft and took turns in going into the nose cone where the F24 Camera was mounted on a cradle for their use. One of the students recalled that they were paid 21s. per week and they were paid fortnightly. On arrival at Bognor Regis Railway station they were instructed to march to the school, a distance of approx. 5 miles. There was a mobile WRVS canteen which visited during the weekends to allow them to purchase chocolate bars and stationery; this supplemented their meals which were cooked by Wrens. He could also remember being on one duty that involved peeling the potatoes for the school, although they had a machine to complete this task. Traveling away from Felpham was of course strictly forbidden most of their leisure activities were held around the homes but occasionally they went to either the Fox or Thatch for ‘refreshment’. Today’s occupants of these premises are possibly unaware of their wartime use, except in some circumstances where they had large air raid shelters, which are still in their gardens today. 42

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Bognor Regis Town Centre Regeneration is Underway. Phil Hitchins, Arun District Councillor for Aldwick West and Vice-Chairman of Bognor Regis Regeneration. When I was first elected a Councillor for Aldwick West only a couple of years ago my main aim was to help with the Regeneration of Bognor Regis. All I was reading in articles and letters in the local press was the moans and groans, those who wanted to turn back the clock, or from small self interest groups representing the fringe and the “against anything” brigade, especially if it was proposed by The Council. Why were people trying to bring Bognor Regis down, surely they needed to talk the Town Up, attract investment, new businesses and new shops. My aim was to get involved and help improve Bognor Regis, for our Resident Shoppers, Traders and Visitors. Well, Town Centre Regeneration, it’s been 18 months in the making, backed by a dedicated, committed and professional team from Arun District Council, West Sussex County Council and Bognor Regis Town Council, together with a small group of central Bognor Regis Councillors representing all layers of local Government. They have met many times, appointed design consultants, scrutinised plans and drawings, discussed building materials, street lamps and a host of items that will make this scheme unique to Bognor Regis. I congratulate them all on a job well done. It’s taken a stakeholder (like the Chamber of Commerce, the Traders Association and University) workshop in December 2012, public consultation in March 2013 and door to door Traders visits in July 2013 to give you, the residents of Bognor Regis a fighting chance to regenerate the centre of our Town, to attract new shoppers and tourists who will stay longer and spend more, and to attract further new investment. A new beginning for the retail heart of Bognor Regis. Celebrate and welcome it.


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A little over £600,000 of our money is being spent on this project, despite recent calls from a couple of County Councillors and a small group of around 25 activists who have called the scheme a waste of time and money. In fact all they have achieved so far is reduced regeneration investment in the High Street. I am sure the High Street Traders, Residents and shoppers will thank them for that! Let’s look at what the traders and the public think, after all it’s their and our Town. “Plans are fresh and bright and will bring a lot more people to Bognor Regis”, “We want this to go ahead and we want it now” – the Traders have backed the plans and are overwhelmingly positive about the project. Likewise the public we spoke to during consultation just wanted it to happen, they liked it, they wanted a better shopping experience, but were afraid it would never happen – well it has, yes it’s taken time as everything does when you have to consult and you have 3 Councils involved, designers, plus engineers and contractors to coordinate. Being constructed now is a project along the 275 metre length of the London Road precinct, involving new paving, trees, new lighting, new benches, new cycle racks and new bins, all with a common theme. The precinct is part of the overall Town centre design scheme, which ADC plan to replicate northwards to the Station and Picturedrome “square” and south at Place St Maur, providing a permanent and highly visible link from the Station all the way to the Promenade and our beach. Now that, dear reader, is what I call real progress in action and something you can all take pride in, well done to all of you, the residents and traders of Bognor Regis who backed the scheme, became part of the scheme and despite the moaners and ”anti-everything” brigade won out and made it happen. Now let’s all look forward to finding the money to deliver the rest of the scheme. - for rates, reviews & Ts & Cs - 01798 831476 -



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The Gurkha Welfare Trust is the lead Gurkha welfare charity. It was established in 1969 when it was realised that a great many elderly Gurkha soldiers and their dependents were living in destitution in Nepal. Many had served in the Second World War; however, they had not served the 15 years needed to qualify for an army pension. Recognising Britain’s debt of honour to these great men, The Gurkha Welfare Trust was established to “relieve poverty and distress among Gurkha veterans of the Crown and their dependents”. Today, the Trust supports 7,475 Gurkhas and their widows in Nepal through the payment of a monthly Welfare Pension, an annual Winter Allowance of £10 per pensioner to cover the additional costs of living that occur in the harsher winter months in Nepal, emergency Hardship Grants to help when disaster strikes and, for those pensioners no longer able to live at home, residential care in two homes in Pokhara and Dharan. The Residential Home in Pokhara is named after KulBir Thapa who was awarded the Victoria Cross and the main benefactor in this development was Mr Michael Uren. This is situated inside the grounds of the Kaski Area Welfare Centre and started accepting Welfare Pensioners, who could no longer live at home, in 2010. It allows 25 residents to live in comfort and security. Carers and the services of the GWS doctor in the Area Welfare Centre are also provided. Each resident has their own room and they share a central dining and socialising area. The Dharan Residential Home will be opening in early 2014. The Trust also runs eight Mobile Medical and Dental Camps a year in Nepal, taking medical and dental care directly to the remote hill villages. Richard Plowman MGDS RCS (Eng) of Nyewood Dental Practice in Bognor Regis has worked as a volunteer dentist at the Trust’s Dental Camps for 8 years. “In October last year, I returned to provide support for a dental camp at the Area Welfare Centre at Butwal, which is located on the Southern Plains. This was specifically aimed to provide treatment for the relief of pain for the Ex-Gurkha soldiers and their dependants who are supported by the Gurkha Welfare Trust. The camp also provides advice and emergency care for any ex-Gurkha soldiers and to anyone from the local area. Following this camp I travelled to Pokhara, which is in the foothills and provided dental care for the Welfare Pensioners who live in the Trust’s first Residential Home. During my visit I removed about 100 teeth which were all causing continual pain,The staff of the Trust work very hard for the benefit of the Pensioners and I was delighted to be able to offer an additional element to the care that they provide.” As a registered charity (1103669), The Gurkha Welfare Trust relies on the generosity of the British people to fund its work. Without this support, the Trust’s care for our gallant Gurkha veterans in Nepal would cease and they would be left to live in destitution in their declining years. If you would like information on sponsoring a Welfare Pensioner or would like to support one of its specific projects, please contact the Trust on 01722 323955 or visit 50

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BOGNOR REGIS TOWN FOOTBALL CLUB Monthly Round Up Despite January's bad weather causing much disruption to the football fixtures, Bognor Regis Town can boast a 100% winning record in 2014. And the impressive results sequence meant that Rocks boss Jamie Howell won the Ryman Premier 'Manager of the Month' award for January, his second award of the season. After postponements, it took until January 11th to get 2014 underway and the Rocks recorded a 3-1 home victory over East Thurrock. Three days later, Lowestoft Town made the long trip down from Suffolk and the Rocks found themselves a goal down midway through the first half, only for the prolific Terry Dodd to level the scores just before the half-time interval. In the second half, Bognor came out with all guns blazing, blitzing the Trawler Boys with a three goal burst in the opening six minutes of the second half to win the Photo: Tommy McMillan match 4-1. Photo: Tommy McMillan It was another week before the Rocks were in action again and the winning run continued with a 2-1 success away to lowly Cray Wanderers. But the recent bad weather took its toll on the fixtures again and it was another fortnight before they found themselves in action again. February kicked off with a Sussex Senior Cup third round tie with Eastbourne United Association at Nyewood Lane. And the Rocks turned on the style again with a 6-1 victory over the Sussex County League outfit, to set up a home tie with Brighton and Hove Albion in the quarter finals. On February 8th, Bognor moved into the Ryman Premier play-off zone with a narrow 2-1 home success over Thamesmead Town. The London side took an early lead in a match dominated by the heavy surface and strong winds. But the Rocks found themselves in front before the break with goals from James Crane and another from Dodd, taking his tally to nine goals scored inside five matches. And it would prove to be enough to see the Rocks win their seventh successive match. The club have been busy in the transfer market with goalkeeper Mark Zawadski departing the club, with Southampton youngster Will Britt joining the club on a long-term loan. Britt was a member of Norwich City's FA Youth Cup winning side last season. Also joining the club is the familiar face of Dan Thompson, who has returned to Nyewood Lane after having spent time with the club last season. It is not just the first team that are enjoying success at present - the Rocks youth team (nicknamed the Pebbles) have reached the final of the Sussex Youth Cup, a competition the club has never won before. They will face either Three Bridges or Burgess Hill in the final, which will be played at Lancing FC on Thursday 6th March at 7.30pm. Off the pitch, the club hosts another live music evening on Friday 7th March when the regular Folk On The Coast event takes place. March's special guests will be Celtic folk band 'Craobh Rua' who return by popular demand. Visit for further details.


FORTHCOMING HOME FIXTURES Wednesday 19th Feb: Brighton & Hove Albion (7.45pm) - Sussex Senior Cup Saturday 22nd Feb: AFC Hornchurch (3.00pm) - Ryman Premier Division Tuesday 4th March: Billericay Town (7.45pm) - Ryman Premier Division Saturday 15th March: Leiston (3.00pm) - Ryman Premier Division Tuesday 25th March: Kingstonian (7.45pm) - Ryman Premier Division Saturday 29th March: Harrow Borough (3.00pm) - Ryman Premier Division

Adverts start at ÂŁ10p/m inc a FREE website listing. Delivered to 11.500 houses holds - for rates, reviews & Ts & Cs - 01798 831476 -



Adverts start at ÂŁ10p/m inc a FREE website listing. Delivered to 11.500 houses holds - for rates, reviews & Ts & Cs - 01798 831476 -



Adverts start at ÂŁ10p/m inc a FREE website listing. Delivered to 11.500 houses holds - for rates, reviews & Ts & Cs - 01798 831476 -



Adverts start at ÂŁ10p/m inc a FREE website listing. Delivered to 11.500 houses holds - for rates, reviews & Ts & Cs - 01798 831476 -


Hello, Giggles here ! The out and abouter reporter for the CRRC. I hope you will be interested to know how the "Feral Night Sleepover" went in January. What a night it was! All the staff went down to the Spotted Cow, Hunston, and had a wonderful meal (and a few drinks) before settling down for the night in our cold, draughty barn. Sue started singing which was nice, and someone who shall be nameless snored all night long, so much so that we had to put our paws over our ears. The next morning the nameless person said she didn't sleep a wink (they always say that don't they ?) Lenny long legs jumped on her once but she was out for the count. They are all a great bunch who do all they can for us. We have raised £2995 which means we are well on our way to raising what we need to make the improvements to the barn, so it will be more comfortable for animals waiting for homes. So a big thank you to all you lovely people who kindly donated. I am one of the seniors here Monique calls us her “Golden Oldies.” I have lots of senior friends here, all waiting for nice homes to go to where they can live out their golden years with lots of love and cuddles. I often spend time with my senior friends as they are better behaved than the younger cats, and we can all enjoy a nice nap together. This month I promised my good friends Tessa and Sheena I would tell you about them.

Don't miss our Re-homing day on the 22nd March 12-2pm. Re-homing days are non-appointment days, so anybody who is considering a cat can pop along. Otherwise we re-home 7 days a week by appointment only.

Tessa and Sheena These two Siamese ladies are aged 9 and 12 years young. They are the best of friends and like to spend most of their days curled up together in their bed. Tessa and Sheena are friendly and gentle girls but Sheena (with the lovely green eyes) is usually a little more confident and quite talkative. These two lovely girls have been waiting for a loving home since the 29th May 2013 and really need to find a caring home together, ideally with an owner who knows the quirkiness of Siamese cats.

THE CAT & RABBIT RESCUE CENTRE Holborow Lodge, Chalder Lane, Sidlesham, W. Sussex PO20 7RJ Tel: 01243 641409 Reg. Charity no. 1010000 Email: Also find us on facebook 62

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Christopher Teesdale VC - Ken Rimell Wander around the cemetery of St Mary Magdalene Church, South Bersted, and one can find all manner of monuments to the departed. Some look quite sinister while others take on a sombre appearance while others are of a more ornate hue. My visit was to try and locate the grave of Bognor Regis’s very own recipient of the Victoria Cross, not an easy task since most of the graves have suffered the ravages of time, and their inscriptions are now mostly faded. However with a bit of help from a church stalwart I found the grave of Major General Sir Christopher Teesdale, just a couple of pitches away from that of Sir Richard Hotham founder of Bognor. In Teesdale’s case his grave is now under a tree and the constant shedding of leaves each year has almost eroded one side of the stones surface, the side with his name on. The other side of the slab, has his wife’s name inscribed and has fared better and is more readable. Major-General Sir Christopher Teesdale, who in retirement lived almost opposite the church in a house called The Ark. Now demolished, it was just a short walk from the his regular place of worship. His military exploits took a toll on his life for he was just 60 when he died on 1st December 1893.The young Christopher, of military parents, was born in The Cape of Good Hope on 1st June 1833. Destined to follow his father he joined the Royal Artillery in 1848 and soon became Equerry to the Prince of Wales, later to be King Edward V11, a role he undertook from 1858 to 1887. It was in an action, as a 22 year old lieutenant, in the Royal Regiment of Artillery during the Crimean War that he was awarded the Victoria Cross. He took command of a party of men to defend the most advanced part at Kars in Turkey. Such was the ferocity of his attack that it repelled the huge Russian forces. The VC citation reads; "On September 29th 1855 at Kars, Turkey Lieutenant Teesdale volunteered to take command of a force engaged in the defence of the most advanced part of the works. He threw himself into the midst of the enemy and encouraged the garrison to make an attack so vigorous that the Russians were driven out. During the hottest part of the action he induced the Turkish artillerymen to return to the their post from which they had been driven by enemy fire and after the final victorious charge he saved from the fury of the Turks a considerable number of the enemy wounded.-an action later gratefully acknowledged by the Russian Staff." Teesdale was later wounded and taken prisoner by the Russians. He was held in captivity for several months until his release in 1856. It is said that at his request the Russians provided him with artists materials and he spent his time in captivity painting. He was decorated by Queen Victoria at Windsor in 1857 with two other recipients of that prestigious award for gallantry. 66

The grave of Teesdale in the foreground, Hothams is the white one behind

It seems that this distinguished soldier, the first South African born recipient of the VC, saw action in many other world conflicts. The Second Anglo-Chinese War, known as the opium war in 1856 to 1866, then Anglo-Egyptian War where railway trains and telegraphy were first used by the military and finally the Mahdist War in 1881 which lasted just 5 weeks. He retired from the army in April 1892 with not only his VC, but also other awards for his military service including Knight Commander of the Order of St Michael and St George, and Companion of the Order of the Bath and Legion d’honneur and an honoury CB. He was also ADC (aide de camp), to Queen Victoria and was a great confidant of the Queen. But it was the Crimean War that saw this young officer make his name. It was during this time that all men were expected to serve in the British Army, a sort of National Service, but before its time. The war took place in the Crimean Peninsula near the Black Sea with Britain, France and Turkey fighting the Russians. It was during this war that the famous ‘Charge of the Light Brigade’ took place at Balaclava, a military error by the British that saw half the charging force being killed or captured. Indeed the overall Crimean war casualties are listed as 2,775 killed and over 16000 later dying of disease. To combat this terrible and unnecessary loss of life two ladies came to the fore. Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole, but its the former who gained the limelight, her visits to the wounded often at night while carrying a lantern earning her the name ‘The lady of the Lamp’ saw conditions slowly improve and the death rate lessen. Indeed her work, for which she was awarded the Order of Merit, the first women to gain that accolade, allowed her an audience with Queen Victoria who shared her concern at the terrible loss of life of British wounded soldiers. It was at her behest that the huge Royal Victoria Military Hospital was built on the edge of Southampton Water. With its own railway junction and ships jetty where it could receive the wounded either by train or ship, a task it undertook not only during the Great War 1914 to 1918 but WW11 as well. It closed and was demolished in 1966 after a fire, now only the chapel and a museum within remains. The lovely Netley Park which surounds the old chapel is now a pleasant place to sit, or for the energetic to walk dogs during the better weather, the whole site oozes charisma for those with a passion for history. Big ships pass into the Solent while a walk to the huge and well tendered military cemetery through woodlands is worth the effort.

Royal Victoria Chapel Netley

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Adverts start at ÂŁ10p/m inc a FREE website listing. Delivered to 11.500 houses holds - for rates, reviews & Ts & Cs - 01798 831476 -


Develop your green fingers at West Dean West Dean College, Near Chichester, West Sussex, PO18 OQZ Get ready for Spring in the garden by coming to West Dean where you can learn practical skills from top horticultural experts in stunning surroundings. Whether you are into garden design, growing, planting or allotments, there are lots of one day courses to tempt you and a varied programme of Garden Talks and Lectures which all include entry to the award winning West Dean Gardens. Getting the best from your garden. Learn about good soil care, through the no-dig method of gardening and surface composting, in order to achieve fewer weeds, healthier plants and bigger harvests with Charles Dowding on Understanding and practising no-dig gardening, April 27, £106. Learn how to put life back into an old border, refresh your ideas and improve your garden. Revamping tired garden borders, July 19, £106 with Sally Gregson. Learn valuable techniques to apply to your own garden to increase your plant stock by using simple methods of propagation on this practical day with Sally Gregson. Summer propagation – plants for free, July 20, £127. If you are considering choosing and planting a new hedge or renovating an existing one, this course is for you. Discover the plant choices available and the effects you can achieve by using different plant material. Garden Design. Discover how to create a garden from waste and reclaimed materials. Upcycle your garden – create a garden for free NEW, with Peter Bonney, May 11, £122. Growing plants and vegetables. Learn what to plant and harvest and how to turn them into delicious home-cooked dishes with Rosemary Moon and Rosie Yeomans. From plot to plate – cooking from your own vegetable garden, September 28, £109. Whether you are new to allotments or in need of help with an existing one learn all about growing systems, choosing the best varieties and adapting techniques for an allotment. Getting the best out of your allotment with Rosie Yeomans, October 18, £106. Learn how to turn your passion for gardening into a business and find out everything that is involved in running a small micro-nursery with Rosie Yeomans. Growing plants to sell, October 19, £106. Flower arranging. Learn how to choose and use suitable flowers for hand tied bouquets and table decorations for special occasions with Sue Hingston on this Taster Day. Celebrate with flowers – flower arranging, May 3, £120. Learn how professional florists create church and event arrangements, selecting suitable flowers and foliage and how to condition and store them with Sue Hingston. Church and event flowers, August 16, £139.


Book online or through our flip book and receive a 5% discount at or call 0844 4994408 Adverts start at £10p/m inc a FREE website listing. Delivered to 11.500 houses holds - for rates, reviews & Ts & Cs - 01798 831476 -



Adverts start at ÂŁ10p/m inc a FREE website listing. Delivered to 11.500 houses holds - for rates, reviews & Ts & Cs - 01798 831476 -


RSPB Pagham Harbour events March 2014

Sat 8th March 11am-3.30pm Visitor Centre, Selsey Road, Sidlesham, PO20 7NE Creative Writing Workshop – Stories of the Sea Benefit from the transformative power of writing and be inspired (as once Rudyard Kipling was inspired!) by this vast safe haven for wildlife. Author Cathy Watts leads a relaxed workshop for anyone who enjoys writing, from beginners to aspiring authors; perfect if you need direction and encouragement. Includes a walk on a flat, wheelchair accessible path. Hot drinks included (bring a packed lunch). For more on Cathy’s work Booking required on 01243 641508. Sun 9th March Drop in between 1pm and 3pm Visitor Centre, Selsey Road, Sidlesham, PO20 7NE Make a Minibeast Manor Build bugs a five star home to put in your garden or add what you make to our big bug bungalow on the nature reserve. Pick up lots of tips on how to make your garden more attractive to wildlife. No need to book, just drop in! Sat 15 March 11am – 1.30pm Visitor Centre, Selsey Road, Sidlesham, PO20 7NE Wildlife & Wader Walk Explore the west of the harbour in search of migrant birds. Find out why the harbour is such an important over-wintering site for so many species. Suitable for all knowledge levels . Booking required on 01243 641508.


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New members welcome - no need to be Ex - Service. Great facilities including a fully stocked bar with a choice of real ale. Restaurant. And full size Snooker table. Waterloo Square - 01243 865615. Our events for March are (Note: 8.00 pm start unless stated otherwise. Charges can apply): 1st Saturday Second Time – A great “Husband & Wife” duo. 3rd Monday Big Band Practice – Relax to great sounds th 4 Tuesday Royal Navy Association Meeting (!2.00 noon) RAFA Choir– New members welcome (every Tuesday 6.30 pm) Quiz night th 6 Thursday WAAF Members Meeting Line Dancing (every Thursday) th 8 Saturday Cliff’s Wings Night – Film & Food - £5.50(M)/£6.50(G) th 11 Tuesday RAFA Club Annual General Meeting th 13 Thursday Women’s RBL Meeting (11.30 am) 14th Friday RAFA Club Diamond Jubilee Dinner (Limited seating – book early) th 15 Saturday “1940’s Night” with the fabulous singer, Amy Baker th 18 Tuesday RAFA Branch Annual General Meeting 19th Wednesday Reading Group (11.30 am for 11.45 am) Whist Drive Evening st 21 Friday “Eyes down”, it’s Bingo Night! nd 22 Saturday Cabaret Night – With a magic show, comedy and dancing £3(M)/£5(G) 25th Tuesday Open Mic – John Gradwell hosts budding acts 28th Friday Barn Dance at The Gordon Centre – Go to then click " Wings Appeal for details 29th Saturday Hayley G – Great singer – Back by popular demand


We meet at the Beachcroft Hotel every Tuesday, for more information call 01243 584049 or visit our website -

THE ROYAL BRITISH LEGION - 20 HEWARTS LANE – 01243 262645 THE BOGNOR REGIS PROBUS CLUB Every third Wednesday in the month at the Inglenook Hotel, Pagham Road. For more information: Wilf Archer (Secretary) 01243 821388 BOGNOR REGIS LIONS CLUB 01243 265939 - Hiring the Rowland Rank Centre contact - 01243 261358 BOGNOR REGIS ROYAL NAVAL ASSOCIATION First Tuesday of every month. All ex - Royal Navy, Royal Marines, WRNS and QARRNS are eligible to join. All serving personnel are welcome as well. Hon. secretary Shipmate Jim Peskett 07918024362 or BOGNOR REGIS ROTARY CLUB or phone 01243 866139


is affiliated to the Kennel Club of Great Britain and has to meet strict criteria. Training classes take place every Thursday and Friday evenings, at the Felpham Village Hall, Vicarage Lane, Felpham. Hilary Sykes 01243 860083 - WILLOWHALE FARM RESIDENTS ASSOCIATION including Allotments & Neighbouring Roads. Coffee mornings at the Aldwick Parish Council Offices, 88 Pryors Lane. WFRA invite you to Friday mornings at "The Willows" between 10.00am & 12.00 noon. Come in for a coffee & a chat. Use the board games or just meet friends, new or old. We welcome all ages and there is no charge. And if you need help on a subject we will try to give you the contact details which may help. Every Friday except: 18th April. 9th & 16th May. 12th September. 19th & 26th September. 21st November. The last of 2014 will be 12th December. The WFRA is a not for profit voluntary association. Members of the National Organisation of Residents Associations. - email : - 01243 265046

PAGHAM VILLAGE HALL Now Open... New small hall: seats up to 50, with kitchenette and toilet. Ideal for meetings, parties, clubs, training/corporate. Main hall (with kitchen) and committee room also still available. Enquiries, call Terry Reed on 01243 264028



For non-profit or website charitable free Adverts start at £10p/mmaking inc a FREE listing. organisations Delivered to 11.500listing houses is holds

BOGNOR TEA & CHAT (Chichester Area Mind Ltd)

A Drop in Support Group. for over 65's who have or are experiencing problems with mental health such as feeling isolated, depressed, or experiencing anxiety . We can provide lunch and transport. Call Alyson Hayes on : 07949963757 COFFEE POT MORNING Tues 10-12pm at the Aldwick Parish Council Offices


Provide a variety of activities which are Dizzy Ducklings Pre-school, Carpet Bowls, Pilates, Aerobics, Yoga, Country Folk Dancing, Links Gateway Mencap, Fitness League, Tai Chi, Bingo and Tiny Tots Football. For further information on any of these please contact Dennis on 01243-264357 or Perrie on 01243-267291" Pryors Lane. Serving the Willowhale Community and the surrounding areas. PAGHAM CHESTNUTS CLUB A club for over 55’s that meets fortnightly on Tuesdays at St Ninians Church Hall 2.00 - 4.00p.m. Minibus available if transport is needed PAGHAM & DISTRICT RESIDENTS ASSOCIATION Coffee mornings , Pagham Village Hall. 10am - 11.30am . 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month. EVERYBODY WELCOME TUESDAY FRIENDSHIP CLUB First & third Tuesday at the Methodist Church Hall at 7pm (not January & July to October) Diverse Speakers. All welcome . Contact Lilian Knight 01243 822510 FELPHAM SINGLES social club for over 45’s who are single.1st Monday of each month at The George Inn, Felpham, for a chat/disco Visit our Facebook page, or email: Tel : Dianne 01243 543281 Anne 01243 821530 BOGNOR REGIS U3A The U3A is for anyone no longer in full time employment. The organisation is run by members for members. U3A stands for University of the Third Age however this is not a university in the full sense of the word as you need no experience, you need not be expert in anything. Retired – working part-time and have time on your hands and looking for something keep your mind and body active, then come along to learn more? The Bognor Regis U3A covers an area from Pagham through to Bognor Regis. Their monthly coffee morning is held at the Riverside Caravan site on Shripney, on the 4TH Thursday in the month from 10 a.m. There are no set fees for courses just a simple £15 annual fee and then if you wish to partake in specific groups there could be a small fee for each group. Interested, then take a look at the various activities that are available to you as detailed on our website, We have our AGM in April and new groups also coming along, so why not visit our website for more details. BEFRIENDERS GROUP meets the 1st and the 3rd Wed monthly .12.00 - 2.00p.m. at West Meads Surgery PAGHAM FRIENDSHIP CLUB 1st Wed. each month at the new small hall at Pagham Village Hall at 2.30pm. We are retired ladies who enjoy social meetings, outings and other events together. (01243) 869113 .


The social club for the mature singles 50+. Tuesdays at The Walnut Tree, Runcton at 8.00 pm. Call Eileen 01243 575083, Tony 01243 604715, Anita 01243 264691 - HEADWAY WEST SUSSEX We have a support group which meets on the first Thurs of every month at The Chestnuts, London Road, Bognor Regis. We welcome new members - for more information tel: 07531 146516 ROSE GREEN WI Meet at Mosse Memorial Hall, St Richards Way, on the 2nd Wed. of the month at 7.30pm

NORTH BERSTED WI 2nd Thursday each month 2.45pm, Jubilee Community Centre, Chalcraft La. BOGNOR REGIS WI meets on 2nd Tuesday of each month (except August) at 7.30 p.m. to 9.30 p.m. at the Methodist Church Hall, Waterloo Square, Bognor Regis. Gina Fitch-Roy: 01243 582681. PAGHAM HARBOUR WI Utd Reform Ch. Hall, Pagham on the 4th Tues. monthly 9.45am - 12.15pm.


Mon. evenings from 7- 9pm at Rose Green Junior School, Raleigh Road. Boys and girls welcome, ages 8 - 18. ST RICHARDS TODDLERS Gossamer Lane. We meet in Church first at 1.30pm - 3.00pm on Thursdays. All Mums & Dads /Carers with children. Under 5's welcome at this small friendly group. Contact Jo Farmer 01243 268943 or email : BOGNOR REGIS SCOUTS


First Thursday of the month. At Bognor Memorial Hospital Rest. at 7pm information available from Pat Alderton 01243 822615 - Thurs 6 March - EYE CARE, David Paulsen, BSC (Hons), MCOptom, Optometrist. Thurs 3 April - DEAF AWARENESS AND AUDIOLOGY, Cathy Cobbold, Action for Deafness GROVE HOUSE PATIENT GROUP for more information, please call 01243 264094


Serving Pagham and neighbouring areas. Coffee Mornings alternate Wednesdays 10-11.30, at St Ninians Church Hall. Next mornings are on the 12th & 26th March .50p entrance. Transport provided if needed. Also social events organised. Ring 01243 263772 email: - for rates, reviews & Ts & Cs - 01798 831476 -




2, Sudley Road. Recitals are held in Regency-style premises, boasting a minstrels' gallery. The concert room is on the first floor, approached by shallow stairs with handrails on either side. Do come and try out the Club you can be assured of a warm welcome and high quality performances. Half price entrance for students (under 25), children free (under 12) . All concerts start at 7.30pm For information contact : Chris Coote 01243 773276. email: - March 1st An Evening with Chris Coote. Featuring Gill Stevenson (violin), Lilias Lamont (viola), Elaine Monery (cello), Paul Dorrell (flute), Brian French (guitar)Tina Gelnere (soprano), Stephanie Peat (mezzo-soprano), Helen Phillips and Chris Coote (piano) Entry £6 (members) £8 (visitors). March 15th Concert given by music students from Chicheater University, organised by Susan Legg, Head of Voice.Entry £6 (members) £8 (visitors). March 29th 'Piano 4 Hands' Joseph Tong and Waka Hasegawa, one of the leading UK duos, play Mozart (sonata in F K497), Schubert (Fantasy in F minor), Brahms Hungarian dances and Stravinsky (Rite of Spring).Entry £7 (members) £9 (visitors) WEST SUSSEX GUITAR CLUB We enjoy ensemble classes every Monday evening during term time . Intermediate 6 - 8pm; Advanced 8-10pm . We also have professional recitals and club nights. To join us ring 01243 866462. 1st March - Club evening, 7.30pm ' All Join in Orchestra', solos etc. and buffet supper. 29th March - 7.30pm A recital by the Amadeus Duo . 4th April - 7.30pm Spring Concert dedicated to the ensemble playing - to reserve tickets: 01243 696762 FRIENDS OF THE REGIS SCHOOL OF MUSIC Lovers of Classical Music lovely recital hall at 46, Sudley Rd. Bognor . or 01243 866162 / 462. BOGNOR REGIS RECORDED MUSIC CLUB Meetings every two weeks from 7.30pm - 10.00pm. 7th March George Steele will present 'A Tale of Two Symphonies' Friday 21st March Barbara Chaundy will present 'Memories of Chichester Festivities'. At the Rowland Rank Centre. Cost for each evening £2+£1 refreshments For more information contact Barbara Chaundy, secretary, on 01243 781306. REGIS ORGAN AND KEYBOARD CLUB Last Wednesday of each month at 7.00pm. Internationally recognised organists & keyboard players perform for us. - 01243 824070 - BOGNOR REGIS CONCERT BAND Every Tuesday during term time at the Regis school of music Sudley Rd 7.30 -9.30pm. New members always welcome for more info go to THE BOGNOR REGIS INTERNATIONAL DANCE ENSEMBLE At the Willowhale Centre & Jeneses Art Centre. For more information please phone 01243 265010 or BALANDIS-LILEY BALLET SCHOOL Ballet Classes for over 50. Principal - Sandra Lilley. Classes every Friday at North Mundham Village Hall at 10.30. Classical syllabus especially for this age group. 01243 264832


ForAdverts non-profit making charitable organisations is free start at £10p/m inc or a FREE website listing. Delivered to listing 11.500 houses holds


Walberton Village Hall on the 2nd & 4th Tuesday 7.30pm to cost is £1.00 BOGNOR REGIS WINE CIRCLE 2nd Thursday of the month, Jubilee Hall, Charlcraft Lane, at 8pm


4th Tuesday of each month at Jenesis, (formally United Reform Chuch) at 7pm Free talks and displays given to schools. Ken Stone 01243 820674 - BOGNOR REGIS MILITARY MODELLING & WARGAMING SOCIETY Every Monday at 7.30 - 22.30 (except Bank Holidays) at West Meads Community Hall, The Precinct. Ages span from late teens to 80’s. Info : Dilip Sethi or Stephen Pidwell Email: - 01403 780 637 / 01243 855 449 THE BRITISH SUGARCRAFT GUILD - BOGNOR REGIS BRANCH For anyone who is interested in cake decorating. At the Jubilee Fields Community Hall. Also a Children's Club “Cygnets” meets 4 times a year on a Saturday am. Information : Mrs Ros Parker 01243 827027 BOGNOR REGIS THEATRE CLUB Trips to local theatres and periodic club evenings with entertainment. Contact Jean Garrard 01243 262654 or Betty Clark 01243 825362 for more information. CHICHESTER FILM & VIDEO MAKERS Clive Hand - 01243 587152 E: - website: THE BOGNOR REGIS MODEL RAILWAY CLUB Tuesdays 7.00-10pm at our clubrooms within the grounds of Aldingbourne Community Sports Centre, Olivers Meadow. 01243 862373 - email : WEST MEADS ARTS & CRAFTS GROUP - Meeting on Fri afternoons at 2pm.Except August. Contact - Margaret Vincent (Secretary) - 01243 267894 or Barbara Mamtora (Treasurer) 01243 822967 BERSTED GREEN CRAFT GROUP Enjoy an afternoon of craft. Bersted Green Learning Centre, Hazel Road, £1 including refreshments .1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month. Eileen Rogers 07926 807816 ALDWICK QUILTERS Fourth Thurs. of the month at 10am, Pagham United Reformed Church 01243 265960

BOGNOR REGIS ART SOCIETY meet at the Jubilee Hall, Chalcraft Lane : 01243 830116 WALBERTON DECORATIVE AND FINE ARTS SOCIETY Monthly at the Yapton & Ford Village Hall, Main Road, Yapton, BN18 0ET. The fourth Tuesday of each month except August & December. At 2.15pm. For all enquiries - Membership Secretary, Nigel Jolley - 01243 542487 or email -

BOGNOR REGIS WEA DAY SCHOOL: THE NEW AMERICA Beginning with the Spanish-American war through to 9/11 and its aftermath, tutor Richard Cupidi explores how the USA has struggled to redefine itself for the 21st Century. Saturday, 8 March from 10 am – 3 pm at The Regis School of Music, 46 Sudley Road, Bognor, PO21 1ER. Fee £22. GUIDED TOUR OF PARHAM HOUSE Wednesday, 21 May After the guided tour itself you are free to explore the house and gardens at your leisure. Fee £18. (NB: This must be booked before 2 May) For further details tel: Lyn Thomas 01243 861362, email:

The Arun & Chichester (Air) Enthusiasts Society - Air ACES. Our new society is for ANYONE interested in "AVIATION" For more information: SOUTH DOWNS SLOT CAR CLUB Based at Richardsons South Downs Holiday Village, Bracklesham. Tony - 07815 655679 or 01243 862107 or email: SOUTHDOWNS ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY (S.D.A.S) Meetings are held on the 1st Friday of each month at 7.30pm at The Chichester Planetarium. We also have lectures. Visitors and prospective members, including complete beginners, are all welcome. Mark Ford (Chairman) 01903 782378. BOGNOR REGIS CAMERA CLUB website - 01243 866451


The Bognor Regis Local History Society meets on a Monday evening from 7.30 at The Hub Community Centre, 73 Queensway, Bognor Regis. (At the junction with Canada Grove, Bognor Regis. On 10th February Sylvia Endacott will talk about 1950s holidays in Bognor Regis. Visitors are always welcome at £1 each. Their next meeting is on Monday 10th March when their speaker is John Wyatt – Digging for fiction. There is ample free parking in the Hothamton Car Park. The Local History FREE The Museum will be opening again at the beginning of April. Visit the website for more information: WESTMEADS DUPLICATE BRIDGE CLUB Every Thursday afternoon 1.15pm - 5.00pm at West Meads Community Hall, to play Duplicate Bridge. Mrs Ray Atwell 01243 544407

email: - for rates, reviews & Ts & Cs - 01798 831476 -

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2nd Wednesday of each month at the Mosse Hall, St Richards Way. 2-4.30pm. Each month there is a demonstrator. Tea & biscuits available. More info 01243 264659. WEST MEADS GARDEN ASSOCIATION Last Tuesday monthly, 2.30 - 4p.m. at the West Meads Community Centre: 01243 870629 BOGNOR & DISTRICT HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY Jubilee Hall, Chalcraft Lane. Fourth Thursday every month (except December) at 7.30. Miss Pat Alderton, Tel: 01243 822615. Email:


Whether you are a beginner or want to improve your game, our club offers some of the area’s finest tennis facilities: We have 5 hard courts, 2 of which are floodlit and we will give you a friendly welcome. Coaching also available for all levels. Please do call our membership secretary for a chat: Janine Ridley: 01243 849351 or email BOGNOR REGIS & CHICHESTER CYCLETOURISTS Rides every Sunday. Beginners rides once a month on Saturday afternoons. Monthly club nights. Further details and a full list of rides from Avryl Bavister telephone number 01243 778394 or log onto BOGNOR REGIS & DISTRICT RAMBLING CLUB Walks of about 8 miles every Sunday. We meet at either Barnham or Chichester station car parks : 01243 861097 or 553238 or visit BOGNOR COUNTRYSIDE AMBLERS We meet most weeks - 4 to 5 miles, at a leisurely Mike Chart on:01243 829198 email: ARUN SPORTS ASSOCIATION FOR THE DISABLED Every Sunday at The Arena Sports Centre in Bognor Regis at 2.00 - 4.00 p.m. Except August. New members welcome to take part in Archery, Short Mat Bowls, Boccica, Darts, New Age Curling, Pistol Shooting, Table Snooker. Come and make new friends. For more info : 01243 828695 or email: PAGHAM F.C. 01243 266112 - 07760771099 -

WEST MEADS KEEP FIT GROUP Every Tuesday 2.30pm - 3.30pm at West Meads Community Centre. Term time only. contact: Cherry Ward 01243 864529 TONE ZONE RUNNERS Every Tuesday and Thursday at 6.30pm.Experienced runners are welcome to join at any time. Beginners can join in January,

BOGNOR REGIS CRICKET CLUB Run in conjunction with Aldwick Cricket Club. John Hooker 07967 482056 BOGNOR REGIS ZEN JUDO CLUB We train every Monday evening 7pm to 9pm (mixed session) All Students and Grades. Pay As You Go £4 per session. South Bersted Church Hall. 07506689314 or 07904081211 BOGNOR REGIS BOWLS CLUB Waterloo Sq. April to the end of Sept. Club Secretary on 01243 865567


Sessions on Monday: 2.00pm - 3.30pm & 3.30pm - 5.00pm, Wednesday:2.00pm - 3.30pm, Friday: 2.00pm - 3.30pm New Members Co-ordinator - Amy on 01243 820791 TELEPOST BOWLS CLUB @ SWANSEA GARDENS, BOGNOR Mon, Wed, Fri.@ 1.30pm. Contact Colin on 01243 861139 WEST MEADS CARPET BOWLS CLUB Tuesday 9.45 am - 11.30am in the Community Hall.


Year-round bowling at St Wilfrids Church Hall, Ellasdale Rd. Tuesday evening 6.30 -9pm & most Friday mornings. Marion Goodland on 01243-262675 NYETIMBER SHORT MAT BOWLS CLUB Meet at Pagham Village Hall on Monday evenings from 6.30 - 10.30pm, Tues and Fri afternoons from 2 - 6pm. - Mr George Booker 01243 261350. PAGHAM BOWLS CLUB in SWANSEA GARDENS Contact Peter 01243 864740


5 sessions per week, afternoons & evenings, vacancies on all sessions Willowhale Community Centre. More info: Perrie 01243 267291 ARUN DISTRICT INDOOR BOWLS CLUB Nyewood Lane. Year round bowling. 01243 865091 BOGNOR CAN Wednesday dance aerobics 7.15-8.15pm £3 and Thursdays zumba 11-12 £3 at Bognor Youth and community centre Westloats Lane Bognor Regis PO21 5JZ 01243 870406. PAGHAM BADMINTON CLUB The club meets every Tuesday from 8.00pm - 10.30pm in the Pagham Village Hall. New Club Standard players would be welcomed to this small but friendly club. Contact Stuart on 01243 828961 BOGNOR CAN Wednesday dance aerobics 7.15-8.15pm £3 and Thursdays zumba 11-12 £3 at Bognor Youth and community centre Westloats Lane Bognor Regis PO21 5JZ 01243 870406.

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New telephone number: 01243 908908

Adverts start at £10p/m inc a FREE website listing. Delivered to 11.500 houses holds


THE LAKE DISTRICT Four Nights, Half Board At the Seacoat Hotel, St Bees, Cumbria Excursions: Keswick, Coniston Water Cruise, Kirkstone Pass Monday May 19 to Friday May 23 For more details Ring Ted on 01243 268184 Cost per person £219.89 plus insurance of £16 OR your own insurance Deposit (non returnable) £50 Early booking is advisable Bognor Regis Lions Club Presents their

Charity Ball & Auction

In aid of St Wilfrid’s Hospice At the Beachcroft Hotel, Felpham On 26th April 2014, 7.00pm for 7.30pm (Carriages at 12.15am) Tickets £37.50 per person Includes a welcome drink, cabaret, 3 course meal, Auction and Disco. Tickets or Tables from Chris or David Oldland or


Adverts start ÂŁ10p/m inc a FREE website listing.are Delivered 11.500 houses holds All at charity/non-profit making adverts free to to advertise

The Regis Centre - 01243 861010 - Shows in March2014 Thurs 6th – Sat 8th March - Witches of Eastwick Fri 7th March - 60 minutes of Classical Music Tuesday 11th March - Swan Lake. Thursday 13th March - A Night of Variety Friday 14th March - Nashville Nights & Dixie Days Thurs 20th & Fri 21st March - Anything Goes. Sunday 23rd March - The Big Band with Five Star Swing. Fri 28th & Sat 29th March - Just So.

Maywood Healthcare Centre On the 19th March at 7pm at he surgery the Maywood Patients Group are holding a talk given by Barbara Boxhall on The Benefits of Mindfulness and how it reduces stress and develops well being.



The larger halls are very suitable for concerts, functions, rehearsals, classes etc. Sound system available at additional charge. If you are interested in renting a hall or smaller room for your organisation you can submit a Hall Hire Enquiry Form to our Lettings Officer via our website. Alternatively you may ring the Hall Lettings Officer on 01243 262414. - for rates, reviews & Cs - 01798 831476 - Let us know your event&-Ts


CALENDAR OF EVENTS - March. The events in red are weekly.

90 - for rates, reviews & Ts & Cs - 01798 831476 -


Useful Telephone Numbers: Bognor Fire Station 01243 837785 Electricity 0845 770 8090 British Gas 0845 788 8400 Gas Emergency 0800 111999 Southern Water 0845 278 0845 Sussex Police Non-emergency 101 Crimestoppers 0800 555111 Portsmouth Water 02392 499888 National Rail Enquiries 0845 748 4950 Floodline 0845 9881 188 RSPCA Cruelty Line 0300 123 4999

Bognor Regis Library 01243 642110 -24hr Renewals Mon - 9.30am-7.00pm T,W,T - 9.30am - 6.00pm Fri & Sat - 9.30am - 5.00pm Willowhale Library 01243 642110 -24hr Renewals Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri 10.00am - 5.00pm Sat, 10.00am - 2.00pm

DVLA Driver Enquiries 0300 7906801 Job Centre Plus 0845 6060234 Arun District Council 01903 737500 Aldwick Parish Council 01243 263330 Bersted Parish Council 01243 842221 Pagham Parish Council 01243 266424 St Richards Hospital 01243 788122 Bognor Regis Town Council 01243 867744 Bognor War Memorial Hospital 01243 865418 NHS Direct 0845 4647 Victim Support 0845 3030900 Citizens Advice Bureau 0844 4771171 92

Adverts start at ÂŁ10p/m inc a FREE website listing. Delivered to 11.500 houses holds


Adverts start at ÂŁ10p/m inc a FREE website listing. Delivered to 11.500 houses holds

Sussex Views March 2014  

Sussex Views March 2014

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