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When I have spoken to advertisers and indeed readers over the past months I have received many comments from people missing Views from an Armchair. These are probably best summed up in a letter from regular reader, Thelma Percy : Dear Editor, I'm sure I'm not alone in experiencing a strong feeling of deprivation when I open Sussex Views and find no 'View from an Armchair.' Colin Crouch observed so much from his armchair and his views always made a 'good read'. They were enjoyably informative, thought - provoking, humorous, unpredictable. He ranged widely from a nostalgic glimpse of old Bognor, an admiration of Spitfires and a great interest in a Russian Orthodox icon, to a more quirky recollection of Woolton Pie and Camp Coffee. - Oh yes, he likes Polish cuisine too! For these last five years he has surprised and delighted us. - Thank you, Colin And a belated Thank You from myself and all of us who miss you and your articles very much! I do hope that you all have a good summer, whether you are on holiday or at home. Don't forget to keep this magazine until the September one arrives on your doorstep ! Until then,


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Hotham Park Heritage Trust & Country Fair A Local Walk - Amberley Read all about Chichester Film & Video Makers Tide Table for July Lend a hand with the Royal British Legion The Bognor Sky - Roger Burgess The Rose Green Family presented by Rita Sen, Solicitor The Summer Diary at Brent Lodge - Graham Cole Gardening - Autumn Flowering Bubs HMS Pagham - Ken Rimell Don't miss the Lifeboat Demo on Pagham Beach A Hole in One for the Bognor Regis Lions Club! Aldwick Parish Council Newsletter Look into the Past with Sylvia Endacott Summer Recipe - Fruit Terrine Great Conservation Success at West Dean College Computer Talk with Paul from Druid Ltd Collector's Corner - Pam Crosland at the Apple Barn Regeneration of Bognor Regis - Phil Hitchins A Local Walk - Pagham Harbour Crossword & Sudoku The Pagham Action Group Catch up with Giggles from the CRRC Are you going to the Hottest Event this summer? Whats On, Club Listings & Calendar Tide Table for August Useful Numbers & Puzzle Solutions More Local Businesses

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Country Fair Hotham Park

3rd & 4th August 2014 11.00am - 5.00pm

Free Entry Crafts, Music and Dance, Animals, Wagon rides, Food and Drink Organised and Managed by the Volunteers of Hotham Park Heritage Trust

2 Great days out for all HOTHAM PARK HERITAGE TRUST was founded in 1999 to safeguard and improve the amenities in Hotham Park. The Trust, in partnership with Arun District Council, was able to make a successful application to the Heritage Lottery Fund whereby they received 2.2million to regenerate the Park. Since the completion of the works funded by this grant the Trust’s dedicated volunteers have worked to enhance this beautiful green space on the edge of Bognor Regis Town Centre. Our members are motivated by the need to protect this lovely part of Bognor’s heritage. Over the last ten years in excess of £70,000 has been raised by the Members to fund items including the children’s playground and many park benches. In addition the Trust has contributed to the refurbishment of the Clock Tower, the replanting of the ornamental pond garden and through a bequest has built the Mary Macfie Pavilion. The Country Fair, which is managed and produced entirely by the Trust volunteers is their main fund raising event each year. The Trust needs help and is seeking to build its membership by enrolling people who have the same interest in securing the beautiful woodland and green spaces of Hotham Park for future generations. You can find out more on our website We hope to see you at the Country Fair on the 2nd & 3rd August and that you enjoy all that Hotham Park has to offer. 6

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Amberley This walk climbs up The Downs above Amberley with spectacular views in all directions. We saw an abundance of birds and wild flowers as well as sheep and cattle.


6km 3ž mls


2 ½ hours

Start Point TQ034125 OS Map - Explorer 121 Arundel & Pulborough Worthing & Bognor Regis

The Route Take the B2139 towards Storrington and approx 300m after the bend by The Amberley Chalk Pit Museum take the small road on the right - High Titten. Follow this until another road joins from the left, there is enough parking here for about four cars. Walk up the road, The South Downs Way (SDW), to reach a gate. Go L through gate and continue on SDW up a steep track. At the barns take the bridleway R and after approx 100m take Permissive Byway L. Follow this track for approx 1.2 km, turn R and go through the small gate on your left. Follow this more sheltered bridleway for approx 300m, at the fingerpost take the bridleway R and continue for approx 400m until you reach a track. Turn R onto the Restricted Byway and walk downhill for approx 1.2km. At the first the wide track turn R (unmarked) and when the track bears to the left take the bridleway R, go through the gate ahead. Follow the bridleway down the hill and at the bottom bear R towards another gate. Go through the gate and follow the bridleway as it makes its way up a pretty wooded track. When the bridleway opens out keep the fence on your L and continue until you reach The SDW. Retrace your steps back to the road and down to your car. For information on walks or quotes for your own artwork

Chichester Film & Video Makers Chichester Film & Video Makers are a group of enthusiastic amateurs, whose aim is to encourage an interest in film and video making as a medium of information, education and entertainment, increasing the knowledge and technical ability of their members. Being actively involved with local organisations in the community, they work with them to produce first class DVDs of local events. CFVM have a full and varied programme of meetings, including illustrated talks, workshops and competitions. Prospective new members are welcome to 'look them over' for a couple of meetings with absolutely no obligation. They say that they won’t even mention the 'joining' word. They welcome anybody who has an interest in the Art and Technology of video making. There is no requirement to own a camcorder or any other item of equipment. In addition to camerawork, editing etc. there is a whole range of skills that go into the making of a video. On offer is a warm welcome to anyone, from beginner to advanced level, who wants to improve their film and video making skills for their own pleasure or to enter Club and external competitions at regional, national or even international level. Under the name of Southern Sound & Cine Club, they were formed in 1960 at the instigation of a band of enthusiasts in Bognor Regis. From this small beginning grew a Club with a membership of nearly 60 dedicated to the production of amateur films. Throughout the years films have been made on a variety of formats, 9.5mm, Standard 8mm, Super 8mm and 16mm film finally progressing to using video almost exclusively. The Club has always endeavoured to maintain a high standard of production and soon became known as one of the foremost of its kind in the South, if not the whole country. Recently the club has been renamed the Chichester Film & Video Makers. As well as competing in the internal Club competitions, members often enter films & videos in external events such as Regional and National Film Festivals, some venturing into the International arena. Over the years a number of films and videos have been made on behalf of organisations to illustrate their work or for publicity purposes. These include West Sussex C. C. Welfare Dept. Bognor Regis Mobility and the twinning of the cities of Chichester and Ravenna in Italy. More recently the Club has made videos for St Richard's Hospital, Legio Secunda Augusta the Roman Marching Army and a 90 minute DVD for the Chichester Dance Centre filmed before a live audience in Bognor Regis. The Chichester Canal Trust commissioned CFVM to make an anniversary video celebrating 185 years since the opening of the Canal. The Club meets fortnightly on Wednesday evenings from 7-15 at St Pancras Church Hall, Chichester. Members also enjoy an active social calendar, and a 'Lunch Club' is held on the first Friday of each month at midday in a local pub, when the talk is predictably about film & video making. For further information visit find them on Facebook or email their secretary at


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Pagham Tide Table - GMT - July 2014

This tidal information is reproduced with the permission of the Controller of Her Majesty’s Stationary Office & the UK Hydrographic Office. Crown Copyright. All rights reserved

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Pop-in, Lend a Hand, Make a Difference The Royal British Legion is opening a fantastic new ‘Pop-in’ centre in Queens Road, Brighton. The centre will offer advice and support for serving personnel, regular and reserve, veterans, and their families. It will also act as a gateway to the Legion for members of the general public. From early summer the centre will be open Monday to Friday from 10am to 4pm and will offer information on issues that really matter to those in the Armed Forces Community such as finances, housing, mobility and membership. We need volunteers to greet beneficiaries, complete assessments and signpost and refer to agencies. Full training will be given and you will be part of a friendly, committed team. If you can spare a few hours each week to make a difference to members of the Armed Forces community please contact Sally Shopland at email: We hope to hear from you soon.

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The Bognor Regis Sky - The Sun in July 2014 - Roger Burgess The Sun is the star at the centre of the Solar System. It is almost perfectly spherical and consists of hot plasma interwoven with magnetic fields. It has a diameter of about 1,392,684 km (865,374 mi), around 109 times that of Earth, and its mass (1.989×1030 kilograms, approximately 330,000 times the mass of Earth) accounts for about 99.86% of the total mass of the Solar System. Chemically, about three quarters of the Sun's mass consists of hydrogen, while the rest is mostly helium. The remainder (1.69%, which nonetheless equals 5,600 times the mass of Earth) consists of heavier elements, including oxygen, carbon, neon and iron, The Sun taken 4 May 2014 by Roger Burgess among others. The Sun formed about 4.567 billion years ago from the gravitational collapse of a region within a large molecular cloud. Most of the matter gathered in the centre, while the rest flattened into an orbiting disk that would become the Solar System. The central mass became increasingly hot and dense, eventually initiating thermonuclear fusion in its core. It is thought that almost all stars form by this process. The Sun is a G-type main-sequence star (G2V) based on spectral class and it is informally designated as a yellow dwarf because its visible radiation is most intense in the yellow-green portion of the spectrum, and although it is actually white in colour, from the surface of the Earth it may appear yellow because of atmospheric scattering of blue light. In the spectral class label, G2 indicates its surface temperature, of approximately 5778 K (5505 °C), and V indicates that the Sun, like most stars, is a main -sequence star, and thus generates its energy by nuclear fusion of hydrogen nuclei into helium. In its core, the Sun fuses about 620 million metric tons of hydrogen each second. Once regarded by astronomers as a small and relatively insignificant star, the Sun is now thought to be brighter than about 85% of the stars in the Milky Way, Solar Flare taken 18 May 2014 by Roger Burgess most of which are red dwarfs. The absolute magnitude of the Sun is +4.83; however, as the star closest to Earth, the Sun is by far the brightest object in the sky with an apparent magnitude of −26.74. This is about 13 billion times brighter than the next brightest star, Sirius, with an apparent magnitude of −1.46. The Sun's hot corona continuously expands in space creating the solar wind, a stream of charged particles that extends to the heliopause at roughly 100 astronomical units. The bubble in the interstellar medium formed by the solar wind, the heliosphere, is the largest continuous structure in the Solar System. The Sun is currently traveling through the Local Interstellar Cloud (near to the G-cloud) in the Local Bubble zone, within the inner rim of the Orion Arm of the Milky Way. Of the 50 nearest stellar systems within 17 light-years from Earth (the closest being a red dwarf named Proxima Centauri at approximately 4.2 light-years away), the Sun ranks fourth in mass. The Sun orbits the centre of the Milky Way at a distance of approximately 24000–26000 light-years from the galactic centre, completing one clockwise orbit, as viewed from the galactic north pole, in about 225–250 million years. 16

SOUTHDOWNS ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETYlisting. Meetings are held onto theover 1st Friday of each month holds Adverts start at £10p/m inc a FREE website Delivered 11.600 houses at 7.30pm at The Chichester Planetarium. Mark Ford (Chairman) 01903 782378. - for rates, reviews & Ts & Cs - 01243 908 908 -



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Grahams' Brent Lodge Diary – Early Summer It couldn’t last, and I should have known better-silly me! You will recall that, in my Spring Diary, I mentioned that Brent Lodge had been a little less busy this spring than during the equivalent time last year, famous last words, since then, we have been inundated! On ONE DAY we received 43 new patients, ranging from 2 hedgehogs, 6 pheasants, lots of other birds, and 1 mole! The hospital is heaving, but our lovely staff and volunteers manage to cope with whatever is asked of them – they really are a particularly dedicated bunch. We could not do it all without you though, our loyal, and hopefully some new, supporters. The ‘Spring Fling’ Open Weekend at the beginning of May was a tremendous success, aided by super weather on both days. It was a pleasure to wander around chatting to visitors, some of whom had travelled from as far afield as Fareham, Guildford and Hove, including 2 coach-loads on the Sunday! We had some very popular activities including face-painting, a bouncy castle, a birds of prey display, exhibits from the Badger Trust and the Police Wildlife Crime unit, wildlife artphotography displays, bric-a-brac, books, clothes, trade stands and refreshments. Add to this fox cubs, badgers and various birds, including our resident raptors. The next Open Weekend is August 23 rd/24th On a somewhat more serious note, it is clear from the support we have that there are many people who have a genuine affection for our beautiful wildlife, but there are those whose conduct is, perhaps, disappointing.. I was driving home a couple of weeks ago, it was not late and there was still some daylight left. Travelling along a short stretch of dual carriageway, I saw a largish bird in the road, clearly incapacitated and distressed. Several drivers in front of me avoided the creature, but made no attempt to stop to assist. It was only a matter of time before the bird (a carrion crow) would have been killed. I was able to turn at a nearby roundabout, and when I reached the bird I was able to pick it up – it offered no resistance. Initially, it only flapped one wing – oh dear, I thought, is the other wing broken? After taking it into some undergrowth at the edge of the road, it started to recover, with its mate squawking in the tree above! Our casualty then began to flap both wings vigorously – thank Goodness, no broken wing! It had clearly been stunned in a collision but soon recovered and, after a short period, flew off. This need not have been me, anyone could have stopped to help this bird, but no-one did! There are 2 swan families in our care at present – one from East Beach Pond, Selsey; the parents originally had 10 cygnets, but that rapidly reduced to 3 – maybe foxes or terrapins. They were brought to Brent Lodge to enable the cygnets to grow so that they can defend themselves better; also Dad has a limp, and this will give him the chance to have some veterinary attention so that he can help protect the cygnets. They will all be returned to the pond when fit enough. The second group is from Littlehampton, the 7 cygnets and their parents were caught out when trying to get to water. Unfortunately their nest was high up, and when the tide went out, all that was left was mud! The cygnets were very weak on arrival, but after a nice warm bath and drying out in an incubator, they were happily reunited with Mum and Dad! A ‘rosy feeling’ story with which to end! My next Diary will be ‘Autumn’, and we all know what follows that...enjoy the Summer! 20 - for rates, reviews & Ts & Cs - 01243 908 908 -



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Gardening in July & August Although your garden will probably be at it's peak right now, it is the time to think ahead. Order your Autumn flowering bulbs now, many are sent out by growers from the middle of August onwards. Well worth the effort, as these jewels can brighten even the dullest Autumn mornings. Autumn bulbs react to the lowering soil temperatures and the dampening of the soil in early autumn by flowering in the late autumn. Nerine bowdenii is a remarkable, essentially hardy South African bulb with tall stems (up to 60cm/2ft) carrying umbels of wavy-petalled, sugar-mouse-pink flowers in September and October. The leaves lengthen at this time, and persist until early summer. Order these in winter to plant in late spring. Nerines resent being disturbed and will flower best after a few years when they appear to be overcrowded. Cyclamen hederifolium is very well known, but no less valuable for that, especially as it will grow in dry shade. The pink flowers appear just before the glossy green and marbled-silver leaves in early autumn. These are not unlike ivy leaves, hence the name. There are a number of good forms, such as the white-flowered C. h. var. hederifolium f. albiflorum. Cyclamen have tubers and are best planted when in growth, from pots. Crocus speciosus is the best known and loved of the autumn-flowering crocuses, but Crocus banaticus, the so-called iris-flowered crocus, is also very popular because it needs to be grown in dappled shade. It flowers just before the green leaves appear, and has mauve outer petals and paler inner ones. Autumn crocus flowers can be spoiled by wet weather, but if the autumn is dry, they are beautiful. Zephyranthes candida is the only reliably hardy zephyranthes. It looks like a large, white crocus with rush-like leaves, although it is more closely related to sternbergia. Plant in spring in a very sunny, free-draining place. They make satisfactory clumps eventually. Sternbergia lutea is a delightful and distinctive bulb, with golden-yellow, goblet-shaped flowers only 15cm (6in) tall, accompanied by green, linear leaves. Sternbergias thrive on alkaline soils in full sun, since the bulbs like a baking in summer. They are usually planted in late summer, but you can divide clumps in spring just before the leaves start to die down. Colchicum, commonly known as meadow saffron, or even naked ladies, looks like a large robust crocus, although it is in a different family. The flowers of Colchicum speciosum are the shape of a wine glass, and usually purplish-mauve, with a white centre. There is a very fine pure-white form, called 'Album'. Plant these bulbs in a deep soil, in full sun, and where there is plenty of space for the leaves to expand in spring.


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The Ship That’s Died of Shame - HMS Pagham - Ken Rimell Slowly rotting away in a Scottish harbour is a ship that’s died of shame. Stripped of all her valuable and savagable parts and is, according to the latest reports from the harbourmaster at Drummore not far from Stranraer, she is now beyond salvation. This ship was once the proud Royal Navy Minesweeper called HMS Pagham, one of 93 Ham Class ships that take their names after towns and villages in the UK whose title ended in ham. These were built at various shipyards around the UK in the 1950’s to a Government contract. Amazingly her nearest relative, built a year later is HMS Sidlesham, but she fares better and is now enjoying a new life on the River Thames in a long term energy efficiency project! HMS Sidlesham was paid off by the Royal Navy and was acquired by the Sussex Police, and renamed The Gerald Daniel, taking the name of a young policeman of that name who tragically died. She spent many years moored at Cobnor Point and was moved under tow to her new location on the River Thames near Chelsea Bridge in HMS Pagham 2010. But for HMS Pagham her future was to be bleak. This proud ship saw service with the Royal Navy operating out of Drummore working on the sometimes hazardous job of ordnance recovery duties at the RAF Ranges at West Freugh in Wigstown, a few miles east of Stranraer, Dumphries and Galloway in Scotland, Built by the Jones Slip Company on the Clyde she arrived on station in Drummore Harbour in the summer of 1956 and took up her Royal Naval duties. In 1957 HMS Pagham and her crew of 21 were to experience a bazaar event, later named the West Freugh Incident. In April 1957 they were about to monitor a bombing trial exercise several miles out to sea, when the Range Control called up to say the RAF aircraft had become unserviceable and HMS Pagham could return to base. It was then a message reached Pagham, they were to remain on station, no reason given but they were to stay there until recalled. It was at that precise moment that the radar screens at the Ministry of Supply Bombing Trails Unit spotted something large and unusual on their radar screens. The phones between the various military establishment rang with urgency and excitement as controllers speculated as to what it could be. It was the Cold War and anything other than the ‘norm’ around a classified military area could be deemed as sinister. The ‘object’, a large and solid unidentified echo on their radar screens, remained almost stationary at 50,000 feet, and then increased its climb to over 70,000 feet. Suddenly that single and stationary object became several moving targets all traveling at thousands of miles an hour, the echoes were something the operators had never experienced before.

HMS Sidlesham between Chelsea & Albert Bridges

Senior military figures were alerted in London and down the corridors of Whitehall they rushed to hold meetings. The whole Nation was now involved, this was no military exercise in progress but it looked like something very serious was happening. Back at West Freugh, HMS Pagham was sent another message warning of possible danger and the operator ordering the crew to don the white flash nuclear clothing while he pondered whether this could be war! Radar plotters around the UK, locked into the object, they all agreed that the size was more like that of a huge ocean liner, larger than anything known of that size to be flying at the time. The object remained on the radar screens for over half an hour and then disappeared.

An official report, written later stated ‘After remaining stationary the UFO began to climb vertical with no forward motion, it rose rapidly to approximately 60,000 in less than a minute and then moved in an easterly direction, slowly at first but later accelerating very fast and traveling towards Newton Stewart, losing height on the way. Suddenly the UFO turned to the southeast and slowed. It then picked up speed to 240mph and moved towards the Isle of Man where it stopped. At this stage the radar signals became contradictory; one radar station claiming it was a single object while others claimed there were four single readings, the latter now reporting they were in line astern flying at 14,000 feet. The echoes disappeared and left the plotters radar screens. The National and local press soon cottoned on to the story and later questions were asked in Parliament. Little response came from Whitehall for the questions were, and still are, covered by the Official Secrets act.The incident baffled the experts. Numerous explanations came forth along with long postmortems, but with no military or civil aircraft flying in or near that region at the time the exact identification must still rest with what the plotters and radar screen operators saw at the time. But the events that day certainly had the UK on an immediate alert scenario and the very latest specialist rocket tracking equipment was rushed into place around Stranraer and St Kilda’s as a cautionary precaution. From then on HMS Pagham was kept at constant readiness while daily trawling the seas and recovering military ordnance under test until 1976 when she was retired. Flying her paying off pennant she sailed into Drummore Harbour. The skipper shutting down her Paxman Diesels, and with her duties duly and honourably done the crew left the ship. For a while she laid dormant, but a request from the local Sea Cadets Corps saw her get a new lease of life to become their new headquarters. She was renamed the Training Ship Rodney, after the Royal Navy Battleship of that name. Moored at the local railway jetty her sea going duties gave the young cadets a life on the ocean waves for 21 years. But there was another change on the horizon when the Training Ship Rodney closed down and the Stranraer Sea Cadets disbanded in 2002, this found HMS Pagham with an uncertain future. She was sold for a nominal fee to someone who had grandiose plans on converting her into a luxury floating home, but this was never to be. Towed to a tidal berth she was slowly stripped of valuable parts for salvage, and any plans for conversion were abandoned, she was just left to rot. The locals of Drummore, who had watched HMS Pagham slowly die remonstrated with the new owner over her deterioration but to no avail and since 2008 she’s just been left and awaits to eventually be taken by the sea. A sad end for a once proud ship. However the legacy of HMS Pagham still glimmers for in St Thomas a’ Becket Church Pagham her ships bell can be found alongside a small picture of her in better days. The same applies for HMS Sidlesham, her bell also hangs in her local parish church. All the ‘Ham’ class ships were made of wood and any metalwork had to conform to giving a very low magnetic signal, imperative when seeking and recovering old mines and ordnance that could easily explode. I did a short survey on how many of these fine ships survive today, just a few it seems. Most have been converted into floating homes. Indeed some years ago I went aboard HMS Sidlesham (the Gerald Daniel), when she was moored at Cobnor and I was surprised. With her engines and Royal Naval equipment gone it was amazing the HMS Pagham today amount of space there was inside for accommodating more bed space. However large wooden hulled ships of an older generation require constant and often costly attention, without this they die!


Don’t miss what promises to be a thrilling evening on the beach off Pagham Yacht Club on Wednesday 6th August at 6.00p.m. A “Tyne” class all Weather Lifeboat from Selsey, an "Atlantic 75" class from RNLI Littlehampton, the Coastguard's ASR Ball-Augusta Helicopter and the Coastguard Patrol will all give their exciting display. Pagham Yacht Club will be open to Non-Members on the day and will have a Bar-B-Q on the beach, the Bar will also be open in the Club House. The R.N.L.I is funded by voluntary contributions with no input from Whitehall, there will be a collection made before and after the display, please dig deep to support this invaluable life - saving service ! Also please note that all the craft and personnel taking part are on “Radio Call” and may be diverted, especially the helicopter, to a real call out at a moments notice ! - for rates, reviews & Ts & Cs - 01243 908 908 -



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Adverts start at ÂŁ10p/m inc a FREE website listing. Delivered to over 11.600 houses holds - for rates, reviews & Ts & Cs - 01243 908 908 -



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Aldwick Parish Council Monthly Newsletter July-August 2014 Interview with Cllr Derek Hammond

The hugely successful Play Rangers return for the summer hols! You can join them for sessions at the following times and venues: 29th July, 31st July, 5th August, 7th August, 12th August, 14th August, 19th August, 21st August, 26th August, 28th August. How long have you served as a Parish Councillor and why did you become involved? Because I knew nothing about local government and I thought that instead of moaning about it I should find out something about it first. I’ve been with the council for over 4 years and I’ve served on all the committees in that time. I’m currently chairman of Finance and have sole responsibility for the allotments with the Clerk. I also serve as an Internal Auditor. What qualities do you think you bring to the Council? I could be accused of plain speaking. I came to do a job, not to be popular; I speak my mind and if people don’t like it, that’s too bad. What’s the most worthwhile work you do for the Parish Council? The work I do for the allotments. I’d like it to be a good and happy place. I’d like to improve things, by involving school-children, for example. With the child obesity problem we have and the fact that some kids don’t know that vegetables actually grow; it’s a good thing to get them involved and we hope to do it in the future. What changes would you like to see within the Parish Council? I don’t think we need fourteen councillors and let’s just say some people work harder than others! What changes would you like to see within Aldwick? I like Aldwick as it is but I’d like to see a much better use of Avisford Park. It's a big open space with not much in it. Editor's Note: See 'In Short'

10.30am - 12.30pm West Park 2.30 pm - 4.30pm Avisford Park Funded by Aldwick Parish Council The story continues... Continuing our series about how the Council is run, The Amenities Committee meets every six weeks approximately and as its name suggests, is concerned with local amenities including: paths, benches, play facilities, allotments, the upkeep of toilets and public rights of way to name just a few. Our Members work really hard to ensure that they provide the very best facilities for our residents, but if there’s something you want addressed, do come along to our meetings. In short: New play equipment will be installed in Avisford Park. Work will be starting soon and will include a team swing, a gravity rider and a ball maze panel. Sounds like fun! Aldwick Parish Council is funding the equipment and Arun District Council will be contributing to the installation and ongoing maintenance. Vacancy There is currently a vacancy for a Parish Councillor. If you’d like to serve the community of Aldwick, please contact the Clerk.

email: Phone 01243 263330 Twitter: @aldwickparish 48

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Adverts start at ÂŁ10p/m inc a FREE website listing. Delivered to over 11.600 houses holds - for rates, reviews & Ts & Cs - 01243 908 908 -


A Look into the Past with Local Historian - Sylvia Endacott Wish Your Were Here! They tell us the summer is coming soon; hopefully that will herald the arrival of even more holidaymakers, spending money in the town and surrounding area. It is also historically a time when visitors have sent postcards home to their families and loved ones to tell them where they are staying etc. It was also a time when people sent cards to friends with the message, “this one is for your collection!” In the past the industry of the postcard was very much a local trade and Bognor was lucky enough to have a large number of photographers and printers who took time each summer to produce cards for both the visitors and residents. These old cards of course today provide a real insight into the visual history of the town, or do they? Some humorous cards were not really a good advertisement of the area, such as the card that states “please keep off the grass” but showing only shingle. During the period 1900 to 1930 there were large numbers of postcards produced in many instances by local photographers such as King and Wilson, who operated from 8 Pier Arcade. Their advertisements in the 1920s stated that they produced a same day photographic service, so the service we see today is not such a new idea, as we may believe. Their particular style consisted of a photograph with their name, written in white on the photo, and sometimes they would even write the date the photo was taken, especially if it was “after the Storm” or “high seas.”Another major player during this period was Webster and Webb whose Library was situated in the High Street at No’s 61,63 and 65 Estate Agents can be found. They published extensive printed material including town guidebooks. Their postcards differed in that they were in many instances coloured, with a white border across the bottom of the photo, complete with the name and address of the publisher. Other publishers tended to place this information on the reverse of their cards.


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Burgess Bazaar was another establishment that created it’s own history with it’s postcards, their styles varied, but also included their name both on the front and reverse. Their shop opposite the Pier was also renowned for being visited by Queen Mary whilst she was here during King George’s recuperation in 1929. One of their advertisements states “At the sign of the Peddling Bear” you could buy anything for the seaside. Does anyone know about the “Peddling Bear?” All these postcards of course provide a lasting record of the buildings in Bognor over the period. During the 1930s when R.C. Sherriff wrote his “The Fortnight in September” he regales the reader with the story of a family coming to Bognor for their summer holiday. He tells of their trip from the station to the seaside, passing countless shops selling wares to entice them to spend their money including the shops where, “the postcards were in a revolving stand that would never push around – where you bought the little folding cards that let down a zig zag strip of pictures.” How many of you can remember this type of card? After the Second World War holidays were not so readily available as people tried to piece together both their lives and homes before even considering a visit to the seaside. Gradually the holidaymakers began to arrive again, however the postcards did not return to their former popularity either with the public or the publishers. A few printers took up the challenge including Cleeves and Jennings, both situated in the High Street in the period 1950s to 1980s. Nowadays many holidaymakers don’t send postcards whilst on holiday as they can send their own pictures via their mobile phone or their iPad, thus it is possible that these postcard images may fade from our shops within a few short years. Where are the modern entrepreneurs who could recommence the trade of publishing modern, up to date views of the area as it is today? - for rates, reviews & Ts & Cs - 01243 908 908 -



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Summer Fruit Terrine 15 fl oz (425 ml) sparkling rosé wine 1 tablespoon fresh lime juice 2 x 0.4 oz (11 g) sachets gelatine powder 2 oz (50 g) caster sugar 12 oz (350 g) blackcurrants, redcurrants and blueberries 8 oz (225 g) raspberries 12 oz (350 g) small strawberries 2 x 2lb non-stick loaf tins Prepare the fruit: remove the stalks and halve the strawberries & mix together in a large bowl. Heat half the rosé wine till it begins to simmer, then add the sugar and gelatine, stirring until all has dissolved, then add the remaining wine and lime juice. Pour the liquid into a jug and allow it to cool. Arrange the mixed fruit in a small loaf tins, making sure that the first layer at the bottom of the tin is arranged prettily as this will be the top when turned out. Pour all but 5 fl oz (150 ml) of the liquid over the fruit. Lay a sheet of cling film over the tin, put the other tin directly on top, then add something into the upper tin to weigh it down. Refrigerate until set. Warm up the remaining 5 fl oz (150 ml) wine mixture and pour it over the surface of the terrine. Re-cover with cling film and return to the fridge overnight to set firm. To serve, turn out by dipping the tin very briefly in hot water and inverting it on to a plate. Use a very sharp knife (also dipped first into hot water) to cut it into slices. Serve with chilled pouring cream, vanilla ice cream or crème fraîche. - for rates, reviews & Ts & Cs - 01243 908 908 -


After 270 Years Cannons are Restored Conservation experts at West Dean College have conserved two bronze cannons recovered from HMS Victory, predecessor to Nelson’s flagship, which are being returned today to the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard. The great historic flagship of the Royal Navy was on active duty under the command of Admiral Sir John Balchin when it sank in a storm in1744, taking more than one thousand sailors to their deaths. The cannon from HMS Victory were raised from the sea bed in 2008. The National Museum of the Royal Navy commissioned Mary Rose Archaeological Services to conserve the two guns. The work was carried out at the Royal Armouries workshop at Fort Nelson. West Dean College was commissioned by Mary Rose Archaeological Services to prepare HMS Victory cannon raised from the the cannon for seabed in 2008 display. Student conservators at West Dean worked with Jon Privett, Metalwork Conservation Programme Leader on this project. Laurie Price, one of the students, has since graduated and is currently on an apprenticeship at the National Maritime Museum. “This has been a terrific conservation project for the college and the students involved in the many processes of bringing them to display quality,” says Jon Privett. “Following chemical desalination treatment, the two cannon, which weigh 42 pounds and 12 pounds, were worked on to remove the thick marine concretions remaining to reveal the stunning detail of the Georgian crests, dolphin handles and, very importantly, the makers name and dates of their production. Former West Dean College Hours of painstaking chipping and concretion removal was student Laurie Price and a carried out with a variety of tools made and used by the bronze cannon (circa 1737) students. Both cannon were found to be fully loaded with wadding made from hemp rope, iron cannon balls and a mass of very damp gunpowder. To find the organic remains of the wadding was very exciting. Inside the 12 pounder was a wooden tompion, which is a bung for the end of the barrel which ensured the gunpowder in the loaded guns remained dry at sea. It clearly displays the tool marks of a turning chisel used to make it. The cannon were repeatedly washed over a long period of time to remove all traces of salt water which would corrode the cannon if left in place. They were then heated and waxed to provide long term protection.” 66

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Computer Talk

by Paul Price of Druid Services Ltd

A couple of things to remember. Despite all the warnings in the press of late we still find computers that are not protected properly. There are many risks out there on the internet, Viruses, worms, Trojans, botnets to name but a few. A lot of coverage has been given to Gameover Zeus. It operates a two-pronged attack. As with many other types of malware, the virus looks for opportunities to steal information such as banking details and passwords. These are then sent to a criminal network who can then use the information to remove money from your accounts. In addition, Gameover Zeus will encrypt the data on your computer so you cannot access it. The virus will then demand payment from you - upwards of several hundred pounds - before you can ever see your files, photos and videos again. The virus will also use your email accounts to spread itself to your friends, relatives and contacts. To protect yourself make sure that your Internet Security is up to date same goes for the anti malware software too. The free versions of software are better than nothing, but as in life you do not usually get something for nothing and there really is no such thing in life as a free lunch. Make sure that you have all the latest security updates installed on your computer. By keeping Windows up to date, you close the loopholes these viruses use to attack your computer. The easiest way to do this is using Windows Update. You have various security programs on your computer, it is a good idea to find out how they work so you can run regular scans of your system. Make sure you run an update each time before you use the programs. In fact the first time you notice the computer doing something strange run all the scanners, better safe than sorry. Be careful downloading files and opening email attachments. Viruses and other types of malware often disguise themselves as ordinary files. Before you open them, it's very important to scan any files you download and any attachments in emails - even if they're from people you know. If you use a free email service live Hotmail or Google mail make certain that the contact information you gave is still relevant. If something goes wrong with your email account, either it has been hijacked or refuses to recognise your password you have limited opportunities to get it back. There is no phone number just several questions that will be asked, usually with a code or link being texted to your mobile or alternative address. I won’t say how many times it turns out that an old email address or mobile is still listed. Not good when they are the only point of contact. Now before I sign off, you have got a recent backup of the data on your computer, plus of course a print out of all those important contacts? Are you sure!!! - for rates, reviews & Ts & Cs - 01243 908 908 -


Collector's Corner - The Story of Coalport - Pam Crosland Born to Scottish parents in the 1760’s, John Rose and his family moved to Shropshire around 1770 and lived at Swynney Farm near Brosely. Having left school he became an apprentice to a gentleman by the name of Thomas Turner a well known engraver and potter who had an innovative method to making porcelain. This was at the Caughley Porcelain factory. John learned well and soon desired to start his own factory. So he left Thomas Turner. It was his dream to produce the highest quality bone china with the most brilliant colours imaginable. Rose was introduced to a local businessman, Edward Blakeway. Together they formed a partnership and purchased the Caughley pottery and one year later set up another similar business at nearby Jackfield. Across the river was a small settlement named Coalport, so called as the canals were used to transport all the coal to river vessels at this junction to the River Servern. This small hamlet was famous for producing ceramics. So at the end of the 18 th century, John Rose, Blakeway & Co moved from Jackfield across the river to Coalport where they set up their famous business in an abandoned pottery. A fine workforce was built up, with the best local artists and painters . Sadly on October 23 rd 1799 a catastrophe occurred when the twice daily Severn ferry capsized drowning 28 people, including many of their most skilled employees. John Rose made it his business to provide for the survivors and families of the deceased. John and Edward experimented with different methods in the production of porcelain, and their teawares were well received and led to the opening of a London retail warehouse. Rose earned the gold medal from the Society of Arts in 1820 by discovering a glaze without the use of lead or arsenic, this was felspar. Felspar is a mineral from the earth’s crust which is used widely today in glass and pottery to strengthen and toughen the durability of its body. It was during the 1830’s that the factory initiated a new practice of applying a light transfer to their china which was printed in blue as an outline to guide the painters. The production levels were so great that the free hand painters were struggling to keep pace. This practice was to be copied by other leading manufacturers in the 19 th century. In 1841 John Rose passed away and was buried in Barrow, ironically near to the grave of Thomas Turner who could never have dreamt that his protégé would have become so iconic. The company continued under the former name of John Rose & Co by his nephew W.F. Rose and William Pugh producing dinner services that cost a spectacular 200 guineas, thousands of pound in todays' prices. The most magnificent Coalport table service, was commissioned by Queen Victoria as a gift to Tsar Nicholas 1 of Russia, and was shown at The Great Exhibition in London 1951 causing a negative sensation. From 1851 until his death in 1875, William Pugh continued as sole proprietor. His heirs put the company into receivership until it was resurrected by the Coalport China Co. Coalport become part of the Wedgwood Group in 1967 & is still in production today. William Rose left behind a legacy of exquisite bone china and porcelain, a few of the many patterns of tableware were; Indian Tree, Imari and Willow Pattern. Flower encrusted vases, baskets, ink stands, and clock cases generally known as Coalbrookdale and the elegant female figurines. So the next time you see a piece of Coalport, be it a cup, jug, basket, or figurine, just think back to the days when it all began on the banks of the River Severn. 70

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Bognor Regis Regeneration, updates - Phil Hitchins Writing this article at the beginning of June for the July/August edition is hard as there is not much council activity during April and May as that time is usually taken up with elections. I am pleased that my roles do not seem to have changed, especially as I remain Vice-Chairman of Bognor Regis Regeneration. Throughout my articles I report on what I feel is important when trying to promote Bognor Regis as an excellent place to live and work in. I do have a couple of recent updates for you on items I have previously mentioned, they are the “public realm” works along London Road and the extended scheme outside the Railway Station, together with the intended café in Hotham Park. Let’s start with the works happening outside the Station, which we have called Station Square. I have just returned from a progress briefing, attended by all three Councils. The aim is to make this area smart and attractive for visitors with improved lighting to make any visit to Bognor Regis by rail a better experience. We are doing this now with much improved help from both Network Rail and Southern Rail who will be upgrading the Station. Although I have seen some artists impressions they are at an early stage, as soon as I am able I will share them with you. Under the terms of our award from the Coastal Communities Fund work in Station Square must start in October/November 2014 and all work from the Station to the Sea must be completed by November 2016. I have also heard that this money just might stretch to pavement improvements outside the Picturedrome and up-lighting to this historic building, which can only enhance this area. Let me now turn to the intended new Café in Hotham Park. This project is moving forward as quickly as possible and small changes are being made as plans progress. At the end of May I attended a meeting, where the Architects showed us their designs, which were in keeping with the brief they had been given, a single story building, inside and outside seating and a building that took into account Hotham House and the conditions from the Heritage Lottery funding, with a flint feature wall and roof material echoing that of Hotham House. The extensive use of glazed doors that can be folded back on sunny days to make the most of the indoor-outdoor crossover. Maybe Turners Pies, after their latest award might wish to run it, now that could be interesting! There are of course other exciting plans for Bognor Regis, in May we submitted an Enterprise Zone proposal for the area just north of Bognor Regis and straddling the A29. If this is accepted it will speed up business and employment growth in that area. And dear reader, did you know that Bognor Regis East and Littlehampton Coastguards are the only 2 beaches across Sussex to receive Seaside Awards, valid between May and the end of September 2014, from Keep Britain Tidy. Also in May Arun were named Council of the year at the National Green Deal & Eco awards against strong competition from a host of Councils across England and Scotland. And were you aware that the Bognor Regis area is becoming a favoured filming spot for programmes like, Take me Out, Escape to the Country, Saturday Kitchen and CBBC as well as a couple I cannot mentioned as they have not been aired as yet. Let’s all keep talking Bognor Regis up, we have a great Town, there’s a lot more going on than most people appreciate and it’s Hotham Park Cafe improving all the time. 74

Phil Hitchins, Arun District Councillor for Aldwick West and Vice-Chairman of Adverts start at £10p/m inc a FREE website listing. Delivered to 11.500 houses holds Bognor Regis Regeneration. email: - for rates, reviews & Ts & Cs - 01243 908 908 -



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Pagham Harbour This gentle walk takes you around Pagham Harbour, a favourite spot for birdwatchers and through the churchyard at Church Norton. This chapel is dedicated to St Wilfred who is credited with bringing Christianity to Britain after landing at Church Norton.


6.2km (3.8 miles)


2 hours

Start Point


OS Map - Explorer 120 Chichester & South Harting & Selsey The Route Park at Pagham Harbour local nature reserve Sidlesham. From the car park walk behind the information centre follow the track as it turns R and after a few metres turn L down a grassy path and follow the track R. Continue up to the harbour’s edge turn R along this straight track, once part of the old tramway. When you reach the road turn L and at the hedge take the footpath L onto a bank. Walk by the side of The Long Pond, you will soon have views up to The Downs on your left, continue on this path as it goes R towards the open sea. After approximately 200 m, at low tide you can go down to a grassy bank at the edge of the harbour. When you reach some trees with low branches which partially obstruct your way, turn R back up onto the bank. Continue ahead do not take the steps on your left but continue on the bank to a stone steps into St. Wilfred’s churchyard. Go through the Lynch Gate into Church Norton Car Park. Go through the gate on the left where there is an information board in front of a grassy mound, this is the site of an 11C Norman castle. Walk down to the harbour’s edge and turn L to return via the steps to the banks and back to your car, to visit the beach turn R at the bottom of Church Norton car park.


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ACROSS 1. Recluse 5. Horizontal 7. Easy pace 8. Perfumed powder 9. Cries 10. Lawful 11. Equines 13. Immense periods 14. Intimidates 18. Cease 21. Statistics 22. Frothed 24. Alcove 25. White metal 26. Hard work 27. Dodge 28. Stitched garment edges 29. Wealthier DOWN 1. Devised (plot) 2. Sneers 3. Pursues closely 4. Make off 5. Becomes septic 6. People devoid of pigment 12. Consume food 15. Greed 16. Subtle differences 17. Unique 19. Self-pride 20. Walking infant 22. High temperature 23. Loft

Fill the grid so that every column, every row and every 3x3 box contains the number 1 to 9


Adverts More start atpuzzles ÂŁ10p/m inc FREE website Delivered to ona page 84 withlisting. all Solutions on11.500 pagehouses 108 holds - for rates, reviews & Ts & Cs - 01243 908 908 -


ACROSS 1. Paltry sum 5. Put up (painting) 7. Scruff (of neck) 8. Slow-moving reptile 9. Fireplace 12. Science subject 15. Traitor's crime 19. Made (wage) 21. Roaming stealthily 22. Jetty 23. Night sky object 24. Ragged DOWN 1. South American cloak 2. Belonging to them 3. V-shaped cut 4. Improve in value 5. Animal feet 6. Extracts (information) 10. Wheel shaft 11. Adds (up) 12. Grenade trigger 13. Hindu meditation 14. Symbolic picture 15. Lures 16. Reply 17. Woodwind musician 18. Worshipped 19. Octet number 20. Pakistan currency


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The Pagham Action Group

The Pagham Action Group exists to promote an effective long term solution to the erosion on Pagham Beach. We believe that the solution is to restore the Harbour mouth to the 1961 – 2003 position straight out to sea. At the moment the Church Norton Spit has grown in front of our properties and is deflecting the harbour current all along the beach, causing rapid beach scour and erosion. We lost 20 metres of beach last winter and half of the 103 beach front properties have less than 20 metres left ! We cannot last another winter. Arun district council have heroically defended us but are losing the battle. Only restoring the harbour outflow straight out to sea will solve this problem. The Environment agency and Natural England are refusing to help. So we have to raise the money for the cut through ourselves. So please do come along to our Fun Day and support us.


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Adverts start at ÂŁ10p/m inc a FREE website listing. Delivered to 11.500 houses holds

Hello, it's Giggles again the out and about reporter at CRRC. I woke up last Tuesday feeling so very sleepy, and found I was not curled up in the barn, but in a cage in the vets room. Naomi, one of my staff said I had been a bit poorly, so the vet had a little look at me while I was asleep. I must have been alright as I am now back outside, and up to my old tricks. I have been sitting on top of the dustbin watching what has been going on indoors. Last night five little kittens were brought in without a mummy. Some of them are being hand fed with a little syringe to make them better. One of them is very small, and I’m going to call him Balloola Bob. My staff are still trying to find their mummy, so next time I talk to you I will be able to tell you how they got on. We have a Rehoming Day Saturday 26 th July 12-2pm. Re-homing days are non-appointment days so people thinking of adopting a cat can pop along. Otherwise we re-home 7 days a week by appointment only.

LADY This pretty girl is called Lady. She came into the centre in December 2013 after she lost her home when her owner moved into accommodation which didn’t allow cats. Lady is 12 years old and a quiet and sweet little cat who enjoys a cuddle. She is looking for a nice quiet home to settle down in, ideally with no other cats. THE CAT & RABBIT RESCUE CENTRE Holborow Lodge, Chalder Lane, Sidlesham, W. Sussex PO20 7RJ Tel: 01243 641409 Reg. Charity no. 1010000 Email: Also find us on facebook

Home from Hospital Service The Home from Hospital Service of the British Red Cross is a free service offering support to people who are caring for loved ones who have recently been discharged from hospital. It also offers support to individuals who have recently been discharged and may have little, if any support from family and friends. We offer help with shopping, light housework, providing company and a range of other practical activities. Our service is delivered by a team of dedicated volunteers and we are always actively seeking new recruits to help us. We would be particularly interested in hearing from anyone who has a couple of hours a week to spare and enjoys meeting and helping people. As the demand on our service grows, so too does the need for volunteers! If you would like some more information or know of anyone who could give up a few hours a week, please contact the Health and Social Care Coordinator on 01243 774858.


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West Dean Chilli Festival...the Hottest Event This Summer One of the UK's original and largest chilli events, last year over 22,000 people came, and enjoyed a full programme of live music, food and entertainment. Many people camped in the spectacular grounds of the Estate. The campsite this year will be divided into four areas : Jalapeno, Pimento, Bell and Chipotle, please refer to the website for more details. Some of the performers of live latin-infused music will be: The Jive Aces, Lokito, Robin Jones & King Salsa, and dancers Patrick Helm & Crystal Main and DJ Taz. In the Cookery Theatre special guests will be chefs Jeremy Pang, Rosemary Moon, Nisha Katona & Chocolatier Paul Wayne Gregory. This year there will be Talks and Tours around the Victorian Greenhouses and Walled Garden led by Sarah Wain, Gardens Supervisor and West Deans chilli expert. Here you can see around 250 varieties of chilli and learn how to grow them at home ! There will be a selection of beverages in bars around the site, and lots of tasty chilli-related foods to set your taste buds on fire! Also over 150 stalls selling an enormous variety of quirky gifts, foods, plants and all things chilli. For the younger festival-goers there is also entertainment galore; there will be a rock workshops with the Chichester Music Academy for teens, and a Vintage Steam Fun Fair and a display of vintage cars. - for rates, reviews & Ts & Cs - 01243 908 908 -


Rose Tea Party Join in the Rose Tea Party this summer Host your own tea party and raise vital funds for physically disabled ex-Servicemen and women. This year The Queen Alexandra Hospital Home celebrates its 95th birthday and our services are needed as much today as they were in 1919. By holding a Rose Tea Party you’ll be helping QAHH to continue its essential care and rehabilitation for physically disabled veterans. We are grateful to HD Tribe Ltd for sponsoring The Rose Tea Party. How to join in the Rose Tea Party Holding a Rose Tea is easy and fun. Just register today for a Rose Tea Party pack. We’ll send you all that’s needed to host your own Rose Tea Party, including invites to send to your friends, a poster to advertise the tea party, and stickers and fabric roses to brand your event. Plus a load of additional fundraising hints & tips. Just invite your friends and enjoy the tea party. It’s as simple as that. Register today: Call: 01903 218444 Email: Web:

The Friends of Bognor Hospital

Annual Summer Fete August 2nd 1pm-4pm Grand draw with a first prize of £250.00 and many other prizes. Cake stalls , tombola, plants, books and many other stalls. Entertainment by The Regis Troopers, Arun Sounds, Matron a local band, Isis theatrical promotions, Mr Sparks, Bouncy castle and Chichester Hospital radio will be in attendance.


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St Thomas a Becket Church, Pagham

Summer Fair and Craft Fair July 19th - 12 noon to 3 pm Pagham Village Hall Owls about Town - Come along and get close to the Owls Craft Stalls, Tombola, Raffle, stalls and games, refreshments, cakes, bouncy castle. Table Top Sale @ Bognor CAN

Saturday 12th July & 8th August - 2pm - 4pm (sellers to arrive at 1pm)

Featuring The Body Shop Handmade Jewellery, Children's Toys and Clothes, Sweets and lots of other tables. New and Second Hand. c/o Bognor Regis Youth & Community Centre, Westloats Lane, North Bersted,PO21 5JZ - Tables £7 (tables supplied) To book : 07825 816551 E: Weather Permitting Tables will be outside as well as inside.

Charity No 1117226

Pagham Table Top Sale of babies’ and children’s clothes, toys and equipment

Sunday 20th July & Sunday 31st August

Pagham Village Hall from 9.00am to 11.00am FREE ENTRY. Pushchair friendly. Tables £10 Contact: Table rental and refreshments in aid of Chestnut Tree House Children’s Hospice

FIRST SATURDAY of EACH MONTH - next one 5th July & 2nd August 10am -12 noon at the Bognor Regis Methodist Church Cake Stall, Sales Tables, also Homemade Soup and a Roll from 11.30am Pagham Chestnuts Club are now collecting for their Annual Jumble Sale to be held on Sat. Aug 2nd 10.00 until 12.00 Pagham Village Hall Please ring 264622 to arrange collection or delivery. you know that -Fund raising events advertised for Free ? for rates, reviews &&TsCharity & Cs - 01243 908 908are - 93

Bognor Regis Friends of Chestnut Tree House Children's Hospice

Strawberry Fayre with Flower Demonstration by Julie Brownlee Saturday 12th July 2014 1.30pm - 4.00pm Pagham Village Hall, Pagham Road. PO21 4NJ Tickets ÂŁ10 to include afternoon tea Contact: Paula Puleston-01243 584843 or Due Dean-01243 262478 In aid of Chestnut Tree House Children's Hospice


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New members welcome - no need to be Ex - Service. Great facilities including a fully stocked bar with a choice of real ale. Restaurant. And full size Snooker table. Waterloo Square - 01243 865615. Our events for are (Note: 8.00 pm start unless stated otherwise. Charges can apply):

JULY (Join this month and get membership to end 2015 for the annual fee – New applicants only) 1st Tuesday Royal Navy Association Meeting (12.00 noon) RAFA Choir– New members welcome (every Tuesday 5.45 pm) Quiz night rd 3 Thursday WAAF Group (11.45 am) Line Dancing (Every Thursday) 5th Saturday Alexis Themed Night - SAFARI th 7 Monday Mah-jong (1.30 pm) 10th Thursday Women’s RBL Meeting (11.30 am) th 12 Saturday Gary’s Disco – Popular music to dance to 19th Saturday Cliff’s Wings Night – With Singer Terry Carvey rd 23 Wednesday Reading Group (11.30 am for 11.45 am) th 25 Friday Bingo Night – Plus supper (Pre-order £5.00) th 26 Saturday Gold Track – Talented Duo on Guitar & Keyboard th 29 Tuesday Open Mic – John Gradwell hosts budding acts 30th Wednesday Meet and Greet Evening – For new Members


1st Friday & 2nd Saturday The RAFA World War 1 Show 4th Monday Mah-jong (1.30 pm) 5th Tuesday Royal Navy Association Meeting (12.00 noon) RAFA Choir– New members welcome (every Tuesday 5.45 pm) Quiz night 7th Thursday WAAF Group (11.45 am) Line Dancing (Every Thursday) 9th Saturday Steve Smiley – Comedian, guitar vocalist with an Elvis Tribute act 16th Saturday Haley G – Returns by popular demand 23rd Saturday Our Ron’s Karaoke – A firm favourite 20th Wednesday Reading Group (11.30 am for 11.45 am) 26th Tuesday Open Mic – John Gradwell hosts budding acts 29th Friday Bingo Night – Plus supper (Pre-order £5.00) 30th Saturday The VCC 8’s – Jive and rockabilly dance music


is affiliated to the Kennel Club of Great Britain and has to meet strict criteria. Training classes take place every Thursday and Friday evenings, at the Felpham Village Hall, Vicarage Lane, Felpham. Hilary Sykes 01243 860083 - WILLOWHALE FARM RESIDENTS ASSOCIATION including Allotments & Neighbouring Roads. Coffee mornings at the Aldwick Parish Council Offices, 88 Pryors Lane. WFRA invite you to Friday mornings at "The Willows" between 10.00am & 12.00 noon. Come in for a coffee & a chat. Use the board games or just meet friends, new or old. We welcome all ages and there is no charge. And if you need help on a subject we will try to give you the contact details which may help. Every Friday except: 19th & 26th September & 21st November. The last of 2014 will be 12th December. The WFRA is a not for profit voluntary association. Members of the National Organisation of Residents Associations. - email : - 01243 265046 PAGHAM & DISTRICT RESIDENTS ASSOCIATION Coffee mornings , Pagham Village Hall. 10am - 11.30am . 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month. EVERYBODY WELCOME BOGNOR REGIS SCOUTS


First Thursday of the month. Bognor Memorial Hospital Rest.- 7pm information available from Pat Alderton 01243 822615 July 3rd - Mindfulness - Barbara Boxall, qualified teacher of Mindfulness August 7th - Members' informal discussion evening Sept 4th - How the National Osteoporosis Society can help you - NOS Regional Development Manager GROVE HOUSE PATIENT GROUP for more information, please call 01243 264497


Serving Pagham and neighbouring areas. Coffee Mornings alternate Wednesdays 10-11.30, at St Ninians Church Hall. Next mornings are in July 2nd, 16th & 30th and in August 13th & 22nd.50p entrance. Transport provided if needed. Also social events organised. Ring 01243 263772 96 96

For non-profit or website charitable free Adverts start at £10p/mmaking inc a FREE listing. organisations Delivered to 11.500listing houses is holds

BOGNOR TEA & CHAT (Chichester Area Mind Ltd)

A Drop in Support Group. for over 65's who have or are experiencing problems with mental health such as feeling isolated, depressed, or experiencing anxiety . We can provide lunch and transport. Call Alyson Hayes on : 07949963757 COFFEE POT MORNING Tues 10-11.45am at the Aldwick Parish Council Offices


Provide a variety of activities which are Dizzy Ducklings Pre-school, Carpet Bowls, Pilates, Aerobics, Yoga, Country Folk Dancing, Links Gateway Mencap, Fitness League, Tai Chi, Bingo and Tiny Tots Football. For further information on any of these please contact Dennis on 01243-264357 or Perrie on 01243-267291. Pryors Lane. Serving the Willowhale Community and the surrounding areas. PAGHAM CHESTNUTS CLUB A club for over 55’s that meets fortnightly on Mondays at Pagham Village Hall 2.00 - 4.00p.m. Minibus available if transport is needed - Contact Judy Halls 01243 264622 PAGHAM & DISTRICT RESIDENTS ASSOCIATION Coffee mornings , Pagham Village Hall. 10am - 11.30am . 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month. EVERYBODY WELCOME TUESDAY FRIENDSHIP CLUB First & third Tuesday at the Methodist Church Hall at 7pm (not January & July to October) Diverse Speakers. All welcome . Contact Lilian Knight 01243 822510 FELPHAM SINGLES social club for over 45’s who are single.1st Monday of each month at The George Inn, Felpham, for a chat/disco Visit our Facebook page, or email: Tel : Dianne 01243 543281 Anne 01243 821530 BOGNOR REGIS U3A The U3A is for anyone no longer in full time employment. The organisation is run by members for members. U3A stands for University of the Third Age however this is not a university in the full sense of the word as you need no experience, you need not be expert in anything. Retired – working part-time and have time on your hands and looking for something keep your mind and body active, then come along to learn more.? The Bognor Regis U3A covers an area from Pagham through to Bognor Regis. Their monthly coffee morning is held at the Riverside Caravan site on Shripney, on the 4TH Thursday in the month from 10 a.m. There are no set fees for courses just a simple £15 annual fee and then if you wish to partake in specific groups there could be a small fee for each group. Interested, then take a look at the various activities that are available to you as detailed on our website, April is the start of our year with the AGM and new groups still being commenced, so why not visit our website for more details BEFRIENDERS GROUP meets the 1st and the 3rd Wed monthly .12.00 - 2.00p.m. at West Meads Surgery PAGHAM FRIENDSHIP CLUB 1st Wed. each month at the new small hall at Pagham Village Hall at 2.30pm. We are retired ladies who enjoy social meetings, outings and other events together. (01243) 869113 .

CONCORDE The social club for the mature singles 50+. Tuesdays at The Walnut Tree, Runcton at 8.00 pm. Call Eileen 01243 575083, Tony 01243 604715, Anita 01243 264691 - HEADWAY WEST SUSSEX We have a support group which meets on the first Thurs of every month at The Chestnuts, London Road, Bognor Regis. We welcome new members - for more information tel: 07531 146516 NAUTICAL TRAINING CORPS - TS Montrose Mon. evenings from 7- 9pm at Rose Green Junior School, Raleigh Road. Boys and girls welcome, ages 8 - 18. ST RICHARDS TODDLERS Gossamer Lane. We meet in Church first at 1.30pm - 3.00pm on Thursdays. All Mums & Dads /Carers with children. Under 5's welcome at this small friendly group. Contact Jo Farmer 01243 268943 or email : HEART SUPPORT GROUP (BOGNOR REGIS) Local self help group which welcomes all those who have heart episodes and their supporters. We take an active part in promoting the excellent work of the British Heart Foundation to whom we are affiliated. Meetings are at The Chestnut Centre, London Rd, Bognor Regis,PO21 1DE ( behind the public library) at 7.0pm on the FIRST Wednesday of the month. We also hold exercise sessions there Mondays and Fridays 4.45pm to 5.45pm. Contact Chairman Ken Morgan 01243 862685 or for more information BOGNOR HOTHAM ROTARY CLUB We meet at the Bognor Regis Golf Club every Tuesday, for more information call 01243 584049 or visit our website - THE ROYAL BRITISH LEGION - 20 HEWARTS LANE – 01243 262645 THE BOGNOR REGIS PROBUS CLUB Every third Wednesday in the month at the Inglenook Hotel, Pagham Road. For more information: Wilf Archer (Secretary) 01243 821388 BOGNOR REGIS LIONS CLUB 01243 265939 -

BOGNOR REGIS ROYAL NAVAL ASSOCIATION First Tuesday of every month. All ex - Royal Navy, Royal Marines, WRNS and QARRNS are eligible to join. All serving personnel are welcome as well. Hon. secretary Shipmate Jim Peskett 07918024362 or BOGNOR REGIS ROTARY CLUB or phone 01243 866139

Please send- for your rates,details reviews to & Ts: & Cs - 01243 908 908 -

97 97


2, Sudley Road. Recitals are held in Regency-style premises, boasting a minstrels' gallery. The concert room is on the first floor, and there is a newly installed stairlift providing dis abled access. Do come and try out the Club you can be assured of a warm welcome and high quality performances. Half price entrance for students (under 25), children free (under 12) . All concerts start at 7.30pm For information contact : Chris Coote 01243 773276. email: - WEST SUSSEX GUITAR CLUB We enjoy ensemble classes every Monday evening during term time. Intermediate 6 - 8pm; Advanced 8-10pm . We also have professional recitals and club nights. To join us ring 01243 866462. 19th July - 7.30pm Summer Party - this years theme is 'The Weather Report' FRIENDS OF THE REGIS SCHOOL OF MUSIC Lovers of Classical Music lovely recital hall at 46, Sudley Rd. Bognor . or 01243 866162 / 462. BOGNOR REGIS RECORDED MUSIC CLUB Meetings every two weeks from 7.30pm - 10.00pm. At the Rowland Rank Centre. Cost for each evening £2+£1 refreshments . The next meetings will be in Sept. For more information contact Barbara Chaundy, secretary, on 01243 781306. REGIS ORGAN AND KEYBOARD CLUB Last Wednesday of each month at 7.00pm. Internationally recognised organists & keyboard players perform for us. - 01243 824070 - BOGNOR REGIS CONCERT BAND Every Tuesday during term time at the Regis school of music Sudley Rd 7.30 -9.30pm. New members always welcome for more info go to THE BOGNOR REGIS INTERNATIONAL DANCE ENSEMBLE At the Willowhale Centre & Jeneses Art Centre. For more information please phone 01243 265010 or BALANDIS-LILEY BALLET SCHOOL Ballet Classes for over 50. Principal - Sandra Lilley. Classes every Friday at North Mundham Village Hall at 10.30. Classical syllabus especially for this age group. 01243 264832

Are currently recruiting enthusiastic Female singers seeking a regular commitment singing 4 part harmony If this sounds like you come along to our rehearsal hall any Monday evening at 7.30pm (except Bank Holidays) Jubilee Community Hall, off Chalcraft Lane North Bersted, Bognor Regis. PO21 5TU

Enquiries - 01243 826448 Hiring the Rowland Rank Centre contact - 01243 261358 9898

ForAdverts non-profit making charitable organisations listinghouses is free start at £10p/m inc or a FREE website listing. Delivered to 11.500 holds


Walberton Village Hall on the 2nd & 4th Tuesday 7.30pm to cost is £1.00 BOGNOR REGIS WINE CIRCLE 2nd Thursday of the month, Jubilee Hall, Charlcraft Lane, at 8pm


4th Tuesday of each month at Jenesis, (formally United Reform Chuch) at 7pm Free talks and displays given to schools. Ken Stone 01243 820674 - BOGNOR REGIS MILITARY MODELLING & WARGAMING SOCIETY Every Monday at 7.30 - 22.30 (except Bank Holidays) at West Meads Community Hall, The Precinct. Ages span from late teens to 80’s. Info : Dilip Sethi or Stephen Pidwell Email: - 01403 780 637 / 01243 855 449 THE BRITISH SUGARCRAFT GUILD - BOGNOR REGIS BRANCH For anyone who is interested in cake decorating. Also a Children's Club “Cygnets” meets 4 times a year on a Saturday am. Information : Mrs Ros Parker 01243 827027 - Thurs 3rd July we have Kevin Rose demonstrating the skill of patterned paste. Community Centre, Chalcraft Lane. At 7.30pm - Visitors £5, Members £3.(To include refreshment) BOGNOR REGIS THEATRE CLUB Trips to local theatres and periodic club evenings with entertainment. Contact Jean Garrard 01243 262654 or Betty Clark 01243 825362 for more info. Bognor Regis Theatre club present Arthur Faithfull singing popular songs from across the years On Friday 29th August at 7.30, in the Studio, The Regis Centre, Belmont Street. Members £2, Non Members £4. Friends of the Regis Centre £3 CHICHESTER FILM & VIDEO MAKERS Clive Hand - 01243 587152 E: - website: THE BOGNOR REGIS MODEL RAILWAY CLUB Tuesdays 7.00-10pm at our clubrooms within the grounds of Aldingbourne Community Sports Centre, Olivers Meadow. 01243 862373 - email : WEST MEADS ARTS & CRAFTS GROUP - Meeting on Friday afternoons at 2pm. Except August. Contact - Margaret Vincent (Secretary) - 01243 267894 or Barbara Mamtora (Treasurer) 01243 822967 BERSTED GREEN CRAFT GROUP Enjoy an afternoon of craft. Bersted Green Learning Centre, Hazel Road, £1 including refreshments .1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month. Eileen Rogers 07926 807816 ALDWICK QUILTERS Fourth Thurs. of the month at 10am, Pagham United Reformed Church 01243 265960

BOGNOR REGIS ART SOCIETY meet at the Jubilee Hall, Chalcraft Lane : 01243 830116 WALBERTON DECORATIVE AND FINE ARTS SOCIETY Monthly at the Yapton & Ford

Village Hall, Main Road, Yapton, BN18 0ET. The fourth Tuesday of each month except August & December. At 2.15pm. For all enquiries - Membership Secretary, Nigel Jolley - 01243 542487 or email -

BOGNOR REGIS WEA COURSES BEGINNING AUTUMN 2014 10-week course: The Plantagenets & the Age of Chivalry. Tutor: Charles Harding. Begins Monday 22 Sept, 10 am – 12 noon, Regis School of Music, 46 Sudley Rd, Bognor Regis, PO21 1ER. 11-week course: Arun & Adur: two great rivers. Tutor: Jennifer Goldsmith. Begins Wednesday 24 Sept, 10 am – 12 noon, Pagham Village Hall, Pagham Rd, Bognor Regis, PO21 4NS . Day Schools: Two Famous Murder Trials 1800-1965. Tutor: Peter Blood. Tuesday 21 October, 10.30 am – 1 pm. Pagham Village Hall. World War I Composers. From folk music to symphonies. Tutor Robert Carrington. Saturday 8 November. 10 am – 1 pm. Regis School of Music. SPRING 2015 11-week courses: Art and Society in 18th Century Britain. Begins Monday 5 January 2015, 10 am – 12 noon. Regis School of Music. Local Houses, their histories and tracing the history of your own house/street. Begins Wednesday 7 January 2015, 10 am – 12 noon. Pagham Village Hall. Day Schools: In Flagrante Delicto: 2 famous divorce trials 1700-1970. Tutor: Peter Blood. Tuesday 3 March 2015, 10 am – 1 pm. Pagham Village Hall. Sussex Composers: a time-walk through Sussex from 17th – 20th centuries. Tutor: Robert Carrington. Saturday 21 March 2015, 10 am – 1 pm. Regis School of Music. Women Artists & Impressionism: 3 major women artists. Tutor: Bernard Allan. Saturday 18 April 2015, 10 am – 1 pm. Regis School of Music. Fees: Day Schools £22, 10-week course £84, 11-week courses £88. For further details tel: Lyn Thomas 01243 861362, email: or - for rates, email: reviews & Ts & Cs - 01243 908 908 -

99 99


Based at Richardsons South Downs Holiday Village, Bracklesham. Tony - 07815 655679 or 01243 862107 or email: WESTMEADS DUPLICATE BRIDGE CLUB Every Thursday afternoon 1.15pm - 5.00pm at West Meads Community Hall, to play Duplicate Bridge. Mrs Ray Atwell 01243 544407 WEST BOGNOR FLOWER CLUB 2nd Wednesday of each month at the Mosse Hall, St Richards Way. 2-4.30pm. Each month there is a demonstrator. Tea & biscuits available. More info 01243 264659. WEST MEADS GARDEN ASSOCIATION Last Tuesday monthly, 2.30 - 4p.m. at the West Meads Community Centre: 01243 870629 BOGNOR & DISTRICT HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY Jubilee Hall, Chalcraft Lane. Fourth Thursday every month (except December) at 7.30. Miss Pat Alderton, Tel: 01243 822615. Email: ROSE GREEN WI Meet at Mosse Memorial Hall, St Richards Way, on the 2nd Wed. of the month at 7.30pm

NORTH BERSTED WI 2nd Thursday each month 2.45pm, Jubilee Community Centre, Chalcraft La. BOGNOR REGIS WI meets on 2nd Tuesday of each month (except August) at 7.30 p.m. to 9.30 p.m. at the

Methodist Church Hall, Waterloo Square, Bognor Regis. Gina Fitch-Roy: 01243 582681. Pagham Village Small Hall, on the 4th Tues. monthly 2pm - 4pm (except August)


Pagham Gardening Friends, newly formed in January this year, we meet most months at the new Pagham Small Hall on the 3rd Monday afternoon, 2.15 - 3.45pm. We are a friendly group, sharing gardening knowledge, hearing interesting talks and organising occasional outings. Talks in the future include 'Garden Design', 'Seasons of mists ...' , and Chichester Harbour Conservancy - the list goes on! So please call 01243 263866 for more details, or come along to the next meeting. You will be made most welcome! SOUTHDOWNS ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY (S.D.A.S)

Meetings are held on the 1st Friday of each month at 7.30pm at The Chichester Planetarium. We also have lectures. Visitors and prospective members, including complete beginners, are all welcome. Mark Ford (Chairman) 01903 782378. BOGNOR REGIS CAMERA CLUB Established since 1947.Our members of broad age, range, and ability work mainly digitally and are always willing to give help and guidance. In addition to a varied and stimulating programme of guest speakers we hold competitions and regular workshops geared to improve understanding and help everyone to get more enjoyment and pleasure out of our hobby. Please visit our website at for full information including this year’s programme, or, telephone Rob on 01242 267642. THE BOGNOR REGIS LOCAL HISTORY SOCIETY The Bognor Regis Local History Society meets on a Monday evening from 7.30 at The Hub Community Centre, 73 Queensway, Bognor Regis. (At the junction with Canada Grove, Bognor Regis. Visitors are always welcome at £1 each. There is ample free parking in the Hothamton Car Park. The Local History FREE Museum is now open for the 2014 season. Visit the website for more information: BOGNOR REGIS AMATEUR ANGLING CLUB we welcome new members for boat, pier or beach fishing. All ages, male or female, novice to experienced. Contact Steve 07974497741 or Tony 07766078977


All levels welcome. More details 07867542616 French for Fun every Wednesday 10.00 - 11.30 am at The Hatters Pub, Bognor Regis

THE PAGHAM UNITED REFORMED CHURCH. Pagham Rd, Pagham, PO21 4NJ NOTICES AND or tel:01243 262414

Hire charges start from £5.50 per hour

Club listings are free !


Whether you are a beginner or want to improve your game, our club offers some of the area’s finest tennis facilities: We have 5 hard courts, 2 of which are floodlit and we will give you a friendly welcome. Please do call our Chairman for a chat: Malcolm Ridley: 01243 267448 or email BOGNOR REGIS & CHICHESTER C.T.C. Rides every Sunday. Beginners rides once a month on Saturday afternoons. Monthly club nights. Further details and a full list of rides from Avryl Bavister telephone number 01243 778394 or log onto BOGNOR REGIS & DISTRICT RAMBLING CLUB Walks of about 8 miles every Sunday. We meet at either Barnham or Chichester station car parks : 01243 861097 or 553238 or visit BOGNOR COUNTRYSIDE AMBLERS We meet most weeks - 4 to 5 miles, at a leisurely pace. Contact: Mike Chart on:01243 829198 email: ARUN SPORTS ASSOCIATION FOR THE DISABLED Every Sunday at The Arena Sports Centre in Bognor Regis at 2.00 - 4.00 p.m. Except August. New members welcome to take part in Archery, Short Mat Bowls, Boccica, Darts, New Age Curling, Pistol Shooting, Table Snooker. Come and make new friends. For more info : 01243 828695 or email: m

PAGHAM F.C. 01243 266112 - 07760771099 - WEST MEADS KEEP FIT GROUP Every Tuesday 2.30pm - 3.30pm at West Meads Community Centre. Term time only. contact: Cherry Ward 01243 864529 Every Tuesday and Thursday at 6.30pm.Experienced runners are welcome to join at any time. Beginners can join in January,



Run in conjunction with Aldwick Cricket Club. John Hooker 07967 482056 We train every Monday evening 7pm to 9pm (mixed session) All Students and Grades. Pay As You Go £4 per session. South Bersted Church Hall. 07506689314 or 07904081211 BOGNOR REGIS BOWLS CLUB Waterloo Sq. April to the end of Sept. Club Secretary on 01243 865567



Sessions on Monday: 2.00pm - 3.30pm & 3.30pm - 5.00pm, Wednesday:2.00pm - 3.30pm, Friday: 2.00pm - 3.30pm New Members Co-ordinator - Amy on 01243 820791

TELEPOST BOWLS CLUB @ SWANSEA GARDENS, BOGNOR Mon, Wed, Fri.@ 1.30pm. Contact Colin on 01243 861139

WEST MEADS CARPET BOWLS CLUB Tuesday 9.45 am - 11.30am in the Community Hall. BOGNOR GOODWOODS SHORT MAT BOWLS CLUB Year-round bowling at St Wilfrids

Church Hall, Ellasdale Rd. Tuesday evening 6.30 -9pm & most Friday mornings. Marion Goodland on 01243-262675 NYETIMBER SHORT MAT BOWLS CLUB Meet at Pagham Village Hall on Monday evenings from 6.30 - 10.30pm, Tues and Fri afternoons from 2 - 6pm. - Mr George Booker 01243 261350. PAGHAM BOWLS CLUB in SWANSEA GARDENS Are you are interested in playing bowls in pleasant surroundings ?Our qualified coach will be available for free Coaching lessons on Tuesdays from 9.30 until 11.00hrs. Contact Peter on 01243 864740. Swansea Gardens is situated off Victoria Road North. WILLOWHALE BOWLS CLUB 5 sessions per week, afternoons & evenings, vacancies on all sessions Willowhale Community Centre. More info: Perrie 01243 267291 ARUN DISTRICT INDOOR BOWLS CLUB Nyewood Lane. Year round bowling. 01243 865091 BOGNOR CAN Wednesday dance aerobics 7.15-8.15pm £3 and Thursdays zumba 11-12 £3 at Bognor Youth and community centre Westloats Lane Bognor Regis PO21 5JZ 01243 870406. PAGHAM BADMINTON CLUB The club meets every Tuesday from 8.00pm - 10.30pm in the Pagham Village Hall. New Club Standard players would be welcomed to this small but friendly club. Contact Stuart on 01243 828961

To hire the Methodist Church Hall for your own event please call 07590550964

PAGHAM VILLAGE HALL HIRE New small hall: seats up to 50, with kitchenette and toilet. Main hall (with kitchen) and committee room also still available. Enquiries, call Terry Reed on 01243 264028

email details to : - for rates, reviews & Ts & Cs - 01243 908 908 -

101 101

JULY 2014 - EVENTS (events in red are weekly)

AUGUST 2014 - EVENTS - for rates, reviews & Ts & Cs - 01243 908 908 -


Pagham Tide Table - GMT - August 2014

This tidal information is reproduced with the permission of the Controller of Her Majesty’s Stationary Office & the UK Hydrographic Office. Crown Copyright. All rights reserved

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Useful Telephone Numbers: Bognor Fire Station 01243 837785 Electricity 0845 770 8090 British Gas 0845 788 8400 Gas Emergency 0800 111999 Southern Water 0845 278 0845 Sussex Police Non-emergency 101 Crimestoppers 0800 555111 Portsmouth Water 02392 499888 National Rail Enquiries 0845 748 4950 Floodline 0845 9881 188 RSPCA Cruelty Line 0300 123 4999 DVLA Driver Enquiries 0300 7906801 Job Centre Plus 0845 6060234 Arun District Council 01903 737500 Aldwick Parish Council 01243 263330 Bersted Parish Council 01243 842221 Pagham Parish Council 01243 266424 St Richards Hospital 01243 788122 Bognor Regis Town Council 01243 867744 Bognor War Memorial Hospital 01243 865418 NHS Direct 0845 4647 Victim Support 0845 3030900 Citizens Advice Bureau 0844 4771171


Adverts start at ÂŁ10p/m inc a FREE website listing. Delivered to 11.500 houses holds

Sussex Views July-August 2014  

Sussex Views July-August 2014

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