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November 2012

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Well I know that I like to spoil my pets, don’t we all occasionally ? But the building of what will be the worlds most expensive chicken coop seems just a little extravagant to me! A Palladian - style stone structure, with a grey zinc roof, adorned with statuette, with architrave and frieze in English oak. Whilst the total cost of this lavish poultry abode has yet to be revealed, the stone alone is going to be £130,000. Nestling into the hillside, I am sure that the feathered residents will appreciate their 775sq feet of luxury and lay what will be without doubt the most expensive eggs in the world ! That being said, I have to admit my dogs all now make frequent trips to the local groomers, the marvellous young lady who adores all canines, no matter what state they are brought to her in, works absolute miracles ! They are not just bathed and groomed, but they are treated to Blueberry facials, and special fur softening potions! Conditioners, and then given the most stylish cuts! I have to admit I used to scoff at people who frequented the groomers, but alas I have fallen under the spell too. I admit that I am totally addicted! So when the Cocker has a knot and screams “Get me to the groomers!” It is a race as to which one of us gets to the car first! Next months magazine is a combined one for December & January, so I will need all your submissions by the 8th November. See you then !

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View from an Armchair Colin Crouch


o you eat squid? A lot of people do. I tried it for the first time ages ago when our family was on holiday in a sun-bleached farmhouse near the Pyrenees. It was full of things that I still remember. There was the humming mass of bees and honeycomb in the space between our bedroom window and its sun-warped shutters. There was the stone cattle trough that Pamela chose to bath in rather than use the bucket in the courtyard. There were the crayfish we caught in a nearby stream where we’d go during the day to keep cool. And there was our host, Paul, who put them in Pamela’s bath to fatten up. Paul was a sculptor, and he taught us many things. Cooking squid was one of them. Pumping water into a stone sink, he’d rinse this strange goggle-eyed fish, carefully preserving the sac of tarry black ink inside. Then he would hook out the creature’s attempt at a bone, the Quill, which appeared to be made from a sliver of transparent celluloid, and do interesting things with garlic, red wine and ink. While the children stuck to pasta, I feasted on purply-black pieces of chewy, fishy stuff, which Pamela, undismayed, dealt with rather more cautiously. So when I saw Robbie Phillips, our extraordinary Rose Green fishmonger had ‘Squid’ chalked on his boards, nostalgia took over. Taste-wise my dish was a triumph. Sadly no-one else realized this since it was a mite lacking aesthetically; in fact it looked a bit as I imagine the sump of a battle tank looks after a bad day in Helmand. My daughter turned pale before it, my sons turned sarcastic, and Pamela turned away, lost in thought. So I was the only one to eat it. Not one to give in to the opposition, I bought some more, frozen this time. It’s cheaper frozen, and it comes in a packet. As the pan heated up I browsed the packet to discover that the fish’s proper name is Loligo Opalescens, that it came from California, and that it was packed in Viet Nam. I also discovered a table of NUTRITION FACTS. Under % DAILY VALUE I found Total Fat 1g 1%; Saturated Fat 0g 0%; Trans Fat 0g; Cholesterol 295mg 99%; Sodium 380mg 16%; Total Carbohydrate 0g 0%; Dietary Fiber 0g 0%; Sugars 0g; Protein 19g. Then came the percentages of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Calcium and Iron above a table of PERCENT DAILY VALUES based on a 2,000 CALORIE DIET and a 2,500 CALORIE DIET. Was this a warning off or an encouragement? Flummoxed, I dropped in on Robbie to ask for help. He can tell you how to cope with a Red Gurnard, a Grey Mullet or a Black Bream, how to tell a Dab from a Flounder or what you need for a Bouillabaisse, but this had him puzzled. It’s about five years since the Food Standards Agency, faced with rising levels of national obesity, came up with a simple “Traffic Lights” system for labelling foods according to the percentage of a person’s recommended daily allowance contained in each product - red for high, amber for medium and green for low. Tests showed we consumers liked the system. However, some big players in the food industry (including Tescos and Kellogg’s) hated the thought of putting a red light against anything from which they could make a profit, so the idea was dropped. Poor old Loligo Opalescens. You’re delicious, but since reading the cardboard packet you were coffined in, I just don’t know whether I ought to love you or leave you. 6



Dear Editor......... I enjoyed Colin Crouch’s amusing column about old age (October), but didn’t recognize, in myself, too many of the symptoms he wrote about. He starts by wondering why nobody tells you what to expect in old age. If you have reached old age you will obviously be aware that you are running out of time, but paradoxically you actually have so much more time. Rather than focus on the handicaps of old age I’d rather think about the advantages of having so much time. You have time to use your bus pass to travel free to visit places and friends, whenever the mood takes you. You have the time to talk to strangers. Old people are rarely seen as a threat and so you can talk to anyone – be it the pretty young student next to you on the bus or the garrulous old fisherman sitting alone on the beach – or anyone in between. You have the time to seek out restaurant vouchers so that a group of you can spend a leisurely lunchtime eating at half price. (When did you ever have time for a leisurely lunch break before you retired?) Retired folk have the time to take a spur of the moment winter break somewhere hot and sunny while travel costs are at their lowest, without having to wait for their workplace holiday. You will have the time to actually read all of the newspaper and complete the crossword every day. You will have time to read your way through that heap of books piled up on the shelves. (Alright reading often results in a nap - but so what - you’ve got the time to carry on when you wake up!) You will have time to ignore the clock – especially the wretched alarm clock . You will have time to learn something new every day, and time above all time to enjoy yourself. Hopefully you will find that as you are enjoying yourself, you DON’T have time to worry about the odd aches and pains that old age can apparently bring on. (However I am four years younger than Colin so who knows what I’ll be thinking in 2016?) David Gadd

Whatever has happened to the crosswords? We used to really enjoy they are rubbish! please can you find some better ones? Peter Billings I will look into finding a new supplier - Laura

Wild green Ivy is one of natures most precious plants. It looks stunning climbing up trees, and always looks good on the bleakest of winter days. It is so beneficial to many birds and insects as it flowers at a time when most other plants do not. In doing so it provides a vital food source for wildlife. In late Autumn it has enormous berries much loved by Blackbirds and Thrushes, and of course in Spring provides nest sites for all types of birds, and somewhere to roost at night for others. It is becoming increasingly hard for our garden birds to find food in the winter, due to so many trees and hedgerows being needlessly destroyed. The growing fashion for decking and large patio areas also can create a problem - no grass - no insects! So the need to feed the birds in harsher months is increasing . Bird food need not be expensive if bought in bulk, and many suppliers will deliver too. A 25 kilo bag can cost as little as £8.50 and will attract, Sparrows, Collar Doves, Pigeons and my favourite the cheeky Crows. So please let us all do our best to help our feathered friends this winter and hopefully we will be rewarded by a magnificent dawn chorus and our gardens bursting with baby birds next spring ! Tricia West (Abridged)

I do find the articles by Roger Burgess on the night sky fascinating. It is not something I have ever been interested in before. But they have really given me an interest! Keep them coming! Sue McCain

If you have a comment on any of the content in Sussex Views please do let me know, we really would like to hear from you - good or bad ! Or maybe you have something you want to say about a local issue? Do you have an opinion about the traffic, planning, the beach, litter, immigration, dogs, closure of the public conveniences, maintenance of roundabouts, signage, or anything else. I would really like to hear your views. This is a magazine for your area, let me know what's going on! Please submit to email : or : Paddock Cottage, The Street, Bury, RH20 1PA 10

















The Tree Space

Rowan (Sorbus aucuparia) Now, as the leaves are leaving us, it’s a good time to enjoy the bright berries of the Rowan, or Mountain Ash. So hardy that it will survive higher up mountain sides than any other deciduous tree, and with sprays of creamy white flowers in the spring, it makes a useful small tree for gardens and street planting.

It has a long tradition in folklore. In Scandinavian mythology it was known as Thor’s Deliverer because, by clutching a rowan branch on his way to the Frost Giants, the god was able to cross a flooded river; and throughout Britain it was long known as a protector against witchcraft. There’s an old Scots rhyme: Roan tree and red thread Haud the witches a’ in dread, and for extra protection red thread would sometimes be twined round sprays of rowan placed in windows, over lintels, by wells, in thatch, and above cattle stalls. The berries, high in vitamin C, were used to treat scurvy, and also to make an astringent gargle for the throat, though that same astringency makes Rowanberry wine and Rowanberry jelly something of an acquired taste. The specimen in our picture to the right is on the piece of green bordering the junction of Grosvenor Gardens and Rose Green Road. It was planted some five years ago by a parish politician with an eye for a photo opportunity. She should have consulted the Tree Wardens that once served the parish: they would have told her this was a rare site for an ‘Amenity Tree’, one that would grow into a majestic landmark signalling to travellers from Chichester that they had arrived in sylvan Aldwick. There’s still time! C.C.








The First Pilot who found Tangmere Aerodrome - Ken Rimell In the 1900’s Bayleys Farm Tangmere was a large flat grassland area just to the east of Chichester. Little is known about the farming aspect at this time but I suspect that since it was mainly grassland it also had cattle. Two airmen were, for various reasons, forced to use its flat grassland and land there in 1916. Both were flying with the Royal Flying Corps, one I got to know quite well. In November 1916 Lt Geoffrey Dorman was transiting from Shoreham airport to Gosport in a FE2b. With primitive navigational aids at the time the easiest, and often the safest way, was the use of visual landmarks, or the coastline. The latter was chosen by Dorman who set off from Shoreham just after lunch, for the 45 minute journey. Over Bognor Regis his aircraft was suddenly enveloped by dense low cloud and a sea mist. Realising that the light was by now fading, and with no hope of reaching his intended destination he put down in a large field at tiny village of Tangmere known as Bayleys Farm. At around the same time another RFC pilot made a forced landing on the same field and upon arrival back at base made haste in advising the military bosses of its ideal suitability as a future landing field. Who landed first is uncertain for both men claim to have landed there in the same month! The other pilot, Eric Robbins, who I met in the mid 1970’s at his lovely and homely thatched cottage in Sidlesham that he shared with his charming Irish wife. For what reason I knocked on his door that day is now lost in the mists of time, but I was soon invited in. He was by then an active octogenarian, and as I negotiated my way through the narrow porch door to the lounge I couldn’t help noticing a tatty weather worn flying helmet hanging on a coat peg. Realising that this was a WW1 pilots flying helmet I stopped to examine it further. Noting my interest he first told me the helmet was worn daily when it was cold, but I suspected there was more history associated with this vital bit of flying clothing with the grease marks still evident on its leather. My curiosity was aroused so I asked, and over a cup of tea and cake kindly set before me by his wife Lilly the story slowly emerged, but getting that information required a great deal of ‘prizing’ helped by interjections from his wife but eventually the full and fascinating story slowly unfolded. Lt Eric Robbins had been serving in France with the RFC and in 1916 was flying over the battle lines of the Somme as the conflict there became the bloodiest in British military history. In September 1916 his role was to spot where the allied shells were landing and report back his findings so that the artillery could re-adjust their range accordingly. With no radio communications in his aircraft it was a dangerous job. Sometimes a scribbled note attached to a small metal canister was thrown from the low flying aircraft to the soldiers below with the information on where their shells were falling. A pilot's life in the Great War was short, not only combat took its toll but the freezing cold of dawn patrols in winter would sometimes see an airman freeze and become comatose to such an extent he would plunge to ground and be killed. With no cockpit heating a pilot required ample flying clothing and liberal amounts of whale blubber applied to any exposed skin (thus the grease on Eric’s flying helmet), in an effort to prevent hypothermia. Eric Robbins, suitably attired and greased, continued day in and out to witness the carnage on those French fields 5000 feet below his aircraft and pitying the poor souls locked in mortal combat in such terrible conditions. 34

By November 1916 Lt Robbins was granted a few days leave. It so happened that an old Avro 504 was to be flown back to the UK and a new aircraft brought back, his request for leave being granted he was told to fly to RFC Upavon in Wiltshire where he was to deliver the old aircraft and collect the new one and fly it back to France a few days later. It was at first light the following morning he set off from his base in Northern France and after crossing the coast over Calais took the shortest sea route over the English Channel to Dover. He was by now low on fuel so noting a small roadside Sopwith Triplane - a type flown by Eric Robbins garage he made a landing in a field nearby where a very surprised garage owner filled the aircrafts tanks. Safely back in the air his plan was to follow the coastline to Portsmouth where he would track north to Upavon. It was over Bognor Regis that the engine in his aircraft started to mis-fire finally to die, its last splutter was to cover the pilot in caster oil. He had the advantage of height and his aircraft had a very favourable gliding ability so the search for a flat piece of ground was now foremost in his mind. Not wishing to end up in the sea he turned inland, noting Chichester Cathedral spire in the distance and to his joy below a long flat piece of grass. He glided down to make a perfect landing at Bayley’s Farm. I short walk to the farmhouse where the friendly farmer, after recovering from the surprise of this unexpected arrival on his farm, suggested to his equally stunned wife to offer tea and cake while a farm boy ran to Chichester where a message was sent to his HQ at Upavon for help. The following day an RFC Lorry arrived and the aircraft was dismantled and taken away for repair.

Vickers Gunbus - a type flown by Eric Robbins

However Eric Robbins made several more landings at Bayelys Farm during the duration of WW1, but that is another story, but he told me she was worth it! With the war over he got a job with Gallagher's Tobacco Company in Ireland, rising to senior management level. He and his wife retired to Sidlesham where his passion for horse racing continued with a daily flutter at the bookies. Indeed his lounge always had a huge pile of Racing Post newspapers stacked with odds and favourites and Eric new them all. Eric Robbins died on April 5th 1994 and his wife shortly after. He had seen 95 years of active life and watched a lifetime of advanceSE5 - a type flown by Eric Robbins ment in aviation technology. He had been an officer when the Royal Flying Corps became the Royal Air Force in 1918 and often reminisced on many primitive aeroplanes he flew during the Great War and how lucky he was to survive!



Computer Talk by Paul Price of Druid Services Ltd And I use a computer because? A computer is a tool, as simple or as complicated as you want or need it to be. Send an email, surf the web. Well fine, except why has is started to go so slow and stop connecting to the internet……. Ooops, well just why has it just stopped working?. With all the upgrade work going on just now with fibre optic cables etc, or could it be because BT have crossed a couple of wires. Not as if they would ever admit to that! Or it could be the scammers. A phone call from Microsoft or an IT support company. “Hi there, you have a problem on your computer, look at this web site and oh yes here, see the problem”. It is a scam. Their intention is to steal your money, your password and your email address book. If we lived in a fair and balanced world some strange bloke with tights and a cape would leap out, jump that fence, scream a curse and banish them to the seventh level of pc world, to be ever boiled in their own unpleasant juices. The reality is that we do need to know how to defend ourselves against these rather plausible but unpleasant Muppets. Do you have internet security, hopefully yes? Is it the free version that Brian says works oh so well? Ok well yes. Free Internet security is better than nothing, but only just. We here at the cave repair an awful lot of computers with free software. If you bank online, use eBay or amazon then I am sorry but the free software is not enough to protect yourself, a view I suspect that your bank or building society will share. These days there really is no excuse to use a computer online without protecting yourself. Everyone working in IT has a favourite internet security program, like cars, some like ford, some like Vauxhall. Well I like Ford and I use Norton. If I could find anything better I would both use it and sell it. The point is you need to protect yourself, then you have the ability to use the internet as it should be used. Take no prisoners. I love my computer, my computer is my friend. And I still have a headache, such is life!! Is anyone looking for a paper round? 37





Roger Burgess

Things to look for November November 17th and 18th – Leonids Meteor Shower expected to peak with up to 50 meteors per hour. Without the bright Moon there should be many meteors visible so well worth getting out after the midnight hours on the 17th November 27th – Conjunction of Venus and Saturn just before sunrise due east. The two planets will be within a degree of each other and look quite stunning in the dawn sky. November 28th – Penumbral Lunar Eclipse with visibility throughout Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and north America although these type of eclipses can be rather underwhelming as the Moon only falls into the lightest part of the Earth’s shadow, the penumbra, the moon only turns a little red November 29th - 03:30 the Moon is only 1deg away from Jupiter Jupiter is again well placed in the evening sky this month it will be found in the East at the start of the month moving to the South East at the end of November Jupiter is primarily composed of hydrogen with a quarter of its mass being helium, although helium only comprises about a tenth of the number of molecules; it may also have a rocky core of heavier elements. Because of its rapid rotation, Jupiter's shape is that of an oblate spheroid (it possesses a slight but noticeable bulge around the equator). The outer atmosphere is visibly segregated into several bands at different latitudes, resulting in turbulence and storms along their interacting boundaries. A prominent result is the Great Red Spot, a giant storm that is known to have existed since at least the 17th century when it was first seen by telescope. Surrounding the planet is a faint planetary ring system and a powerful magnetosphere. There are also at least 67 moons, including the four large moons called the Galilean moons that were first discovered by Galileo Galilei in 1610. Ganymede, the largest of these moons, has a diameter greater than that of the planet Mercury. Jupiter has been explored on several occasions by robotic spacecraft, most notably during the early Pioneer and Voyager flyby missions and later by the Galileo orbiter. The most recent probe to visit Jupiter was the Plutobound New Horizons spacecraft in late February 2007. The probe used the gravity from Jupiter to increase its speed. Future targets for exploration in the Jovian system include the possible ice-covered liquid ocean on the moon Europa. 46





ACROSS 1. Unborn child 6. Comes from trees 10. Dinner 14. End early 15. Sea eagle 16. Therefore 17. Breed of dog 18. Assist 19. Snare 20. Captain Kirk's star ship 22. Wander 23. Narrow opening 24. Breathed noisily

26. Aquatic plant 30. Painkiller 31. Gratuity 32. King of the jungle 33. Ring slowly 35. A punctuation mark 39. A window above a door 41. Artist's workshop 43. Lustrous fabric 44. Lack of difficulty 46. Gossip titbit 47. Shack 49. Put into service 50. Collections of things 51. Sled 54. Devil tree

56. Ruminate 57. Math 63. Wild ox 64. Ballet attire 65. Three-banded armadillo (archaic) 66. Awestruck 67. Blockhead 68. Small finch 69. Woody plant 70. Not there 71. Good judgment

DOWN 1. Visage 2. Black 3. Cause for a lawsuit 4. Craving 5. Agitates 6. Tiresome 7. Pertaining to orbits 8. 1 1 1 1 9. Hate 10. Large city 11. Mistake 12. Mojave plant

13. Bounded along 21. Ancient Athenian philosopher 25. Agreeable 26. Anagram of salt 27. Former Italian currency 28. The tenth sign of the zodiac 29. Wipe out 34. Lethargy 36. Speck 37. Encounter 38. Weapons 40. Cosy

42. Cuspids and molars 45. A financial inspector 48. Roofing material 51. Intelligent 52. Pertaining to the moon 53. Run off to wed 55. Gather 58. Govern 59. Type of sword 60. Mountain pool 61. Coloured eye part 62. Walking stick 51

Clubs / Societies

THE R.A.F.A. CLUB New members welcome - no need to be Ex - Service. Great facilities including a fully stocked bar with a choice of real ale. Restaurant. And full size Snooker table. Waterloo Square - 01243 865615 Our events for November (8.00 pm start unless stated otherwise. Charges can apply) are: 3rd Saturday - David Hooper - 60's/70's/ 80’s singer/ guitarist 5th Monday – Big Band Practice – Relax to great sounds 6th Tuesday – RAFA Choir (6.00 pm every Tuesday) – New members welcome 6th Tuesday – Quiz night 10th Saturday – Disco Night – Club DJ Gary puts you in the mood for dancing 17th Saturday – Colin Madeley – Fire/Ice themed night. Red/white attire please. 21st Wednesday – Whist Evening 23rd Friday – ATC/RAFA Skittles Evening 24th Saturday – “The Good Old Days”. The Music Hall recalled – RAFA Entertainments Team 27th Tuesday – Open Mic - John Gradwell hosts. Come, perform or just listen and enjoy 28th Wednesday – Reading Group (11.30 am for 11.45 am) 28th Wednesday – RAFA 381 Talk – Mrs Susan Pyper, Deputy Lord Lieutenant .Her life in the RAF and since.

THE ROYAL BRITISH LEGION - 20 HEWARTS LANE – 01243 262645 THE BOGNOR REGIS PROBUS CLUB Offers friendship & fellowship to all retired business & professional men, especially those recently retired who may be missing the companionship of the work place. Social time at the bar is followed by a three course lunch, brief business & a speaker. Every third Wednesday in the month at the Inglenook Hotel, Pagham Road. For more information: Wilf Archer (Secretary) 01243 821388

THE ROYAL BRITISH LEGION - 5, CLIFTON ROAD - 01243 865974 New members welcome - no need to be Ex-Service. Fully equipped club and kitchen facilities. We have a social event every night of the week! We wish to invite all regimental associations who wish to have somewhere as a meeting place to contact us.

BOGNOR REGIS ROYAL NAVAL ASSOCIATION The Bognor Regis R.N.A. meet on the first Tuesday of every month at the Royal British Legion, Clifton Road. All ex - Royal Navy, Royal Marines, WRNS and QARRNS are eligible to join. All serving personnel are welcome as well. Hon secretary Shipmate Jim Peskett 07918024362 or BOGNOR REGIS ROTARY CLUB is an organisation which raises funds to help local causes together with the help of other Rotary Clubs. As well as fund raising activities, Rotary clubs enjoy having fun whilst putting something back into the community. Anyone interested in joining Rotary, who feel they could support and contribute to it’s many activities, or anyone wanting more information please visit our website or phone 01243 866139

ALDWICK BELL RINGERS - St RICHARD’S CHURCH, GOSSAMER LANE We ring on Sundays from 9.50 to 10.25 a.m. and practice on Tuesdays from 7.30 to 9.00p.m. New members welcome. Call Richard Jeffery - 01243 822647 - for further details.

BOGNOR REGIS LIONS CLUB - SERVING THE COMMUNITY For membership and other information contact - 01243 265939 - Or visit Hiring the Rowland Rank Centre contact 01243 261358

PAGHAM F.C. Clubhouse available for hire for private functions. Membership still available for new members. We are also looking for volunteers to help with various jobs during the week and on match days. If you enjoy football and can spare a few hours a week please call in to the Club or contact us on : 01243 266112 - 07760771099 -

BOGNOR REGIS RECORDED MUSIC CLUB Lectures given by knowledgeable enthusiasts to accompany a themed programme of classical music CDs played on excellent equipment. Meetings every two weeks from 7.30pm until 10.00pm. For more details 01243 781306. At Mosse Hall, St Richard’s Way. Thursday 1st November - Richard Hancock - Unfinished Mozart - the fascinating story of his incomplete works. Thursday 22nd November - Eric Bareham - All Time Greats.

CHICHESTER FILM & VIDEO MAKERS are a group of enthusiastic amateurs committed to the art of film


making. Aimed mainly at camcorder users, we welcome anyone from beginner to advanced level, who wants to improve their film making skills. The club is actively involved in the community with other organisations working together to produce first class DVD’s of local events. We have a full and varied programme of meetings which include talks, workshops & competitions. We meet alternate Wednesdays 7.45 for St Pancras Church Hall, St Pancras, Chichester. Club Secretary : Clive Hand - 01243 587152 email: website:

BOGNOR REGIS & DISTRICT DOG TRAINING CLUB The Club has been in existence for over forty years, providing high quality training for dogs and owners. The Club is affiliated to the Kennel Club of Great Britain and has to meet strict criteria. New puppy classes start January 3rd & 4th. Training classes take place every Thursday and Friday evenings, at the Felpham Village Memorial Hall, Vicarage Lane, Felpham. The precise times being dependant on the class. Club Secretary Hilary Sykes - 01243 860083 or visit

REGIS ORGAN AND KEYBOARD CLUB Are you interested in music? Can you play, or are you just interested in listening to a wide range of light classics, jazz, big bands, general standards, pop etc. Come along to one of our concerts. Last Wednesday of each month at 7.00 for 7.30pm. A wide variety of internationally recognised organists & keyboard players perform for us. We also arrange other events during the year. Contact 01243 824070 or email :

SOUTHDOWNS ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY (S.D.A.S) is a friendly and informal way of meeting others with similar interests and of learning more about the science and fun of astronomy. Meetings are held on the 1st Friday of each month at 7.30pm at The Chichester Planetarium. We also have lectures. Visitors and prospective members, including complete beginners, are all welcome. For more information please contact Mark Ford (Chairman) 01903 782378.

BOGNOR REGIS ART SOCIETY meet at the Jubilee Hall, Chalcraft Lane, N. Bersted, twice a month on Saturdays for demonstrations by professional artists & workshops. For more details phone : 01243 830116 / 825672

ARUN SPORTS ASSOCIATION FOR THE DISABLED Meet every Sunday at The Arena Sports Centre in Bognor Regis at 2.00 - 4.00 p.m. Except August. New members welcome to take part in Archery, Short Mat Bowls, Boccica, Darts, New Age Curling, Pistol Shooting, Table Snooker Come and make new friends. For more info : 01243 828695 or email:

THE BOGNOR REGIS MODEL RAILWAY CLUB is a friendly and informal group who meet every Tuesday between 7.00-10pm at our clubrooms within the grounds of Aldingbourne Community Sports Centre in Olivers Meadow, Aldingbourne. PO20 3YA. Specialist groups meet through the rest of the week. We welcome anyone who models in any gauge or scale. Members range from 8 to 80’s. On the last Saturday of the month our new Junior section gather to play trains and learn how to build layouts. The club exhibits layouts at model railway shows throughout the S. East of England. Contact Richard Rundle for more info including subscription rates. 01243 261641 - email:

THE WALBERTON VILLAGE COMPUTER CLUB Home computer users of all levels are very welcome at this friendly club. We meet in Walberton Village Hall on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month. 7.30pm to - £1.00. The first meeting of each month is a presentation given by a member or visiting speaker. The second meeting starts with an informal chat, discussing any problems amongst the group. You are very welcome to bring along your computer if you are having a problem. Further information can be found on

THE BOGNOR REGIS MUSIC CLUB - 2 Sudley Road. was formed in 1977 to promote the performance of vocal and instrumental chamber music for members and visitors. Recitals are held in Regency-style premises, boasting a minstrels' gallery. The concert room is on the first floor, approached by shallow stairs with handrails on either side. 10th November. An evening with Gordon Egerton featuring a variety of instrumental and vocal music. Entry £6 members £8 visitors. 24th November A not too serious Lecture/Recital on Mozart’s Magic Flute given by Jonathan Hinden, former Glyndebourne principal coach & Head of Music. £7 members & £9 visitors. Do come and try out the Club you can be assured of a warm welcome and high quality performances. Half price entrance for students (under 25), children free (under 12) . All concerts start at 7.30pm For information contact : Chris Coote 01243 773276. Tangmere House, Tangmere, PO20 2HB. email: -

SOUTH DOWNS SLOT CAR CLUB You have tried Scalextric, what’s next? THIS IS! We are a new club based at Richardsons South Downs Holiday Village in Bracklesham. We have a 6 lane 90 foot custom built slot car track with computerised lap counting. There are club cars and controllers for you to use and they provide fast and exciting racing. The club is open on Wednesday nights from 7pm, the weekly race fee will be £4.00 a night for adults and £2.00 for juniors under supervision . The first 3 weeks will be free to try and will include the loan of cars and controller if you are interested in coming along call : Tony on 07815 655679 or 01243 862107 or email 53

SAMARITANS VACANCIES: WANTED - LOCAL NIGHT TIME VOLUNTEERS TO BE ON OUR HELPLINE FOR CALLERS IN NEED OF EMOTIONAL SUPPORT WHEN EVERYONE ELSE IS ASLEEP.......  want to make a difference?  is everyone else asleep when you’re finishing work or still full of energy?  are you interested in people?  do you enjoy learning with other like-minded people? If you’d like to know more about us and our excellent training, we are holding Information Hours twice a month in Bognor - call us on 07931 326533 or email : for details PS....WE WANT YOU TO BE YOURSELF We know that everyone is different, and to listen, help people talk and make them feel understood, you’ll bring your own personality and strengths to the role. As a listening volunteer, you’ll develop your own style in giving support, but you’ll need to stay in line with our training and policies.

BOGNOR LAWN TENNIS CLUB Whether you are a beginner or want to improve your game, our club offers some of the area’s finest tennis facilities: We have 5 hard courts, 2 of which are floodlit and we will give you a friendly welcome. Coaching also available for all levels. Please do call our membership secretary for a chat: Janine Ridley: 01243 849351 or email Maywood Health Centre Patient Group hold a bric-a-brac sale on the first Monday of every month 9.30 - 12. Free entry, free coffee, everyone welcome - Bargains galore ! Also Free Health information talks are held regularly watch this space for details

PAGHAM BOWLS CLUB Would you like to learn to play bowls on our outdoor greens in Swansea Gardens? Every Tuesday from the 15th May 10.00 until 11.30am we offer free bowls coaching by our qualified coach. Swansea Gardens are off Victoria Road North, Bognor Regis.

WEST MEADS CARPET BOWLS CLUB Welcomes new members to our friendly session on Tuesday mornings from 9.45 am - 11.30am in the Community Hall. Just turn up we look forward to meeting you !

TELEPOST BOWLS CLUB @ SWANSEA GARDENS, BOGNOR Wanting to learn, new and experienced bowlers are welcome to come along to join in our social roll ups every Mon. Wed. & Fri. afternoons @ 1.30. We also have many sociable and friendly matches with other clubs throughout the season. For info. contact Colin on 01243 861139

BOGNOR GOODWOODS SHORT MAT BOWLS CLUB. Year-round bowling at St Wilfrids Church Hall, Ellasdale Rd ,Bognor Regis. Tuesday evening 6.30 -9pm and most Friday mornings. We are currently considering applications from new members to reinforce our teams. The club won the West Sussex county Knockout cup this year. Contact our secretary, Marion Goodland on 01243-262675 for further info.

NYETIMBER SHORT MAT BOWLS CLUB. Meet at Pagham Village Hall on Monday evenings from 6.30 - 10.30pm, Tuesday and Friday afternoons from 2 - 6pm.Come along and meet us or contact Mrs Marion Hatch 264997

ARUN DISTRICT INDOOR BOWLS CLUB Nyewood Lane (next to Bognor Football Club) Winter and Summer Bowling in an air conditioned environment. A friendly Club with occasional social evenings, with a well stocked bar and catering facilities. You are welcome to call in at any time to see what we offer. For more information : 01243 865567 or visit our website

PAGHAM BADMINTON CLUB The club meets every Tuesday from 8.00pm - 10.30pm in the Pagham Village Hall. New Club Standard players would be welcomed fro this small but friendly club. Contact Stuart on 01243 828961 54

PAGHAM & DISTRICT RESIDENTS ASSOCIATION Coffee mornings , Pagham Village Hall 10am - 11.30am . 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month. EVERYBODY WELCOME

THE PAGHAM UNITED REFORMED CHURCH A warm friendly welcome awaits you at Pagham United Reformed Church (formerly St.Ninian’s URC) Pagham Road, Pagham , every Sunday for worship at 10.45am.And after we enjoy tea and a chat - we look forward to seeing you there.

CONCORDE is a friendship club for the over 45's for Widowed, Divorced and Single People, who seek friendship to go out for meals, theatre trips, card evenings and much more. We also have a jazz club and an art group, come and join us. Meet for a chat every Tuesday at 8.00 pm at The Walnut Tree Public House, Runcton, Near Chichester. Tel: Eileen on 01243 575083.

GROVE HOUSE PATIENT GROUP Come to one of our occasional group meetings to hear how we fundraise for equipment, transport and health talks for the benefit of the patients of Grove House and Arthur Griffiths surgeries. A friendly group, we’re always looking for new volunteers and ideas, so, for more information, please call 01243 264094

FRIENDS OF WEST MEADS SURGERY - BEFRIENDERS GROUP A free Social Group for tea and a chat . We meet on the first Wednesday of every month 12.00 - 2.00pm at West Meads Surgery. All WMS Patients Welcome For anybody wanting company, carers, bereaved, lonely or just new to the area. Leading to Talks, Outings, Lunches, Activities.

If you have a fundraising or charitable event in December or January then the deadline for FREE advertising is 8th November ~ for the combined Dec/January issue WILLOWHALE FARM RESIDENTS ASSOCIATION - including Allotments & Neighbouring Roads Coffee mornings at the Aldwick Parish Council Offices, 88 Pryors Lane. Every Friday between 10.00am & 12.00 noon. Except : 16th November. The last Willows of 2012 will be held on 14th December Come in for a coffee & a chat. Use the board games or just meet friends, new or old. There is no charge. And if you need help on a subject we will try to give you the contact details which may help. We can also help you write letters, cards and show you how to use a computer or a mobile phone. The WFRA is a not for profit voluntary association. Members of the National Organisation of Residents Associations. - email : - 01243 265046

PAGHAM ASSOCIATION FOR THE ELDERLY Serving Pagham and neighbouring areas. Coffee Mornings alternate Wednesdays 10-11.30, at St Ninians Church Hall. Next mornings are on the 14th & 28th November. 50p entrance. Transport provided if needed. Also social events organised. Ring 01243 263772

WILLOWHALE COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION - Pryors Lane Serving the Willowhale Community and the surrounding areas. We provide a variety of activities with emphasis on Health & Fitness, particularly Carpet bowls, Exercises, Bingo, Tai Chi, Pilates and Aerobics, where necessary all under the watchful eyes of qualified personnel. For more information please contact Tom Green (Secretary) 01243 265115 .

WILLOWHALE COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION EVENTS Join us on a trip to the Greyhound Racing on Sunday 9th December Cost £23 to include a 2 course meal, Raffle & Drivers Gratuity Contact Tom Green (sec) 01243 265115 for more details New Years Eve Dance with Band Buffet with a glass of wine or fruit juice tickets £8 from Perrie Sims - 01243 267291 BOGNOR REGIS STAMP CLUB Meets every fourth Tuesday of each month at the Methodist Church Hall, Bognor Regis Town Centre at 7pm - all would be very welcome. Free talks and displays given to schools. Contact Ken Stone 01243 837590

CHICHESTER & BOGNOR REGIS OSTEOPOROSIS SUPPORT GROUP: meetings are held on the first Thursday of the month , excluding January, at 7.00pm in the Bognor Regis War Memorial Hospital Restaurant. Further information available from Pat Alderton 01243 822615 55

BOGNOR REGIS MILITARY MODELLING & WARGAMING SOCIETY - A friendly & informal club meeting every Monday at 7.30 - 22.30 (except Bank Holidays) at West Meads Community Hall, The Precinct. New members can visit 3 times, then there is a yearly membership fee of £2.50, a nightly sub of £2.00 if you attend. Bring akit with you if you wish. Ages span from late teens to 80’s. On club nights refreshments are available. Also trips to model shows are organised to display our models. Nick Sandford - 07778 587734 - or email:

BOGNOR REGIS THEATRE CLUB Are you interested in trips to local theatres ( Southampton ,Brighton ,Guildford ) and periodic club evenings with entertainment ?Then contact Jean Garrard 01243 262654 or Betty Clark 01243 825362 for more information

WEST MEADS ARTS & CRAFTS GROUP - Meeting on Friday afternoons at 2pm.Every month except August. Everyone follows their own interest accompanied by chatter and laughter. A cup of tea, a cake and a raffle are provided all for £1 per session. A Sale of Work takes place during the year and 1/2 the proceeds are donated to a nominated charity. The other 1/2 to the Hall. Thank you for all your generous donations of wool and craft materials. These can be delivered to 2, Regents Way, West Meads. Possibly collection can be arranged by telephoning 01243 842576.

LANGUAGE CAFÉ FOR FRENCH SPEAKERS We meet every Wednesday at the William Hardwicke, High Street, Bognor. Between 10.00am - 11.30am. A new group for anybody who enjoys getting together with others to speak French - all levels welcome!! No membership cost or subscription.

WESTMEADS DUPLICATE BRIDGE CLUB We meet every Thursday afternoon 1.15pm - 5.00pm at West Meads Community Hall, to play Duplicate Bridge. We are a friendly group. Why not join us? you would be made most welcome. For more information please contact:-Mrs Ray Atwell 01243 544407

Bridge and Snooker – THE BOGNOR CLUB We are a bridge club with a strong snooker arm. We have our own premises at 2 Sudley Road, Bognor , PO21 1EU. with two fine rooms devoted to our two interests. We are keen to encourage new members who are assured of a warm welcome. We are members of the EBU and operate Duplicate sessions Mons’ Tues’ evenings and Sats’ bi-weekly, plus Teams on Weds’ evenings and Tues’ Weds’ and Fri’ afternoons. We also have a Monday afternoon session for improvers and returners to the game. The snooker room is open all day and is available on a reservation basis. Please call our secretary, Jennie Wright on 01243 583856 for bridge or Eddie Malin on 01243 824949 for snooker, who will be happy to tell you more and assist.

THE BOGNOR REGIS DANCE ENSEMBLE is an associated group of the Society of International Dancing. The aim is to promote & increase local opportunities to learn & enjoy Folk Dancing. All new members, children or adults are warmly welcomed. No previous experience is needed. Held at the Willowhale Community Centre. For more information please phone 01243 265010 or

BOGNOR CHESS CLUB Fridays from 7pm at The Bognor Club, 2 Sudley Road, B.R.. All levels welcome. 1 st two weeks free, so come along and see. Friendly and/or serious games. Club, League and County matches available. Info from Sec. Donald Close 01243 267037. Internet -

BALANDIS-LILEY BALLET SCHOOL Ballet Classes for over 50. Principal - Sandra Lilley. Classes every Friday at North Mundham Village Hall at 10.30. Classical syllabus especially for this age group. Enquiries 01243 264832 THE ALDWICK PRESERVATION SOCIETY The Aldwick Preservation Society, a local registered charity that owns and maintains the Aldwick Duck Pond and its surrounds. Become a Lifetime Member for a subscription of only £10.00. Our aim is to preserve and protect Aldwick to the best of our ability; and to see that any changes enhance rather than detract from its charm. We hold social events throughout the year. Telephone: Tony Smith, Chairman, on 01243 827163

CHICHESTER RSPB local group. Learn more about birds and the environment at our monthly talks during the autumn/winter months . Enjoy the countryside on our guided walks all year. - ring 01243 265783 - Email

COFFEE POT MORNING Tuesdays 10-12pm at the Aldwick Parish Council Offices. Proceeds to St Wilfrid’s hospice.

WEST MEADS COFFEE TIME Every Thursday 10.00am - 12pm .West Meads Community Hall. No charge, but a donation welcome for the Bognor Regis Hospital is welcome. All Welcome - Tea, Coffee & delicious homemade cakes 56

BOGNOR REGIS U3A U3A is for anyone no longer in full time employment. The organisation is run by members for members. U3A stands for University of the Third Age however this is not a university in the full sense of the word as you need no experience, you need not be expert in anything. Retired – working part-time and have time on your hands and looking for something to keep your mind and body active, then come along to learn more.? There are no set fees for courses just a simple £15 annual fee, and some small charges for some of the events if you wish to partake. As we head into the summer months you may think we are closed. Many of our groups are still open to cater for those of you are still looking for friendship and something to do. Please take a look at our website for detail information. Visit our website

THE BRITISH SUGARCRAFT GUILD - BOGNOR REGIS BRANCH A group formed in 1991 for anyone who is interested in cake decorating. Meetings are normally held on the 1st Thursday of each month. The next meetings will be: Thursday 1st November at 7.30pm Mark Willis demonstrating “Chocolate Fun !!” the Community Centre, Chalcraft Lane. Also a Children's Club “Cygnets” meets 4 times a year on a Saturday am. Information : Mrs Ros Parker 01243 827027

S.A.T GROUP A social club for widowed or divorced men and women, aged 50 plus, living in the PO21 postcode area. If you would like to meet new people for social outings, meals etc, then come along to one of our meetings. They are on the first Saturday of every month. email: or phone - Marian:07926 169404 - Pat: 07801 102513 - Ray 0788 192 3875

FELPHAM SINGLES club for those over 45 who are single, widowed or divorced meets on Monday 5th Nov. at 8p.m. at The George Inn, Felpham, for a chat/disco and every first Monday of each month. Club is fun, friendly. Tel Anne on 01243 821530 or Dianne 01243 821530 email or

BOGNOR REGIS CAMERA CLUB established since 1947 and brings together people with a common interest in photography. Our members, of broad age range and ability, work mainly digitally and would give help and guidance. They enjoy a varied and stimulating programme of guest speakers, internal and external competitions, practical and creative sessions and a valuable exchange of ideas. There is also a programme of Social events. If you like the idea of a friendly club with photography as its common interest or wish to join a club to progress your interest in photography then B.R.C.C. can certainly meet your needs. Visitors are always welcome. For details of our complete programme for the season ahead and all other information visit our website or telephone: Paul Day (secretary) 01243 866451

PAGHAM CHESTNUTS CLUB We are a club for over 55’s that meets fortnightly on Tuesdays at St Ninians Church Hall 2.00 - 4.00p.m. Minibus available if transport is needed

Saturday 10th November 10 - 12noon St Ninians’ Church Hall, Pagham Come in for a coffee, chat & a mince pie. Lots of Goodies to be had, plus a bumper raffle See you there! There is also a minibus pick up in the Pagham area telephone: Judy 264622 BERSTED GREEN CRAFT GROUP Enjoy an afternoon of craft. Share your skills, learn new skills. Some materials provided. Embroidery, Cross Stitch, Patchwork, Knitting & Crocheting, Scrapbooking. Bersted Green Learning Centre, Hazel Road, PO22 9DZ. £1 including refreshments . 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month. For more information please phone Eileen Rogers 07926 807816

ALDWICK QUILTERS Meet on the fourth Thursday of the month at 10am at the Pagham United Reformed Church . Meetings can be sewing bees, learning new techniques of patchwork and quilting, demonstrations, workshops etc. Refreshments, raffle, library. Enquiries 01243 265960 57

JUST FOR MEN at Bognor Regis Youth & Community Centre, Westloats Lane. Wednesdays 1.30pm-4.00pm , Coffee and a chat . More info: 01243 870406

TONE ZONE RUNNERS We are a friendly running club based at the Arun Leisure Centre in Felpham. We meet every Tuesday and Thursday at 6.30pm.Experienced runners are welcome to join at any time. Beginners can join in January, when we offer a course to get you started more information:

BOGNOR REGIS WEA Spring Courses starting January 2013 10-week Courses The Late Victorians Begins Wed 9 th Jan 10am-12noon, Pagham Village Hall. Art and Empire Begins Wed 9 th Jan, 10.15am-12.15pm, Regis School of Music. Day School Spin Doctoring in the Middle Ages Thursday 18 April, 10.30am-3.30pm, Regis School of Music. Please contact Lyn Thomas 01243 861362 (email: for more details. BOGNOR TEA & CHAT (Chichester Area Mind Ltd) We are a Drop in Support Group for over 65's who have or are experiencing problems with mental health such as feeling isolated, depressed, or experiencing anxiety. The group is friendly and informal and enables people to give mutual support to one another. We meet 3 times a week on Monday, Wednesday, & Friday afternoons from 12.30pm to 4.00pm at the Salvation Army Hub in The Queensway Bognor Regis. We can provide lunch and transport. Tai Chi, Quizzes, outings and a range of activities. Please Call Alyson Hayes on : 07949963757

VOICE FOR DISABILITY Club meets on the third Thursday of each month at 2pm at the Community Centre, Jubilee Field, Chalcraft Lane, North Bersted. We enjoy social afternoons, speakers and outings. Admission is £2 to include tea and biscuits. New members with a disability, or a health problem, are very welcome to join us. Able helpers are also required. For more information please contact Sylvia - 584133 or Roland 839096 ST RICHARDS TODDLERS, Gossamer Lane, Aldwick. We meet in Church first at 1.30pm - 3.00pm on Thursdays. All Mums & Dads /Carers with children children under 5 welcome at this small friendly group. contact Jo Farmer 01243 268943 or email :

BOGNOR REGIS CONCERT BAND We are a local band playing a variety of different music, new members are welcome. We ask that you read music to a good standard and can generally play grade 3 and above. We practice on Tuesday between 7.30 and 9.30 term time only. To book the band please go to the website

NAUTICAL TRAINING CORPS - TS Montrose TS Montrose is the local unit of the Nautical Training Corps, a uniformed youth organisation aiming to help young people develop their full potential through nautically based training. We meet every Monday evening from 7-9pm at Rose Green Junior School, Raleigh Road. Boys and girls welcome, ages 8 - 18. Activities include rifle shooting, camps, games & kayaking. See for more details or email;

BOGNOR COUNTRYSIDE AMBLERS we are a small walking club, meeting most week of the year for outings of usually 4 to 5 miles, at a more leisurely pace than our ramble cousins, and finishing at a country Inn. A programme of walks and activities is published every 4 moths all for £3 annual subscription. Should you be interested please contact Mike Chart on 01243 829198 email:

Ladies – do you like singing? Want to make more friends?

The Arun Sounds supports The Sussex Snowdrop Trust

The Arun Sounds harmony chorus is looking for ladies who like to sing the high notes! The chorus is split into four parts and the tenor section needs more ladies who can reach the high notes to enable us to reach the optimum sound. You do not need to be able to read music, just enjoy singing. If you think you fit the bill, please don’t be shy, we are a fabulous group of ladies and you can be sure of a welcome. Why not phone now for a chat on 01243 823901, or visit our website at for more information



Meet the 3rd Thursday of the Month at the Judith Adams Centre, 58A St Pancras, Chichester, PO19 7LS For Tea/coffee and a chat. We have speakers on various subjects from M.S problems to Nature & the Environment and many other subjects 7.30pm - 9.30pm.We also meet on the 4th Thursday of the month at Lloyds No.1 Bar, Chichester Gate, Terminus Road PO19 8EL, which is an informal evening to socialise and chat over a drink and a meal from 6.30pm Contact: Chairman Michael Warden 01243 263004 or Secretary 07761692828

Paul Robeson in Bognor For nearly twenty years the town’s major venue for live classical concerts has been the Recital Hall in Bognor. A jewel in the Regis crown, hosting brilliant international musicians and developing home-grown young talent, it is also the heart of the West Sussex Guitar Club, the biggest association of its kind in the country. This hasn’t been enough for directors, Sasha and Nina Levtov, who made Bognor their home after fleeing Soviet Russia in the 1980’s. This year, wanting a wider compass, they have made the hall regularly available on a Friday morning for Explorations, a series in which, over coffee and biscuits, speakers discuss some aspect of life and art. The November meeting will take place at 10.30 on Friday the 9th, when Sussex Views’ own columnist, Colin Crouch, will explore the Life and Music of Paul Robeson, the extraordinary black American singer, actor, athlete and campaigner condemned in the last century by his own government. There is no entry fee, and everyone is welcome. To get to the hall, use its car park at the upper end of Sudley Road, or walk through Boots the Chemists from the London Road pedestrian precinct. Do come.

In Aid of the

Chestnut Tree House Childrens’ Hospice Two Stunning Flower Demonstrations Flower Demonstration At Manor Nurseries, Runcton Tuesday 6th November 3-5pm £9.50 to include Cream Tea “Christmas Delight” by Carolyne Meers Caroline has exhibited at both Chelsea & Hampton Court At St Marys’ Hall, Grassmere Lane, Felpham Tuesday 4th December 2-4pm £9.50 to include Afternoon Tea Contact: 01243 262478

ROSE GREEN WI We meet at Mosse Memorial Hall, St Richards Way, on the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 7.30pm

NORTH BERSTED VILLAGE WI Meetings are held on the 2nd Thursday of each month 2.45pm at the Jubilee Community Centre, Chalcraft Lane .

BOGNOR & DISTRICT HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY Meets At: Jubilee Hall, Chalcraft Lane, North Bersted, Bognor Regis, Fourth Thursday every month except December at 7.30. Activities : Speakers, outings, plant sales, members show. Contact: Miss Pat Alderton, Tel: 01243 822615. Email:

PAGHAM HARBOUR WI We meet at the United Reform Church Hall, Pagham on the 4th Tuesday of every month from 9.45am - 12.15pm.

WEST BOGNOR FLOWER CLUB A thriving club which meets on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at the Mosse Hall, St Richards Way. 2-4.30pm.Each month there is a demonstrator. Tea & biscuits available. More info 01243 264659. TUESDAY FRIENDSHIP CLUB meets every first & third Tuesday at the Methodist Church Hall at 7pm ( except January& July to October) Diverse Speakers. All welcome to this friendly group. Contact Lilian Knight 01243 822510

BOGNOR REGIS & DISTRICT RAMBLING CLUB Would you like to join a small, mixed , friendly group for walks of about 8 miles every Sunday? We meet at either Barnham or Chichester station car parks for those without a car or to share lifts. For more information, please phone 01243 861097 or 553238 or visit

BOGNOR REGIS SCOUTS Scouting has been in Bognor for over 100years ! A great way for 6-25 yr olds to grow their confidence, achieve their potential and make friends. Why not have a look at our new website and see what we do? 59

What's on in November


Events in red are weekly, please check full club listings for more details

CHICHESTER OPEN MIC POETRY Wed 28th November 7.30pm at the New Park Centre, New Park Road. Echo Room Poet Martin Myers shares new poems and old favourites, followed by an Open Mic. Refreshments available. All welcome, readers or listener Tickets £3 on the door more info : 07813244731


60s Rock ‘n’ Roll Night With live band AceTones at Pagham Village Hall Saturday 24th November at 7.30pm Tickets in advance £7 01243 266779 / 263187 Please bring your own food and drink Proceeds to local Charities

Wheelchair Access

Millfarm Residents Association at Warners Thoresby Hall, Nottinghamshire 26th November for 4 nights with trips to York and Nottingham Stay in the beautiful Grade I listed house that sits in the 100 acre estate of Thoresby. Special Dickensian Christmas breaks include a : Traditional Christmas Dinner, featuring samples of Victorian era dishes. Christmas Parlour games Christmas Carol Sing-a-long concert

Cost £300.00 per person Early booking is advisable to avoid disappointment. Ring Trevor for more details on 01243 265763


CHRISTMAS FAIRS & BAZAARS NOVEMBER & DECEMBER 2012 ALDWICK GREEN CONSERVATION SOCIETY AUTUMN FAYRE Saturday 10th November 10am - 12 noon Mosse Hall, St Richards Drive Raffle, Books, Cakes, Plants, Jewellery, Craft & Nearly New Entrance 50p - to include a cup of tea/coffee & biscuit BOGNOR REGIS METHODIST CHURCH Waterloo Square EARLY BIRD CHRISTMAS FAIR Saturday 10th November 10am until 2pm Come and shop early for Christmas

2nd BOGNOR CUB SCOUT CHRISTMAS FAIR Bognor Regis Football Club 17th November 11am until 2pm Craft tables for homemade items or hands on craft for children are available to rent for £10 per table contact Elizabeth Bilham 07743 286936

St Mary Magdalene Church FAMILY WINTER FAIR Saturday 24th November at 2pm Church Hall, Bersted Street Gifts, Jewellery, Bric-a-Brac, Crafts, Books, Toys, Children’s Games & Crafts Cakes & Refreshments ~ Entry 30p Children Free

The West Meads Arts & Crafts Group GRAND CHRISTMAS FAYRE Saturday December 1st 10am - 1pm at the West Meads Community Centre The Precinct, West Meads. Raffle, Patchwork, Tombola, Unusual Presents, Jewellery, Christmas Decorations, Pictures, Wood Carving, Books & Puzzles, Knitted Goods, and Games. Various demonstrations will also be taking place. Admission 50p, to include tea/coffee & cake Supporting the RNLI & the Community Centre


GROVE HOUSE PATIENT GROUP WINTER FAYRE Saturday 10th November 10am - 12 noon Willowhale Community Centre, Rose Green Raffle, Christmas Cards, Cakes, Gifts, Books & Puzzles, Tombola, Nearly New & Refreshments. Entrance 50p - to include a cup of tea/coffee & biscuit WILLOWHALE FARM RESIDENTS ASSOCIATION Christmas Fayre Saturday 17th November 10am - 1pm Willowhale Community Centre FATHER CHRISTMAS will be visiting (All children who visit him £1 will receive a gift) Lots of stalls, Tombola, Raffle, Cakes, Refreshments Free Entry - Donation Bucket All children must be accompanied by an adult. ST RICHARD’S CHURCH CHRISTMAS FAIR Saturday 24th November 10am - 3.30pm Mosse Memorial Hall Festive Stalls including Homemade Produce & Crafts, Raffle, Tombolas, Bric-a-Brac etc Children's Stalls & Santa's Grotto Christmas Carols, Robin’ Rest Café serving refreshments & Hot and Cold lunches throughout the day QUEEN ALEXANDRA HOSPITAL HOME Boundary Road, Worthing. Saturday 1st December Fun Filled Bazaar with Santa’s Grotto, masses of stalls, activities for all Mulled Wine & Mince Pies info: BOGNOR REGIS METHODIST CHURCH Christmas Table Top Sale December 8th Bookings now being taken ! please phone Tony Poland 07590 550 964







Pagham Tide Table - November - GMT









A Look into the Past with Sylvia Endacott Residents today visit Bognor Cenotaph seen outside the town hall which records the names of those Bognorians lost in the conflicts of the two major wars. However did you know that the Cenotaph, which originated from 1919, was sited in West Street, near the entrance of the Bognor Methodist, Waterloo Square, opposite “The Hatters” public house? There are also other memorials, including a plaque in the main Post Office also a group of service personnel graves in a local cemetery. During the war over 3,000 homes were damaged as a result of bombing and 238 ‘high explosive’ bombs being dropped. The Observer’s report of 7 th October 1944, headed “Bognor’s Battle scars are many.” This detailed much of the action seen by the residents within the Bognor Area of the Civil Defence, from September 1939 to October 1944. During this period of the Second World War there were 1,291 air alerts, 58 houses completely demolished and 374 people were rehoused, and 33 people killed and 251 injured. The area which appears to have suffered most attacks was the gas works in Shripney Road. This culminated in a German bomber actually smashing into one of the gasholders. The first bombs dropped was at Knight’s Corner, near the library, and this was followed a few days later on September 27th 1940 when 15 bombs fell at Highland Avenue and Sherwood Road, resulting in one person being killed and a number of houses sustaining damage. In August 1942 a 1,000-kilo bomb had a direct hit on houses in Sudley Road and adjacent to Burnham Gardens and Sturgess Road, here 9 people were killed and many others injured. Bombs were also dropped on the Bay Estate and Felpham. In December 1942 over 500 homes were damaged on one day when attacks took place between Victoria Drive and Havelock Road, with two people being killed and 43 being injured. In February 1943 a number of bombs fell in Albert Road, the Merchant Taylor’s School and the Pavilion causing considerable damaged. Five people were killed and 65 injured. A report in the Observer of October 1944, stated the last raid in Bognor Regis was on 27th August 1944, when a flying bomb came to rest in a section of ground between Shelley Road and Tennyson Road, as a result one person died. Finally war did come to an end and the people rejoiced as was reflected in a local paper, dated 12th May 1945. The headline read, “How Bognor Greeted the Day, they rolled out the barrel and the streets were gay.” This was the message from the Chairman of the Council to the townspeople which appeared in the local press. It commenced with; “It is with extreme emotions of thankfulness to Almighty God that the war in Europe has, for all practical purposes, come to an end.” He concluded with, “We shall remember also, in these moments of rejoicing those bereaved families, who are denied the joys of re-union. God has given us the victory; let us prove worthy of that gift.”

I am currently seeking family photographs of holidays during the 1950s in Bognor Regis Give me a ring, if you can assist and I will give you more information. Sylvia Endacott - Local Historian Various subjects available. Tel: 01243 823 820 77







Useful Telephone Numbers: Arun District Council 01903 737500 Aldwick Parish Council 01243 263330 Bersted Parish Council 01243 842221 Pagham Parish Council 01243 266424 St Richards Hospital 01243 788122 Bognor Regis Town Council 01243 867744 Bognor War Memorial Hospital 01243 865418 NHS Direct 0845 4647

Bognor Fire Station 01243 837785 Electricity 0845 770 8090 British Gas 0845 788 8400 Gas Emergency 0800 111999 Southern Water 0845 278 0845 Sussex Police Non-emergency 0845 60 70 999 Portsmouth Water 02392 499888 National Rail Enquiries 0845 748 4950

Editor : Laura Bradbear Paddock Cottage, The Street, Bury, West Sussex RH20 1PA 01798 831476 / 07900 326 354 / /


Willowhale Library 01243 265712 Mon - Fri 10am -5pm Sat 10am - 2pm

Bognor Regis Library 01243 864638 Mon 9.30am - 7pm Tues, Wed, Thurs 9.30am - 6pm Fri & Sat 9.30am -





Sussex Views November  

Sussex Views November

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