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Sussex Plus Help sheet : How to send an asset to a gateway Follow these steps to send your asset or form to a gateway -

When you first log into your Sussex Plus account, you will see your main screen displayed (like the image to the left).

First of all, click on the

Then select ‘my assets’

Next choose the asset

‘view’ button

from the pop-up menu

that you want to send to the gateway. This will open up the options menu (below)

Select the send to option

From the send to options, choose the gateway option.

You can now access all the gateways that you belong to.

If the gateway you want is not on the list, change the tab to other gateways.

Select the appropriate gateway and then click on the tick to publish your asset to that gateway.

Congratulations! You have published your asset to a gateway.

One last thing! Check that your webfolio has been sent successfully to the gateway. Return to your assets store and select your asset. From the box that appears on the right, choose the ‘info’ tab rather than the ‘edit tab’. It should say ‘ this asset is published to 1 gateway’.

Please visit our webpage for the next help sheet -

How to send an asset to a gateway  

How to send an asset to a gateway

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