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Sussex Plus Help sheet : How to create a webfolio To create the pages in your webfolio, you need to use the webfolio builder. Follow these steps to bring up the webfolio builder -

When you first log into your Sussex Plus account, you will see your main screen displayed (like the image to the left).

Next choose ‘webfolio’. First of all, click on the

Then select ‘more’ from

This will bring up the

‘create new’ button

the pop-up menu options

webfolio builder for you.

You will now have your webfolio builder. Follow steps 1-5 to create your webfolio

Step 1 - type the title of your webfolio, for example ‘Your Name’ webfolio’.

d Step 2 - choose a template for your webfolio. You can also create your own by scrolling down to ‘create new template’. (Size – 960px by 200 px) Step 3, set your navigation bar

Step 4 - create your webfolio pages. 1) Type the title of your 1

Type your page title

page, for example ‘About Me’. 2) Click on the arrows to make the page part of your



Click on the arrows

3) Now you can see your first page. To create your next page, repeat the same process.


Here’s your page!

You can now edit your page by clicking on the edit button. View When you are ready to view your webfolio, click on the view icon

Please visit our webpage for the next help sheet -

How to Create a Webfolio  

How to Create a Webfolio

How to Create a Webfolio  

How to Create a Webfolio