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Sussex Plus Help sheet : How to create a blog

When you first log into your Sussex Plus account, you will see your main screen displayed (like the image to the left).

First of all, click on the

Then select ‘more’ from

Next choose ‘blog’.

‘create new’ button

the pop-up menu options

This will bring up the blog builder for you.

Now you have your blog builder. Follow steps 1-5 to create your webfolio -

Step 1 - type the title of your blog, for example ‘Your Name’ blog’.


Step 2 - choose a template for your blog. You can also create your own by scrolling down to ‘create new template’. (Size – 960px by 200 px)

Step 3 - click on view and post to blog. This will bring up the blog screen below -

Step 4 now select post new

Step 5 - You can give your blog a title here and write the content. Use the file browser to select a file if you want to attach a document to your post.

Click submit and your post will appear in your blog, dated and timed. Once you have a number of blogs they will be archived along the side.

Please visit our webpage for the next help sheet -

How to create a blog  

How to create a blog