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How do I apply? Follow the quick guide to applying for the Learning to Lead programme: Quick Guide

1 - log into your Sussex Plus account and click on the ‘view’ button 2 - now select the ‘gateway’ option

3 - at the top of the page you will see the Learning to Lead application form. Choose ‘copy and auto publish’ to copy the application pack into your asset store.

4 – a copy of the Learning to Lead application form is now in your asset store. Go to ‘view’ and then ‘my assets’. Open, complete and save your application.

Now you can send your application to us: 1 – select your completed Learning to Lead application form within your asset store. Your options menu will pop up. Select ‘send to’. 2 - now select ‘gateway’ and then from ‘other gateways’ choose ‘Sussex Plus’. 3 – click on the green tick and your application will be sent to us.