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This month Laura Jandac is dealing with that most awkward of moments — the early discovery of Christmas presents

ook what I just found Mummy,’ my son screamed as he ran into the house. He was so pleased with himself as I looked down to see just what had made him so happy. Christmas presents. Christmas presents that I had thought long and hard about where to hide had now been found within 24 hours of being hidden. He confessed he had found them in a compartment in the boot of my car. I really need to remember that my son is clearly a detective in the making and I must be more ingenious if I am going to keep anything a secret until December. I had tried to be a smarty pants and it had backfired. Tired of leaving Christmas shopping until the last minute every year, I had made the decision to be a changed woman and graze through my shopping, thus not racking up the almighty bill for express deliveries that I normally do. My son Archie (and most of his friends) are

already at bursting point with the thought of Christmas, or more importantly presents. By August Archie had written a letter to Santa, which he insisted we post there and then. I caved and walked to the post office in the rain only to have the letter returned to sender a month later (a secret that will go with me to my grave). He has since embarked on volume two and the list is growing daily. I must take some responsibility for this though as, since the summer, every time he has asked for anything I have told him to ask Santa!

It’s Santa speaking

My sister-in-law uses the love of Christmas to her advantage. If her children won’t tow the line she calls Father Christmas to tell him. This normally evokes screaming and tears — but also good behaviour. She has been known to have Father Christmas on the phone as early as April, but by October my nieces are the most immaculately behaved children you will ever

meet. Maybe I’m missing a trick. I am not the only one who suffers from nosey-child syndrome. Last year a friend’s daughter unpacked her stocking and asked her mother why Santa had been keeping her presents under the spare bed. ‘They have been there for ages,’ she laughed. Mortified my friend had to explain that Santa had called her and asked if he could bring them early as there were so many and he was worried they wouldn’t fit into his sleigh. Phew! The things we have to lie about (all white lies, of course). All the television advertising for Christmas presents during the summer holidays and shop window displays starting in September do detract from the festive time of year. It’s more of an all-year round event these days, and as a mother it makes it difficult to always have to say no. I do remind myself, though, that the great man himself did return my son’s letter, so maybe even Santa wishes we’d all have a rest from time to time.

“If my sister-in-law’s children won’t tow the line she calls Father Christmas. She’s been known to have him on the phone as early as April”

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