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aving moved house a couple of months ago I was forced to empty The Drawer. We all have one. It’s the place that we put anything and everything because we haven’t got the foggiest idea where else to put it. Some of us have them in the kitchen, some a bedside table, but mine was under the bed. They are fantastic places. If you ever can’t find anything you know it will be in The Drawer. If you need a screwdriver just have a look in The Drawer. Sellotape — in The Drawer. Husband’s spare car keys and a money-off voucher for Waitrose — in The Drawer. I used to keep so much in my drawer in the kitchen that it spilt out into the cupboard below as everything slipped over the back of it. I could be heard saying to friends that the drawer must have been magic as you could just keep piling things in. Until I found it among my saucepans. The drawer under my bed was a bit different though. It was for those items that you knew you didn’t need but refused to throw away despite desperate nagging from your other half. For me it was the Mecca for unused but thoroughly adored handbags. They are the last remnants from my life BC (Before Children). I used to buy them when I had a ‘proper’ job and money in the bank and, most importantly, when I had somewhere to go to use them. There was a Gucci one in there, a couple from Mulberry and even a Marc Jacobs one. My husband was horrified. In our seven years together he had never seen them and compared their value to a small family car. I have brought them all to our new house even though I know they will never see the light of day. I sadly reminisce about the days when I could afford to have lovely things without the risk of chocolate being smeared all over them and the need for a bag big enough for nappies, 56 | s u sse x st y l e . c om | nov em ber 2014

a change of clothes and snacks at four-hour intervals. But the fabric houses have come to my rescue. I may not be able to have designer handbags anymore but I can now have designer interiors. That little bit of luxury in my own home. Over the past couple of years collaborations between fashion designers and fabric houses have increased and now Osborne & Little have collections by Matthew Williamson and Kravat with Diane Von Furstenberg. At Designers Guild you have the choice of Ralph Lauren or Christian Lacroix. John Paul Gaultier and Sonia Rykiel have done, and continue to do, ranges at Lelievre, while Julian Macdonald has dipped his toe into the world of wallpaper at Graham Brown. It reads like a shopping list at Harrods — and one that is accessible and affordable. Just like the drawer under my bed no home would be complete without Mulberry Home. The latest collection is simply beautiful and features award winning designs. There are wool checks, vibrant velvets and stunning prints. It even features the fabric used to line the company’s handbags, so rather than keeping beauty well hidden I can now show it off and enjoy it at home. The new Mulberry Home collection is the epitome of chic Sussex Style, classic yet contemporary, and whether you simply treat yourself to a cushion or upholster a chair you will certainly feel a smile coming to your face as you walk by. I am a little worried that by the time I finish it may have been cheaper to have bought the latest designer bag. But at least this way I get to keep storage space under my bed and enjoy that designer lifestyle every day. • For more inspiration visit:,,,,

photograph by Mulberry home

More fabric houses are teaming up with top fashion designers. The result? Interiors that are stylish and affordable, as Laura Jandac finds out

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