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It’s never too late to get in shape, with many people in their fifties, sixties and beyond finding a whole new lease of life, says Matt Guy Wright f you’re reading this article

your muscle memory will snap

a week can reduce your body fat

and are over fifty, chances

back because the foundations of

by 3 per cent in only 10 weeks,

are that you’re wanting to

fitness were planted while your

even if you don’t cut a single

look and feel better. People

adult body was forming.

calorie. Add brisk walking,

in their middle age and beyond

We know our metabolism slows

swimming or cycling into the mix

are becoming more proactive in

down as we age, depressingly

and your entire body will quickly

their pursuit of fitness. ‘A great,

so for some. What we can get

start to tone up. Weightlifting is

toned, sculpted body is the new

away with in terms of eating and

very easy, and it is not reserved

must-have designer bag,’ as one

drinking in our twenties, the

only for those scary-looking

female client recently said to me.

body punishes us for mercilessly

muscle mountain type creatures

She has a body most 25-year-old

a few decades on. Once we hit

who huff and puff all day in

women would kill for. She is 66.

40, we start to pay for all of those

the gym, only to stand in a long

black coat on the door outside

Having trained people of all different ages, shapes and sizes in my career, I have seen a dramatic change in the fitness demographic over the past few years. Looking great from head to toe is no longer a privilege of the

You wake up one day and the fat fairies have kidnapped that fabulous derrière of yours and taken those snake hips with it

young. I now train more people

Spearmint Hippo of an evening. Weight or strength training is safe and effective for women and men of all ages, including those who are not in perfect health. In fact, people with health concerns often benefit the most

in the forties to seventies age

little indulgencies – and boy does

from exercise that includes

range than ever before.

it show. You wake up one day and

lifting weights. It can be very

The most important fact

the fat fairies have kidnapped

powerful in reducing the signs

I tell people is this: no matter

that fabulous derrière of yours

and symptoms of numerous

how many years you haven’t

and taken those snake hips with

diseases and chronic conditions,

exercised, lifted a weight or

it. It’s time to take action; time

such as arthritis, diabetes,

walked further than from your

to get your assets back. The faster

osteoporosis, obesity, back pain

door to your car, your body will

your body moves, the faster your

and depression.

respond to exercise more easily

metabolism will, too, revving

than you think. If you were

your body up to be a leaner,

into an exercise routine is

sporty as a teenager and you’re

meaner, fat-burning machine.

especially beneficial to women

now in your fifties or older, 38 | W W W. SU SS E X ST Y L E.CO M | J U NE 2014

Just two weightlifting sessions

Incorporating strength training

post-menopause as it significantly

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